Brunette’s wish

A worthy opponent.

” … ”

”Fleurette? Is something wrong? ”

he said with a worried pretending face

”Don … ”

”Hm? ”

”Don you dare call me that ever again ”

I replied in anger

”Why? It suits you more, you look more like a tinny flower to me ”

He said with a peaceful smiling face

”Just… Who the hell are you? We are not even that close ”

”Don you remember me? Im Isakei, Your classmate! ”

I do remember him very clearly, he is the student that the French teacher introduced to the class..


Back then, the class was very calm, until the teacher breaks it, its always like that in the first days of school.

”Okay, class, Good morning, Im your French teacher, and Id like you all to introduce yourself I will call you by the list and ask you questions! ”

everyone started talking about how ridiculous is to ask questions instead of introducing yourself with complete freedom.

And as expected, Isakei was the first one on the list, the teacher was interested in

him, so she started asking a bunch of questions, and he knew exactly what to say, such as:

Where are you from?

Im Japanese.

why did you choose especially our school?

Its because of the schools reputation, Oh, by the way, Im an exchange student so take good care of me!

Do you love it here?

Of course! people are very kind, I wish I could stay here forever since its my first experience

Your grades last year?

I was number one In my whole school, and Ill still be, Im looking for a better experience, I am testing every countrys schools and students, I think Ill have fun!

Your background?

Im just from a normal Japanese family… Nothing to worry about!

The more questions hes been asked, the most interesting he becomes to them, I didn believe a word from everything he said, he is not that kindhearted type of person, I think I finally understood the smile he gave me that day, Instead of a peaceful smile, the real meaning was ”Kick me if you dare ” also, what he said earlier ”Im number one, and Ill still be ” Should I accept the war request, or not, I need to think about it…

I don understand the girls crushing on him, does he look like a prince from a fairy tale or something? well, I think he is, a prince like him never existed and will never exist.


”uh, so you
e that Japanese exchange student… then, does an admirable prince like you have an affair with me? ”

”There is no need to be formal with me, I just wanted us to have a small talk together ”

I don trust him

My eyes suddenly noticed the book in his hand, then I remembered what he said earlier about my grades and popularity, even if it was a joke,(apparently Its not) I can put my eyes away from that book, its just, too suspicious.

”Isakei ”

”Yes? ”

”Is it possible.. for me to take a look at this book? ”

I said in a cold tone

”… ”

”What if I refuse ”

He replied with a serious face and cold voice

”You have no reason to hide that book from me, I truly believe you are not the type to bring Adult comics to school ”

I confirmed in confidence.

”No, its not that, I just don want to show my partner my secret diary ”

he got up from the wall he was lying on, closed that small book, and left, his pale skin looked so glowing under the effect of the sun.


Ugh. I couldn even sleep, no matter what position I choose, is it because of the hot weather, or…

< "No, its not that, I just don want to show my partner my secret diary ">


I thought while smashing the pillows very hard to get rid of my anger.


I set grabbing the pillow and then hugged it so hard

ut, why would he carry a secret diary around like that, no matter how I think of it, its too suspicious… lets just go to sleep


~The next day

Ok Ok Ok, I know Ive done so many cruel things in my life, but, WHY THE PE CLASS?

Early in the morning? its the first thing Im worse at, plus my reputation, Im always left behind…


How shameful, playing alone makes me look so dumb

All these thoughts came to my mind while dribbling a basketball in the same spot.

Compared to Isakei, Im no more than a brat,

I hate to admit it but he is a complete pro, the best player in the school so far, I am so jea-

*Loud hitting noises*

Yes, you guessed it right, A ball hit my face without any warning, and worse, it got off the stage and flew to the cafeterias small garden.

Everyone wanted me to go bring them the ball, because of the primary rule Who dropped the ball should bring it

And because that jurk named Isakei is the one who dropped it, theyll not sacrifice their precious player for a ball while there us a bunch in the balls basket, its easy to blame it on someone like me.

I appreciated the PE teachers kindness, trying to force them to bring it themselves, but Ive got another plan in mind, and its my only chance.

Forget about the match, they have a bunch of balls down there, the thing that matters the most is that secret diary, but, that would not be easy, the maids may be cleaning our classroom since its empty, also the only hallway that can lead there passes from the administration, with its large windows, you will surely get caught, also the back door at the end of the hallway is closed, and you don have much time before the PE teacher will notice how late you are just to bring a ball you Insisted to bring, you are suspicious from the beginning.

What a puzzle, in these conditions, youve got one single way out, no more.

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