Carmila Twin 1

Chapter 4 Failed explanation

Wait stop right there…..the twins father interrupt Anna, so what you
e telling me is that Alfonso Carmelo broke the engagement to Mila and is now trying to kill her and if thats not enough she is flying to Singapore next week?

Father Im right here you can talk directly to me and ask me Mila said with a slight irritation in her voice. No…no….I don want to talk to you right now Mila, Anna please continue Vincent told his daughter.

Anna continued……

Okay….so we went inside the warehouse and planted the evidence and the bomb just as you instructed, we rushed out of the warehouse just to be welcomed by blinding headlights, there were four cars each with about 5 men standing in front of them. As soon as Mila and I started running four men came out of nowhere from the sides and pressed guns to our heads, ” cowards if you ask me ” Mila interrupt… I said not now Vincent screamed at his daughter.

Anyways Anna raised her voice and looked at Mila with a serious expression…..walking towards us was none other then Alfonso Carmelo himself, he stopped right in front of Mila and told her ”I love you babe but I have to kill you ” I then gave Mila one look, she nodded and pressed the button for the bomb and it explode, as soon as we saw the them fall to the ground we ran to our car and luckily got away in time.

Thats it, Im going to declare war against the Carmelo family, your marriage was supposed to reunite the two families and declare peace, but now there will never be peace, we are the biggest Mafia family in Italy and they could have been part of us but not anymore now they are our enemies Vincent told his daughters.

Vincent took out his phone from his pocket and called his right hand man and proctor of the twins Alexander Cambino. Alex come to my office now and make it quick its important Vincent said over the phone and end the call. Anna you can go to your room and as for you young lady you sit tight in that chair we have a long talk ahead of us. Yes father Mila said with her head down because she knows there is no way that her father would let her fly to Singapore next week.

There was a knock on the door and Vincent raised his voice and said enter. Alex opened the door and walk inside and as soon as he saw Mila his heart skipped a beat and took a deep breath to stable his heart beat and went to sit right next to Mila. He knew something was up when he saw her face and just kept looking at her. Alexander snap out of it Vincent yelled at him. Alex jumped in his chair and immediately turned his attention back to his boss. Vincent then explained everything to Alex and his face was turning red and he was holding the handles of the chair so tight that his knuckles was turning white. Suddenly he jumped up rushed for the door and yelled Im going to kill that bastard…

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