I wish I could have my friend back

To have the person I could tell everything to without fear of being judged standing at my side

I wish I could say I miss you

I miss your unconditional support

And the energy that surrounded you

I miss hearing your out-of-pocket jokes

And hearing your laughter

I wish we could fight once more our playful wrestling matches were always exhilarating

You never once let me win

I miss having fun with you

The vibes were always pleasant

You never made me uncomfortable or disrespected me

You were always looking out for me

You are my protector

You understood me better than anyone and I missed that

The connection

The friendship

The bond we shared will never be replaced nor forgotten

Because a friend like you is irreplaceable and hard to find

I wish we had it when our separate ways

Because I miss our friendship more than I could ever say

More than youll ever now

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