The Second Cup of Coffee Part 1

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Jiang Ying, who was 25 years old and a new company slave1, was most afraid of her boss and the regular meeting she had with him on Friday.

Currently, she had her laptop and notebook in one arm and the other hand on the doorknob.
She took a deep breath and immediately pushed the door open.

When she was in high school and was called into the office by her teacher, it was a nerve wracking experience for her.

She was the last to sit down in the conference room.

The photocopied documents had been distributed to each seat, and sitting on the main seat was her boss, Li Zhicheng.

Jiang Ying pulled up a chair and nodded to greet Fang Yu, the operations director sitting across from her.
She glanced at Li Zhicheng from the corner of her eyes.
He was dressed in a pressed black suit with an indifferent expression as he played with the pen in his hand.

The pen’s metal cap was tapping on the table.
The sound was not loud, but the hearts of the people present were beating along with it.

Following the usual meeting agenda, Li Zhicheng inquired about the current situation and progress of each department one by one.
His eyes looked around and finally landed on Jiang Ying.
The man’s voice was methodical and low, and contained the composed tone of a leader, “I have reviewed the revised plan.”

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It was her turn.
Jiang Ying only felt that her nerves were hanging by a string and she painfully suffered as she waited for him to say the second part.

“Overall, it’s okay.”

It was a few simple words, but it allowed Jiang Ying to breathe a sigh of relief as if the weight on her shoulders had been lifted.


She immediately sat up straight again to listen, holding her breath.

Li Zhicheng slammed the table and he asserted, “I have said before that if we want the simulation mobile game to do well, the player’s sense of immersion is very important.
Don’t make it so romantic, make it a bit down-to-earth.
The language used in the dialogue needs to be a little more life-like.”

Jiang Ying accepted his feedback modestly.
“Yes, I have also seen the feedback from the players, and our team will focus on reviewing and improving this issue.”

Li Zhicheng nodded and asked, “What ideas do you have for the next update of the main plot?”

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What kind of teachers are students most afraid of?

It was this kind where after they corrected your homework, they would also ask you if you had prepared for the next lesson.

Jiang Ying was blank for a moment before she cleared her throat.
She calmly opened her notebook and stopped on a certain page.
At the same time, her brain was operating at full speed.
After a simple remark, she began to report, “I think we can consider a spring café as the theme for the next chapter.
Office workers are busy every day and the café between high-rise buildings is their break spot.
It is filled with the rich aroma of coffee, there are cabinets displaying exquisite cakes, music playing that relaxes the body and mind, and it is where tense nerves can relax for a while.
The marketing department has done a survey before, and in fact, the largest proportion of our mobile games are young workers between the ages of 20 and 25.
I believe a theme of cafés will have more appeal and a stronger sense of immersion than the previous chapters.”

Before expressing his opinion, Li Zhicheng first asked the others for theirs first.
“What do you think?”

“I think it’s great.” Fang Yu was the first to take the initiative to express his support.

“The first few chapters are all about the mood, and the plot is good, but the players have also conveyed that the setting is not detailed enough.
If it is a café, then our art team will have a lot of room to be creative.”

“It really caters to the preferences of our target audience.”

Jiang Ying got through this daunting ordeal without any problems.
This sudden inspiration had been tentatively approved.

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“The planning team will give you a detailed plan for it next week.
That’s all for today.” Li Zhicheng unfolded his legs and announced the end of the meeting.

This was similar to the bell ringing to signal that it was the end of class.
Jiang Ying shrugged to loosen her shoulders and let out a sigh that blew on the bangs on her forehead.

Just as everyone packed up their things and walked out of the conference room one after another, Li Zhicheng glanced at her.
“Jiang Ying, come to my office later.”

The teacher’s finishing blow—asking you to stay behind after class.

The soothing joy from finishing the meeting was ruthlessly dissolved as soon as it had happened.
Jiang Ying reluctantly squeezed out a smile.
“Okay, sure.”

Li Zhicheng’s office was in the innermost room.
When Jiang Ying knocked on the door and entered, he was leaning back in his chair with a laidback posture and looking at cell phone.

She walked over lightly and said, “Boss.”

Li Zhicheng put away his phone and pointed to the chair in front of him.

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“Did you work late the other day?” Li Zhicheng did not lay the groundwork and asked a question that was straight to the point.

This question was beyond Jiang Ying’s expectation.

Why does he care about this? Did the security guard tell him? Does he care about the company’s electricity bill?

The lowly young employee hastened to explain, “Oh, it wasn’t very late.
I saw that there wasn’t much left, so I didn’t want to stop.
Next time I will bring it home to do it!”

Li Zhicheng pursed his lips and let out a frustrated sigh.
“That’s not what I meant.
I don’t advocate staying up late and working overtime.
Don’t work so late next time, go home early and rest up.”

Jiang Ying blinked a few times quickly. Did I hear him correctly?

Since when did the grim devil king show kindness? 


社畜(shèchù) – comes from a Japanese internet term to ridicule employees who obediently work for the company at the expense of their private lives.

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