Cold water at the top of the mountain

Another life is the best gift

Queen, I want to fly out. They summon a group of males to fly with me, and I chose one male to fertilize me30

Soldiers: Come on, a group of males go out with the Queen on a tour towards the flowers

The queen left her home, fortunately the bird was not there,

Queen: Im tired. I searched for roses and could not find them. We left the land decorated with plants, flowers and roses. what happened?31

Male: Maam, lets go to the top of the mountain. There we may find flowers, untouched by nuclear radiation

Queen – Go and stay with me male. I need it on a special mission. I want to rest here

Im waiting for you here

Queen – Male, you have a special mission. I want to lay a lot of eggs.

Male: A lot of eggs, oh, that means a lot of effort and strength, and I haven eaten much, but I will defy those consequences.32

The Queens soldiers are back, have you completed the mission?

Male: Yes

Soldiers: Madam, how are you?

Queen – Hurry home. I want to lay eggs33

Its time to lay eggs, the queen is idle, because she lays 1500 eggs a day

Workers: Today is a holiday. Lets take the eggs and put them in the eyes of the hexagonal cells and in the middle of the candles we make34

Look, the little caterpillars are out, the little queens, lets feed them with a milky liquid rich in protein

The Queen – I am afraid that the food is radioactive, and if they eat of it, they will die

Workers: Do not be afraid, we have brought him from the heights of the mountains

Queen: crying35

Workers: Why madam?

Queen – She will fire me when the new queen grows up

Workers: Yes, from now on, think of a new home

Queen – Nuclear radiation will kill me

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