Chapter 15 - The Tribes Decision

Chapter 14 – Dire Need For Talents

The Varen Tribe of the Liman Moutain was located South of Astreg City. In this region, numerous Tribes could be found as well. The majority being Small ones, with just a few Medium-Sized and two Big that controlled the South area. As mentioned before, the Varen Tribe is considered a Small Tribe, but close to the Medium Size.

If one moves another 200 or so kilometers South from the Varen Tribe, they will find a few Small Tribes on the way, and especially, one Medium-Sized called Nari Tribe. It had over 30 thousand members and could be considered a strong Tribe between those at the same level. The leader of this Tribe, Iaman Nari, is a Late-Stage Foundation Establishment expert. Other than him, the tribe also had another three elders at the Foundation Establishment. One of them was a Middle Stage while the other two were at the Initial.??

This tribe worked pretty much like the others. The strong ruled and all those who weren ’t warriors were treated almost like slaves. Only when a family gives birth to a child who can become a warrior would their life improved. Otherwise, they could only work until their deaths. Still, this tribe was quite wealthy. It received tributes of all the small Tribes around it, which allowed them to live mainly from those tributes alone. Of course, they still forced the weak members to work to their bone.

But this tribe was going through a big problem at the moment. Both its leader, Iaman Nari, and its Foundation Establishment elders were all very old already. For example, the youngest one is over 70. As mentioned before, the Foundation Establishment adds another 50 years of lifespan. But the life in the Tribes is harsh; it is normal for both men and women to die around the age of 50 to 60.

So although that elder at 70 isn ’t that old, he isn ’t that young either. As for Iaman, he is already over 90! Unless he breakthrough and enter the Core Formation Realm, he would not live more than 10 or 20 years if lucky. However, Iaman himself knows very well that he already spent his entire potential. Unless he finds some Spiritual Treasure that could give him a chance to break through, he is pretty much stuck at this level until his death.

But his death was not what bothered him. Instead, it was the continuation of the tribe. He knows very well that the other Medium-Sized Tribes around were more than eager to take Nari Tribe ’s place and be the ones to receive those many Small Tribes ’ Tributes. On to of that, there were very few talents in his tribe at the moment. If he stops to count only the Green Level aptitude, there are only four who are not in the Foundation Establishment.

One must understand that it is not because one has a Green Level aptitude that he or she will be able to breakthrough. They only have a higher chance than others. Because of that, the Nari Tribe was in dire need of high-level talents. The other tribe ’s eyes were like sharp knives, ready to cut their throat as soon as a chance appears.

That day, the tribe received a visit from members of a Small-sized tribe called Tranko. This tribe was not part of the Nari Tribe territory, so they didn ’t have to pay tributes to them. But they had another reason for the visit. That is because the Tranko Tribe leader is acquainted with one of the Nari Tribe Elders, Luko Nari. Through their conversations, the Tranko Tribe leader came to know about the Nari Tribe ’s situation.

The Tranko Tribe just so happens to live in the same territory as the Varen Tribe. But because they are smaller both in the number of members and warriors, the Tranko Tribe couldn ’t pose any threat to the Varen members. However, the Tranko Tribe received the news that two completely new talents appeared in the Varen Tribe, which was bad news for themselves.

The Tranko Tribe was one of the Tribes that allied to attack the Varen Tribe in the past. Still, they ended giving up in the end due to the difficulty of the endeavor. They have coveted the Varen Tribe ’s Mine for a long time already and were just waiting for a chance to take it. Unfortunately, with the appearance Rean and Roan, the longer they wait, the lower their chances will be.

Other than their Tribe Leader, there wasn ’t a single member in their tribe with a Green Level aptitude. But not only the Varen Tribe gave birth to Mila Huinan, it seems like these two new babies were also as gifted as that girl. They don ’t know exactly what level they are, but it is pretty much confirmed that they are at least a Green Level. At the very least, one of them is.

The reason for that was very simple. Juri Varen had never moved anyone to the center of the tribe except for Mila Huinan and her family. All the other members who wished to live in the center had to conquer it with their own hands. For him to do that again, it could only mean that those two or at least one of them definitely has a Green Level aptitude.

The Nari Tribe is in dire need of talents, and the Tranko Tribe needs to get rid of those talents. It was a win-win situation. With that in mind, the Tranko Tribe leader came to the Nari Tribe to offer them help.

Iaman Nari was sitting in a big room with the other elders of the tribe looking at the Tranko Tribe Leader.

”Your name is Ramin Tranko, right? Are you sure that they have at least two Green Level aptitude youngsters? How old are they? ”

Ramin nodded.

”Exactly. The young girl is only seven this year, so it shouldn ’t be too hard to change her mind once she is brought here. As for the new family Twins, they were just born around a month ago. There is also a high chance that since they are twins, both of them have the same Green Level aptitude. I believe I don ’t need to tell how easy it will be to train the babies ’ minds to be loyal to the Nari Tribe in the future. ”

When Iaman heard about the girl, he wasn ’t totally satisfied. Even though a seven years old girl shouldn ’t be too hard to change, there would always be a chance of creating a time bomb instead. Maybe she will help another Tribe destroy their own from within once she matures for vengeance, so they had to be careful.

But the newly born twins immediately picked his attention. Even if it was only one of them, their age was more than enough to train their minds. If it turns out that both babies have such a high talent, then it will be even better!

Iaman ’s eyes shined for a second, but he quickly calmed down.

”Tell me more about them. ”

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