Brunette’s wish

The secret dairy

It was another morning, the sky is blue, the sun is shining, and the birds are singing, every single creature on earth will love this beautiful morning the glowing sun hurts my eyes, and the singing birds are making my ears bleed, but Ive got no other choice, wake up, Fleure, there is a pretty long day, waiting, for me, its my first day of school.

I got dressed just, as usual, making the first impression on people will change nothing, itll make them crave more and more to use you, better not to be dressed as a useful tool, just be you, the first and last who will certainly help you is yourself.

When I first put my foot in school, no… When I first put my foot outside, I tried to avoid any contact with any creature, anyone can be a future classmate, your classmates brother, or even your teachers lost cat, there is no need for any kind of useless relationships, even if I say that I was completely nervous, not because of ”The first day of school ” I just hoped not to meet the same bastards I met last year, it was a year full of action when I was obsessed with a spot, it was the first table, anyone who aits there, will answer to all the questions,

its just a question of confidence though, but it works, I knew someone will sit there on purpose, so I was prepared to make them regret it.

Ow my, I purely apologize, I kept talking nonsense and forgot to introduce myself, my name is Fleure, Im 14 Years old, and I live here in a beautiful ”unique ” country, compared to the neighboring ones, there is no big difference, but people here got weird tastes, manners and also, you guessed it right, weird communities, its so unique that people in different places in the country do not speak our language in the same way, they all hate each other as if they are from different origins, well, actually, they are, there are two different types of people in there, the indigenous people and the other outsiders who came to live in here, the number of the outsiders became to increase until is they became the majority, its complicated, right? However, there is nothing important we will get from all of this nonsense, we should move forward with that kind of thing… are you asking me which side I belong to? Well If I was from the indigenous people, I will be concerned about my country being ruled by some outsiders.

Fleure, an innocent girl, with long dark brown curly hair, lets say about the hair length a classic length, her deep brown eyes were so dark that you may confuse them with black eyes from far, covered with pretty long eyelashes, she had tanned skin, and last, fluffy rose lips, they were always the center of attention in her small face, You may think, how is someone gifted with such a beauty, but hey say, when God gives to someone or takes Somethin from someone, there are always consequences.

The unique thing about her is that she never showed her hair to any guy, she always put a scarf on her head to not attract so much attention, catching unwelcomed attention will not bring more than a lot of disgusting eyes looking at you every day ” thats what she always thought.

I was sure that someone will take my seat, but, I was completely shocked, it was someone I never saw in my entire life, he looked more like a Chinese.. no, a Japanese guy? All of these questions came to my mind while I was thinking about how handsome he was, but, I should not approach him so much, sooner or later, the entire school will fall for him, and again useless relationships, no matter how handsome he is I will not forgive him for that, Im sure that Adib the bastard begged him to do that again.

”really should I start a war on my first day? Give me some rest… ”

I stared and glared at him, while, he smiled at me in exchange I was surprised that I didn expect that kind of reaction.

I was expecting him to glare back at me, but he smiled? How unexpected… Or, its just me who got used to this community? I wonder how is the world outside

I took a seat, hoping no one saw what happened, if someone did Ill be the days joke.

~The end of the day

”Did you hear, that woman dared and glared at my prince! ”

”Ow my! I can believe what she did! How shameful… ”

”Did you hear the rumors, they say she put a scarf on her head to not attract attention, bet she is the number one pry of all he other sexs abuse ”

”Oh! It can be… ”

”Yes, thats right! She attracts all this attention to be the last suspect of doing it ”

”Ow. How shameful… She thinks shes the only one with a female body ”

”Just look at her boobs ”

They all start to laugh loudly.

Gosh, they all have pretty large imaginations, but, still… I AM NOT A WOMAN I AM NOT THAT OLD! ALSO, DONT MENTION MY BOOBS! *Internal shouting*

”Heh, maybe I should find myself a new hobby ”

Suddenly she heard a male voice behind her

”Fleure ”

”What the- ”

”One of the first students in school but still unpopular, she becomes the st in the first two semesters but falls to second place in the end, but she never went below the second place so far, for me, none of these data match with each other ”

I turn around to find the Prince lying on a wall, wearing a pair of glasses and glaring at me this time with dangerous eyes holding a book in his right hand, he was opening it and putting his finger in the middle, when he noticed that I saw him glaring at me he turned It to a peaceful smile and replied:

”What do you think, Fleurette? ”

His brown hair was shining with the sunset.

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