Rudy turned to the silver haired woman who was approaching him with charming strides.

After reaching him, she observed him for a bit and Rudy was internally wondering why she was gazing at him like that.

”Are you sure you are Rudy? ” She suddenly asked with an emotionless expression.

What kind of question is that!? You shout my name and your asking who I am!? The **!? However, Rudy just confirmed that he was Rudy. ”I am indeed Rudy Ainsworth, in the flesh. ”

The silver haired woman narrowed her eyes and her purple irises shone with a subtle light. He really is Rudy…

”Come with me! ” She ordered before walking away in a quick pace.

”What the **? ” Rudy mumbled under his breath and followed after her, not wanting to be left behind.

Of course, the small scene attracted some of the students attention.

”What is going on? ”

”Why is Miss Aisha suddenly interested in Rudy? ”

The students discussed with each other but no matter how much they brainstormed, they could never guess the true answer.

Aisha took Rudy to an office of sorts before locking the door behind them.

Why did she have to do that? Rudy began to sweat.

”Miss, I thin- ”

Before Rudy could finish his sentence, Miss Aisha suddenly cupped his cheeks with a melancholic smile on her beautiful face.

”… ” Rudy was able to feel the softness of her hand, along with the warmth on his cheek.

He looked into her eyes and his face couldn help but flush a bit. After all, she was a beauty from all angles.

”Your father and I were close friends. ” She began to talk. ”He was a Transcendent, a powerful one at that. ”

”Everything was going smoothly until one day, he brought a baby boy to me saying that I was the only one he could trust with him.

And at the time, I couldn handle it and handed the boy to my close friend. Who gladly accepted him. ”

Rudy listened to her disregarding all the questions he had at the moment. They could wait, for now.

Aishas eyes flashed with sadness and he was able to catch note of that.

”After the boy had grew to become a young man, my close friend had died and he had to live alone.

The boy turned out to have a great magical affinity thus he was accepted into a good academy.

However, he disappeared soon after and a year had passed since then.

I blamed myself for not taking care of him, otherwise at least, I could have prevented it somehow.

I am a let down myself.

However, out of nowhere the boy appeared randomly, alive and seemingly well.

Rudy… I am talking about you…. ”

Rudys eyes widened after hearing that, he didn realize he had such a deep backstory.

Even after hearing all that he had questions that needed to be answered- important ones at that.

”First of, magic? ” Rudy asked with raised eyebrows. ”Miss have you perhaps been on some, I don know- drugs? ”

She widened her eyes in shock, before the intensity of the cup increased exponential and Rudy felt his face burn badly!

”What in the hell? ” He took a step away from her and gazed at the pondering look on her face.

”Maybe… Have you perhaps lost your memory Rudy? ” She said. ”Because you didn seem to flinch even after I said my close friend died, who should have been a motherly figure to you.

And I presume you should have thought of her as your own mother as well. ”

Shes kind of right, I don seem to remember much at all. Rudy sighed. ”Yes, I don remember much. ”

”Thats strange… ” She placed her fingers on her chin and thought about it for a second.

”I can only wait for a Mind Mage then, so do you know anything about this world then? ”

”No. ” He answered without beating around the bush.

”This is going to be harder than I thought, I was going to ask what happened in the year of your absence but it seems like you don know as well. ”

”I can teach you everything since I am busy right now, but it seemed to me that you wanted to ask something no? ” Aisha asked while looking at him.

”Yeah, what did you mean when you said magic? ” Rudy asked still not believing his ears.

”Oh I mean what I said I meant- magic. Practically everyone knows this. ” She said as a small spark of flames appeared at her fingertips. ”Then this must be more serious that I thought. ”

Rudy just stared into the spot if the spark with stars literally shining in his eyes. Magic!? I-its real! My death wasn for nothing. It seems that I have been reborn!

Rudy started rubbing his palms together like a third-rated villain with a fake sinister smile on his face. Hehehe! Wheres my golden finger!?

Rudy watched the words floating above him and he grinned like a madman. Booyah bitches.

Miss Aisha looked to be in her own world as numerous thoughts ran across her mind.

After a few minutes of silence, she finally got out of her daze and was able to see the grin on his face.

”I am busy for now. ” She got up, before smiling lightly. ”I have to go, you better go to class and familiarize yourself with it. ”

She suddenly left the room with the door closing in slowly.

”She didn even tell me what to do… ” Rudy laughed helplessly. ”But actually, where is the classroom… ”

He sighed in frustration before leaving the room, and walked through the halls.

He spotted a boy and quickly asked him where he was supposed to go. But the boy just looked at him with wide eyes as if he was looking at a ghost.

”Y-you are Rudy? ” He stammered.

”In the flesh. ” Rudy plainly answered.

”If thats the case, you should be in class 2-A. ” The boys eyes beamed. ”The same class as me! ”

”I am Theo. ” He added stretching out his arm.

”Alright. ” Rudy gripped his arm and was surprised at how much strength Theo has. Is everyone on steroids or what!?

Theo didn notice his change of expression and just asked for Rudy to follow him.

”I sort of lost my memory so can you give me a quick tour of this place? ”

”Well class is not mandatory and I planned to train with a teacher, but I could give a quick tour. ” Theo gave him a thumbs up.

The two then proceeded to walk around the huge academy. And funny or not, they ended up taking half an hour, for Rudy to engrave them to his memory. Also, the schools large size contributed a lot to that.

”You said class is not compulsory? ” Rudy asked to make sure.

”Yep, for us Elite students. ” Theo confirmed. ”But it is surprising, I don sense any magical aura from you! ”

”…I am going to go now, thanks! I will pay you back in the future. ” Rudy said leaving as he walked away.

”Shaking my head. ” Theo sighed before going his own way. ”He was quite interesting though. ”

After going back to his dorm room, Rudy said in an excited voice.

”Guide! ”

The host can obtain anything other than direct power.

Dungeon Points(DP): The host can obtain dungeon Points by completing quests, killing dungeon mobs, and conquering dungeons!

The dungeon System is designed to make the host better among his peers – by conquering dungeons and assimilating them to the hosts dungeon!

Call status or will it for your information!>


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