Science results:

H-How, I thought I was good

Fleure: 78

Isakei: 100

It results:



PE results:

Thank God, I got a good mark even though I am so bad, is it because I am always trying?

Fleur: 90


Arabic results:


”Isakei! Thats incredible! Even though you are Japanese, you got a full mark in a foreign language!

Fleure: 90


And finally, French results

” Its okay, Isakei, you will make it next time ”

they said


”Haa… ”

”That was a hard one ”


Everyone started to stare at me and whisper,

”She is the only one that got a full mark even though the exam was so hard, is that okay? ”

”She says that she does not cheat on exams, but, words don make someone trustworthy… ”

They started to stare at me with their eyes.

Until Isakei cane and set behind me:

”I just don understand, what did I do wrong? ”

He said

”… ”

”Show me your paper, ”

I replied.

When I took a look at it, it was, like brain tutoring.

”You asked what did you do wrong, you did everything wrong, where did you exactly learn the French language?

He didn answer, he was just putting his head on the table and started whispering to himself:

” What should I do next? ”

On the other hand, everyone got surprised by isakeis act, they even became kinder, and some of them started craving to become close to rejecting them all, again, no need for any useless relationships…


”Hey, Fleure! ”

Isakei called me

”What? ”

”Since we are friends now why don we exchange numbers? ”

He said with a joyful smiling face

”Sure ”

I answered in a normal tone

He was shocked by my response but kept smiling, I noticed it and said:

”Is something wrong? ”

”No, its just, I didn think you will give your number that easily, ”

He confessed keeping his smile.

”So, did you expect me to yell at you? Weve got a deal, right? ”

”You are right. ”

He agreed.

~three weeks later

”Okay class, after we corrected the mini-test,

Im going to give you your papers to see your grades. ”

Said the French teacher,

”First, Isakei. ”

He looked nervous while receiving the results,

”I see you are doing your best lately, your grades are higher, keep going ”

She said in a proud tone.

”Thank you ”

He responded smiling

everyone started whispering how good he is and that if he keeps going, he will become the first in the class,

I didn care, all I have to do is make more effort.

He came to his seat, I see, he abandoned my spot and came behind me, I turned behind me to look at him, the smile on his face disappeared, he put his right elbow on the table, and laid his right hand under his bangs

and slide it over his head, leaving his forehead bare.

He looked seriously at the result, he wasn happy with it.



He didn say anything for two days until I came to him, and asked him during break time:

”You look so upset lately ”

”Do you think so? ”

He answered focusing on a french book,

”Are you having difficulties? ”

I asked

But he gave no response

”… ”

”I may help you if you
e having a bad time, ”

He suddenly looked at me with shocked eyes and said:

”You will? ”

”Of course ”

I made reply

~Lunch time

Here, to conjugate the verb in the Imparfait

all three groups have the same terminations,

they are:







you keep mistaking them by the simple past termination, they are two different things ”

”I see ”

He said,

I kept talking and he kept staring at me,

after the explanation, I gave him some exercises, he got almost all of them right,

I was so proud, but I kept being prudent, to not be a good example of the quote, the pupil beats the teacher.

I kept teaching him for two weeks until one day, he told me:

”Fleur ”

”Yes? ”

I replied

”You know I am an exchange student, right? ”

He said

” Who doesn know? ”

I added

”And you know due to my exchange program, I will leave soon, ”

”Yep, ”

I said

”I was thinking, to thank you for the things you are doing for me so far, have you ever thought of joining a basketball team? ”

the pen fell from my hand from shock.

Did I hear it right?

”Can you repeat what you just said? ”

I said looking down at the table, my facial expression was not clear.

”The basketball team- ”

I interrupted him, by standing from my seat, letting my both hands on the table, and looking down at it, my facial expression was not clear at that moment too, Everyone started to look at me, I was too loud.

”Lets stop here, ”

I said leaving

”Y-yea ”

He responded with a worried face

Did I say something that made her angry?

~In Fleurs room,

I wasn mistaken, right? He invited me, to his team! I can not believe it! someone like me!

I should give him my response tomorrow…

~the next day,

I was looking for him to tell him what I want,

but what I didn know, is that he was looking for me, too.

We met in the schoolyard

”Fleur ”

”Isakei ”

”I want to tell you something ”

Both of us said at the same time,

We were surprised, by the fact that both of us had something to tell the other.

”Then, Why don you start first? ”

Isakei said

”O-okay, so, I wanted us to talk about the basketball thing… ”

I said joyfully

”Oh, about that, I wanted to apologize for what I said yesterday about the basketball thing…I know you are bad at sport, but I told you my offer. ”

”… ”

”What are you talking about? Isakei ”

”Wait, aren you angry? ”

”Why should I be angry? I am here to accept your offer! ”

”Wait what? ”

”I always wanted to be a good basketball player! ”

I said with joy.

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