There is a simple tea shack on the outskirts of the small town near the Canglan Mountains.
A few people were sitting in the shack.
They have no baggage, and they’re faces are not weather-worn from a long journey, but they don’t look like locals and look rather weird.

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The owner of the tea shack isn’t surprised; he sees a lot of this kind of people.

Canglan Mountain is the end of the human world.
There used to be a towering peak here.
According to legend, experts who can climb the peak to the heavenly palace on top of the clouds, are reborn and become gods of the upper realm, so this mountain is called ” Tianzhu”.1

Because the lands around Tianzhu are a forbidden place in the human world, mortal creatures cannot survive near it.
Nothing grows on the entire Canglan Mountain Range, except for strange stones made from the bones of ancient wild animals.
The rest are lifeless, snow-capped mountains.

No one knows what’s behind the Canglan Mountain Range, and no one knows what’s beyond the end of the human world.

Until ten years ago, two sword auras, one clear and one turbid, broke through the sky.
The Tianzhu broke, the mountains collapsed and the ground cracked.
After fire and rain, the original Tianzhu disappeared, and thousands of years of ice and snow melted and turned into a mist stretching for thousands of miles.

A year later, a touch of verdant green appeared at the foot of Canglan Mountain, and the first grass sprouts on this lifeless land.

Three years later, people gradually came here to open up the wasteland.
They found the soil is particularly suitable for crop growth, and it slowly became a small town.

Later, a tea shack appeared at the end of the town, providing expensive tea for those who came to visit the Canglan Mountains.

The tea shack is built at the end of the road.
Further ahead leads to an unknown place.

Most travelers will stay in the small town, go to the tea shack to drink a bowl of thick tea, look at the Tianzhu ruins, and say some weird words.

In the mouths of these people, a person called “Dugu Zhuo” was mentioned countless times.

“Dugu Zhuo’s all to blame.
If it weren’t for him, the Nine Heavens2 wouldn’t…” When the boss served the tea bowl for the guest, he heard a conversation he was already familiar with.

The boss left the table and withdrew his ears impatiently.

He had listened to the story of Dugu Zhuo for several years.
While everyone have heard it, very few people have actually seen Dugu Zhuo.
Everyone only talked about these things.

Dugu Zhuo, a disciple of Qingtian Sword Sect.
Originally a good seedling looked highly upon by the sect, but did something heinous.

He coveted the pair of Xuan and Su swords guarded by the Tianjian Sect for generations.
In order to win the divine swords, he was ruthless and murdered the previous owner of the Xuan Jian3 n order to win the divine sword, he was heartbroken and murdered the previous Xuan Jian owner, his own father!

The Dugu Zhuo who committed the crime of killing his own father severely injured Ye Zhou, the owner of Su Jian, and took it away.

After that, the whereabouts of Ye Zhou was unknown.
When Dugu Zhuo reappeared, he had already refined two divine swords, and presumably Ye Zhou bones had turned to dust.

Holding the two swords of creation, Dugu Zhuo stepped onto the Tianzhu and tried to become a god as a sinner.
The god was furious and knocked him down.
Dugu Zhuo, who became angry and furious, sacrificed the pair of divine swords and broke Tianzhu.
The Nine Heavens, having lost Tianzhu, fell into the human world, and the realm of gods no longer existed,

No longer having a possibility to become god, the cultivation world fell into chaos, and countless cultivators scolded the demon scourge, Dugu Zhuo.

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But they only dared to curse privately.
If they really met Dugu Zhuo, who would dare to speak up to him?

The tea shack was very small, and the two guests in Taoist robes did not deliberately avoid taboos.
The scolding kept entering the boss’s ears, making him frown.

He is just an ordinary person and doesn’t understand the love and hatred of those cultivators.
In his opinion, if it were not the collapse of Tianzhu, the court wouldn’t have sent a group of slaves to open up wasteland.
Reclaiming farmland meant being free from slavery, and he would not have become a rich peasant with dozens of acres of land.

What the guests say, the tea shack owner can’t refute.
He can only pretend not to hear, and stare down at the ground under his feet.

Every spring, a few weeds drilled in the cracks of the earth, the fresh verdant shade looking very gratifying.

Most of the guests from the tea shack came to see the Tianzhu ruins, took a look, drank tea, sighed, cursed Dugu Zhuo, and paid money and left, so the tea shack was empty at noon.

The east wind blew.
Even in spring, the cold wind is still a bit bitter.
Seeing that the guests are all gone, the owner of the tea shack cleaned up the stall, preparing to go home.

At this moment, a man in black, wearing a hat and carrying a package, walked into the tea shack and sat at the corner table.

“A bowl of hot tea.” When the man put the package on the table it made a slight “clang” sound.
The package was obviously a weapon.

The boss didn’t dare to neglect him, and hurriedly brought a big bowl of steaming tea.

When putting down the tea bowl, the boss inadvertently saw the man’s face and couldn’t help but zone out for a while.

This person is too good-looking, better-looking than the small town’s tofu Xi Shi, better-looking than the white flowers in the spring mountains, and better-looking than the snowy scenery outside the windows in winter.

It is also colder than ice and snow.

The boss didn’t dare to look at him directly, and returned to the pantry, peeking at the man in black through a gap in the wood.

He stretched out his hand to lift the tea bowl.
His fingers were distinct, thin and slender like a strong bamboo.
Across his fingers and on the back of his hands were sword scars, like jade that was shattered and glued back, giving people a shocking pain just thinking about it.

The black-clothed man drank the hot tea slowly.
Each movement was pleasing to the eyes, and seemed very well-educated.

He put down the empty tea bowl, did not call the boss to refill the tea, but took out a piece of warm jade from his arms and looked at it quietly.

A jade of excellent color was placed on a palm full of knife marks looked very unmatched.

The man in black frowned slightly, as if he was in a bad mood.
He put his other hand on the package, and the sound of metal colliding came again, and the tea shack owner couldn’t help shrinking his neck.

At this time, a slightly chilly spring breeze was blowing.
An early spring apricot flower fell on the warm jade held in his palm, the pale pink petals making the warm jade appear more lush, full of vitality.

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The black-clothed man looked at his palm and smiled softly.
The contours of the face under the hat became soft, and the murderous air dissipated a lot with this smile.

The tea shack owner suddenly relaxed, and boldly poked his head out of the tea room and asked: “Guest, do you want to more tea?”

“No.” The black-clothed man put down a piece of silver, carried the package, got up, and left the tea shack.

Seeing his direction was the Canglan Mountains where no one dared to step, the boss couldn’

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