Carmila Twin 1

Chapter 2 Mila and Anna

”Im so sorry….its not you its me. You have to let me go I don want to hurt you but its the best thing. Please believe me…. ”

After reading his message for the millionth time Mila puts her phone down and the tears started

rolling down her cheeks. As she looked at herself in the bathroom mirror with tears still flowing down her cheek she repeatedly mouthed the words….Goodbye Babe….after what felt like hours Mila decided that her legs can carry her anymore and went to lay on her bed .

Milas bedroom door flies open with a loud bang and her sister rushed in into the room, o come on Mila Alfonso Carmelo is a ass wipe and yo know it, he played you from the start and you fell for it, and don say I didn warn you. Mila turned around and put the pillow over her head, go away Anna I can deal with you right now. Im not going to leave Mila and you still have to tell dad about you moving to Singapore, your flight is next week you know. Anna I said leave me alone!!!! Mila pushes Anna of the bed and she falls flat on her back.

Carmila and Annabelle Martineli whats up with the two of you can you stay out of each other hair for once!!!! Yes mom….sorry mom….both of them replay. What is it about Singapore Mila and don tell me its nothing I want to now and I want to know now. It really is nothing mother Anna is just making up stories. Well we have to see about that because your father wants to see both of you in his office as in right now.

Mila and Anna walk slowly as they can down the long corridor to their fathers office, stopping in front of his office neither of them want to open the door, chicken!!! Mila teased Anna, pussy!!! Anna teased back . What !! Mila shout and grab her sisters hair and just like that another fight between the two broke out. Suddenly their father opened his huge black office doors, what in the name of flying fairies are you two doing stop that right now and get inside my office!! Im sick of you twos childishness, when are you going to realize what you have in your hands and what Im preparing you for, with those attitudes you are going to destroy everything. Both of you are the heirs to the Martineli empire and the biggest Mafia in Italy, do you realize that? With that said both the twins bow their heads in shame. Sorry daddy…. sorry father both of them again apologize.

Both the twins sat in front of their fathers brown and black office table in dead silence while their father stands by the roof to floor window and stares out over the large estate he owns, he sigh deeply and turned around with his hands in his pockets he looks at his daughters and shook his head. Okay tell me every bit of information in detail about last nights bomb that went of at the warehouse and what you two were doing there. That wasn my instruction and you were willfully disobedient.

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