Natalias POV

I have a confession to make. I wasn really annoyed when Chase spent the whole day in my bedroom.

”These planes are all UFOs. And this citys in outer space. Its better than where we came from. I think that we both should stay. Cause you know we
e gonna be alright. Well be **ing on a red-eye flight. Keep up with me ill the end of the night. And we
e just getting started. Always last to leave the party. Drugs rule everything around me. Wake up with new tattoos on my body. Drugs rule everything around me. Hit the ghost, raise a toast, pop the molly. All the girls in my room look like Dolly. We
e all tryna fill the lonely. Drugs rule everything around me. Drugs rule everything around me. Drugs rule everything around me. Drugs rule everything around me. Drugs rule everything around me. ”

”Good morning, Sunshine. ” Chase is standing next to the bed, scrutinizing me as I wake up. A long groan escapes my mouth before I reach down to pull up the very unfamiliar, but comfortable blanket covering my body.

He probably gets the memo, because in the darkness of my own head, I hear the door close and the comfortable quietness causes me to fall right back to sleep.

When I wake up the second time, its still dark…until I open my eyes and remove the blanket. Chase isn in here. I get out of bed and walk to the door. When I open it, I see him. Hes wearing only a pair of sweatshorts and standing barefoot at his kitchen counter, looking down, his naked back to me.

I wonder if he slept in his bed with me. That would be so **ing weird – sleeping in the same bed as Chase. Hes become my extremely attractive best friend. Or maybe just ”friend ”. Our relationship has definitely been upgraded, but I don want to push it.

In an unexpected moment, he turns around and finds me staring at him. Well, technically he wouldn know that I was staring at him. I mean, he only just turned around now, right? ”Hey. ” he says first.

”Hey, ”

e not wearing any pants. ” he tells me. I look down and the realization dawns upon me that Im only wearing a white tank top and my underwear. At least they match. ”Yeah, is that a problem? ”

”Uh, ”

e only wearing shorts. ”

”But… ”

”But your a guy right? Its okay when guys walk around half naked, but inappropriate when girls do it, right? ” I cross my arms.

”Relax. Come help me make breakfast. ”

Did he just say ”make breakfast ”? How the hell do you make breakfast? ”Uh, ”

”You don know how, do you? ”

I simply smile at him as a clarification signal. ”Come, Ill teach you. ” he says.

I walk over to where he is standing in the kitchen. ”So first, you take out everything you need. ” Thats when he opens up his kitchen cupboard and takes out a box, putting it on the counter before getting milk from the fridge and putting it next the box. Two bowls and two spoons are taken out next, each spoon next to its own bowl.

”Cinnamon Toast Crunch – the perfect cereal specimen. ” He pours the cereal into one bowl and hands the box to me. I take it and pour the cereal into the other bowl, following his lead. ”Now the milk. The milk is really important. Together with the cinnamon sugar, its liquid gold. ”

He pours the milk in his bowl and I do the same when he hands it to me. He takes a seat on one of the stools behind his counter. I do the same, our shoulders almost touching.

He takes his first bite, followed by a very satisfied groan. ”Woah, its like if angels sprinkled pixie dust on breakfast cereal… ” I say after my own first bite.

”…this would be it. ” he finishes my sentence for me. ”This is pure bliss in a bowl. Its one of those rare instances where the cereal is actually better than you remember as a kid. ”

”Mm, I would agree if I ever had cereal as a kid. ”

”What? Youve never had cereal before? Ever? ”

”Nope. Only oatmeal and the usual English breakfast. My parents believe cereal is bad for my health so they never bought it. ”

”Boy if they knew that drugs rule everything around their supposedly ”healthy ” little girl. ” he says and I smile.

”I ate a space muffin in front of my dad once – completely oblivious. ”

”And then theres that. ” he says, Cinnamon Toast Crunch in his mouth. I laugh at how different my life at home is from Chases life here.

Ive never been to sleepovers and I was homeschooled for my entire childhood until university. Ive never been anywhere else except here. And Im always at home, except when I go out to get high. Ive never experienced ”different ”. Even weed has become usual to me. I only know one routine. Being exposed to this is absolutely refreshing.

Chase takes our dishes and loads everything neatly into his dishwasher – another example. Camila washes dishes herself because she says ”dishwashers are inefficient ”. Thats why we don own a dishwasher. I swear, that woman was made to be a maid.

”So what do you want to do today? ” he asks me after turning around. Im still sitting behind his counter. ”You know, you actually do have a bit of an British accent. ” I say, noticing one more thing about him instead of answering his question. ”Why yes, I suppose. I mean I did live in England for more than six years. ” he says with a really really good fake British accent.

”Yes, I believe that would explain it. Might I say, you
e pretty good at your fake one too. ” I say, faking an English accent myself. ”Thank you, Miss. You are terrible at yours. ” he says while laughing. I glare at him, but I cannot help, but laugh with him. ”Sir, might I ask? Why do you assume that Im spending the day with you? ” I say, a confident expression to my fake accent this time.

”Hm, let me see, oh yeah right, you slept in my bed. I don think we
e mere acquaintances anymore, are we, Miss Zahra? Oh, we didn do anything, in case you were wondering. I slept on the couch, in my own apartment. Can you believe it? ”

Thank God. Things wouldve been so much more awkward for me right now if we got intimate last night. I only know everything regarding one night stands. Having breakfast with your one night stand the next morning isn it.

”What is there to do on a Sunday morning though, Mr Adler? ” I ask. I have a feeling well be talking like this the entire day.

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