CEO’s Order: Baby,See You Tonight

\"It seems that you are not stupid...\"

Luo Xiaotians heart is filled with more hate, tears flowed from the corner of her eyes, but she was speechless.

Time seemed to be still, and she had no time to think about other things, because her head was full of the man who had just pressed her under his body and asked for it infinitely.

Luo Xiaotian looked at the drop on the wedding dress that a prickly red, the heart felt stabbed and pained in an instant, very sad.

”Why don you get up? Yes? Isn that enough? ” Suddenly a mans voice came from her ear, which made Luo Xiaotians anger bigger.

”You? ”

”Me? ” As soon as Sunan city changed its serious face, it was smiling sarcastically.

”whats the matter with me? I just did what Miss Luo expected. Didn Miss Luo threw herself in my arms just now? ”

Hearing the words, Luo Xiaotians face turned white instantly.

Its true that she took the initiative to kiss the man just now, but later the man didn refuse, and she didn !

Looking at the pale Luo Xiaotian, Sunan City grinned coldly.

”I think the rules of the game between adults, Miss Luo should be very clear? ”

”What do you mean? ” When Luo Xiaotian heard this, her face turned even whiter.

Sunan city took out a blank check, wrote a string of zeros directly on the check, and then took out a piece of paper with a string of mobile phone numbers written on it.

”Well, its a guarantee to buy medicine for you. I never treat women badly, and so do you. Is that enough? If its not enough, you can give me a call. Ill make Miss Luo satisfied. ”

With that, Sunan city directly throws the check and mobile phone number on Luo Xiaotian, and then left, leaving only Luo Xiaotian.

Holding a check of 100000 yuan, Luo Xiaotian feels even worse. Looking at the mobile phone number left by Sunan City, she hates it even more. Especially when She got up and saw the prickly red stain on the wedding dress, Luo Xiaotians heart is more uncomfortable.

I was so confused that I gave it to such an animal man for the first time, and this man even humiliated her with a check!

If it wasn for that pair of scum man and scum woman , how could she be like this?

She hates it!

Luo Xiaotian picked up the check and wanted to tear it, but stopped abruptly. Looking at the paper in her hand, she made up her mind.

The next time I see that man, I must drop the check on his face and let him taste the shame!

”Bell… ” The sudden ringing of mobile phone brings Luo Xiaotians thoughts back.

”Miss Luo? Hello, is old Yu Hua your grandmother

”Yes, who are you? ” Luo Xiaotian heard the other party mention her grandmother, suddenly had a very bad feeling.

”Miss Luo, your grandmother had a heart attack this morning. Now she has been sent to the hospital for rescue. Please come as soon as possible. ”

Luo Xiaotian hasn recovered from yesterdays events, but the voice on the phone makes Luo Xiaotian like a bolt from the blue.

Luo Xiaotian can take care of anything else, so she hurried to the hospital. In Luo Xiaotians heart, nothing is more important than her grandmother.

The door of the operating room was finally opened, and the doctor came out. Luo Xiaotian rushed to the doctor when she saw the doctor coming out. Her eyes were full of eagerness.

”Doctor, how is my grandmother? ”

”Fortunately, the patient arrived in time and is now out of danger. ”

Hearing that grandma was out of danger, Luo Xiaotian was relieved, but the breath was not finished, but the doctors words made Luo Xiaotian heart ache again.

”Although the patient has been out of danger, but the condition is still very unstable, and the patients heart has reached a critical point, needs to be quickly operated , otherwise, life is in danger at any time. ”

”Doctor, please help my grandmother, please! ” Luo Xiaotian almost cried and pleaded.

”Patients now needs a heart bypass surgery, only after the operation can there be a glimmer of hope, youd better hurry to prepare for the operation. ”

The doctors words make Luo Xiaotian almost unable to stand, almost fell to the ground.

From childhood to adulthood, only grandma is the one who loves her most. Luo Xiaotian can watch her grandmother die.

”Miss Luo, the only way to save the patients illness is to have an operation. Now youd better pay the operation fee first and prepare for the operation for the patient. ”

Then the doctor nodded and left.

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