The bird carried the fruit with its beak, and soon turns its chick screaming at the top of the tree. We want food. We want food

Put the fruits on the tree in the nest and want to divide it into small parts21

Click on the fruit until he felt pain in his beak and became clear to him that he is not a fruit, but it was a strange thing, so he threw it from the top of the tree to the ground. The worm went to that, and the bird saw the worm, so he picked it up and took it to its young

Birds: Yagher, we will leave to a warm place, winter approach22

Queen: O bees, the winter soon, lets go to our new home

I entered my fingers in my mouth, touched my teeth, and I did not find my joy, I was happy and shouted. Why did you disappear, Doctor?

I want to give you a gift

I took out myi from my mouth, and the blood is still in my mouth bleeding …. a doctor, brought cold water23

I opened my mouth, and if you drop the cold water, it will fall from the leaves that fill my mouth

I took this water out of my mouth and did not appear to the blood of any trace

They said that nuclear radiation is coming or nuclear war.24

If this happens, my mouth will remain open forever

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