Here comes the bees, hovering over it

The pain is starting to get worse, oh oh, I can hear the machine

Doctor, did you replace the tool Oh, come on, take it off, it hurts

The bee enters the mouth and squeaks6

Soldiers: Madam Queen, do you like this place? We will hide you here

We are in a battle with our opponents, they are more than us, but we will defeat them

Queen – Lets look around, I feel something is abnormal7

Soldiers: There are highs and lows, there is a dug place, there is a swamp, it must be cleaned

Come, Queen, come to the activists. Take the queen to her house on top of the mountain. Well call you soon when we
e done.8

Soldiers: There are a few chopsticks, maybe someone else is visiting this place, do you think who it is?

Volunteers: Its Altaïr 9

Soldiers: Its time to get the needle out

Doctor, do I advise you to anesthetize me with a needle?

Oh stop, you don use it well

Well, the pain is reduced10

Come on soldiers, lets go out, works done

Sir the sparrow is coming

Aim your defensive platforms, and get ready

The bird entered and threw the stick, the needle hit him while he was defending himself with the beak

The sparrow lost the battle and flew away

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