Burned love

Who\'s that?

After a few hours, I heard some loud footsteps entering the room and I jolted awake. I unhurriedly turned glancing at the door, I saw a figure of a man in black suit. My sight was blurry and I winked thrice till I was able to grasp the sight of the person. It was Jansen.

”Jansen? ” I muttered.

Jansen grinned at me. He was holding a bouquet of red velvet roses. He advanced to me and kissed me on my forehead, ”how are you love? ”

The scent oozing out of the bouquet streaked to my nostrils. I sat up and the locks of my hair fell on my face, ”why
e you just coming home? ”

”I was overworking at the office I didn realize it was getting late and my car, it wasn working, I had no one to pick me from work so I had to over stay till morning. So how
e you doing love? ” He touched my cheek gently.

I sighed, ”I had another intense pain in my stomach but my sister Juliet attended to me and made sure I was alright. ”

I noticed Jansens brows furrowing looking confused, ”your sister Juliet? Isn your sister in Brazil? So how can she attend to you? ”

My sister Juliet has been residing in Brazil until she recently flew to New York. I haven been able to introduce them to each other. Juliet was always occupied in Brazil and didn even attend our wedding.

”Juliet has arrived New York since a week ago. Soon, Im gonna introduce you to her. ”

”When I spoke with the maid she told me no one was at our house yesterday. She didn tell me anything about your sister visiting. What she told me is she was attending to you the entire time. ”

I said firmly, ”I saw my sister Juliet. She was the one attending to me not my maid. Though we barely talked, I know it was her who was with me. ”

Jansen held my hand, ”are you sure honey? Remember one time you saw a basket of tomatoes and thought they were a basket of eggs? ”

It was September 13th four months ago. I stepped into the kitchen to grab some fresh Apples and I suddenly felt my head spinning, I was getting dizzy and glanced at a basket of tomatoes seated on a table and they were reflecting a basket of eggs. I suddenly felt appetized for fried eggs and I approached the basket. I dipped my hand into the basket and tried to crack the tomatoes and I noticed the skin of the fruit was not rocky or hard.

I broke out of my reverie and started to wonder if Jansen was actually telling the truth and that perhaps the tumor in my brain and the pancreatic cancer I was having was what was affecting me but I was still having a gut feel Juliet was the one who attended to me last night.

Jansen was springing from my bed, I touched his arm and looked into his eyes, ”are you going to work? ”

”Sure. ”

”You just arrived home. Can you stay a bit longer? Im bored. Aren you even gonna have breakfast with me and Isabella? ”

”Its almost 9:00am hon. I can afford to be late. ”

”Alright, Im gonna permit you to leave if you promise to stay the whole evening with me. Ive missed you hon. ” My eyes drooped.

Jansen gnashed his jaw and grudgingly replied, ”okay. ” He pecked me on my cheek and walked to the bathroom grabbing a towel.


It was 12:15 in the afternoon. Juliet arrived at Globalx mining company where Jansen works as an Executive Manager. Her Range Rover Sport vehicle was parked at the parking area. She stepped down from the car in crimson red blazers and in a pair of black heels clenching a red bag. As she walked, she glanced at the tall skyscraper staring at her and she smirked and approached the entrances.

She walked inside the building, approached the elevator and tapped the elevator buttons. It gave a soft whining sound and the elevator doors slid open. Juliet stepped inside the elevator and the doors gently closed. The elevator landed on the fourteenth floor.

The elevator doors slid open and she stepped out. She glanced at the door of Jansens office and approached it. She inserted the key handed to her by Jansens secretary into the door keyhole and a green light glimmered. She gently pushed the door open and stepped in.

Jansen lifted his head soon as he heard her footsteps. His eyes widened feeling awestruck to see her. Juliet stood by the door and grinned at him from ear to ear. She curled her legs and leaned on the door biting her lips. Jansen glanced at her curvaceous hips and the heavy make up on her face and he felt quite roused to her.

He sprang to his feet, ”what are you doing here Juliet you should leave. This is working hours, you shouldn be here. ”

Juliet approached him and halted standing in front of him, ”are you saying you do not miss me hun Jansen? ” She laid her hands on his shoulders and pushed herself closer to him. Jansen glanced at her glowing lips and rosy cheeks.

I had just finished taking my drugs. I was having some migraine but it disappeared soon as I swallowed the drugs. I was almost sinking myself in my bed when images of I and Jansen discussing this morning flashed through my mind, ”could it be true that it wasn Juliet who attended to me last night? If it really wasn her then where was she last night? Where was she when i was sick and what was she doing? Only one way to find out is calling her. ” I thought aloud.

I grasped my phone on my bed and dialled Juliets phone number.

Jansen held Juliet in his arms, he rubbed her hips and was smooching her on her lips. Juliets phone was ringing noisily, ”hold on Jansen my phone. ” Juliet shifted from him and was tapping the screen and my call was picked. Jansen pulled her to him kissing her on her neck.

”Hello? Juliet? ” I said. Her phones speaker was not loud so she was not able to hear my voice.

I listened to the noises of their kisses and I was starting to feel quite jittery. I assumed she was making out with her boyfriend and I didn want to interrupt I immediately cut the call.

It was 8:56 in the night that same day. I was standing in front of the wardrobe in my bedroom folding few of my dresses inside the wardrobe and I was starting to hear footsteps approaching the room. I quickly paused and glanced outside the door, ”is that you Jansen? ”

The footsteps became louder and I felt as if it was getting nearer to the room. Soon, a figure appeared, it stepped into the room and I observed it closely. The room was quite murky, the bulbs in the room was flickering so it was hard to detect whose figure it was.

He was wearing a huge black coat and a pair of black pants. His boots were quite huge and were jetblack. I started to feel jumpy and started to think that it might be a thug. He was approaching me and I was walking backwards. The light flashed again and I could barely glance at his face. His head was slightly bowed like he was cocking his head. My hands were starting to tremble, ”could he be a serial killer? ” I thought. If he were a serial killer, how did he get pass the security guards at the gate and managed to find me in my room? Do I have a foe who desperately wants me dead?

He advanced towards me and I moved further backwards and leaned on the wall. He still moved nearer to me, he stretched his hand towards my neck, and I got paralyzed with fear thinking he was going to strangle me. ”Would he? Whyd he wanna kill me? ”

I glanced at his hand nearly touching my neck and I shut my eyes and screamed loudly. Immediately, he pulled his coat off him, ”Emily its me why are you screaming? ”

His voice sounded so familiar, that should be Jansens. I unhurriedly opened my eyes and stared at his face, as the lights flashed, I quickly noticed his eyes and his cheeks and I realized it was actually him, I heaved a long sigh and placed my hand on my chest, ”you scared me nearly half to death. ”

”Why don you wanna let me touch you? ”

”Its not that…I thought….Anyways, Im glad you
e home now. Why did you wear this huge coat and those boots? ”

”It was pouring outside. I didn want to catch a cold. Hang on, whats up with the bulbs in our room? ” Jansens brows furrowed.

”They are a bit faulty. ”

”Ill have them fixed tomorrow. ”

”Okay. ” I grinned from ear to ear.

I laid my hands on his chest, ”freshen up lets have a little date at the terrace okay? ”

”Alright. ” He pecked me on my forehead.

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