Brothers Promise

The Last Day On Earth

Early in the morning Robin went to town for court and took his sister with him because she was insisted And on a beautiful day, with shining sun and light wind. neither hot not cold, it seems like a beautiful day to die

Robin arrives at the trial to find the arena is full and the council is on the rise

And in a circular cell, a person appears in front of the other, everyone presents his last words to his family

Razan: Are you going to fight this?

Robin: Im going to kill this

Razan: Hes the biggest man Ive ever seen

Robin: Size doesn matter when you fall on your back

Razan: He wears armor, why don you?

Robin: I like to move lightly and quickly

Razan: And you drink wine on top of all this


Razan: You shouldn drink before the fight

Robin: I always drink before I fight

Razan: He can get you killed and get me killed Robin: Today is not the day I die

The bell rings and the ruler comes in the middle of the square to recite the prayer before the trial

The wise : Under the eyes of Gods and people, we gather to verify the guilt or innocence of this man (Robin Denisos), may God the Mother now grant them mercy, and may God the Father grant them the punishment they deserve, and may the warrior god lead the hands of our heroes to victory.

Sabertooths wife: Don leave me alone in this world

Sabertooth: Never

Their swords finally collide

With one sword stroke he knocked Sabertooth to the ground with the screams of his wife, who stabbed herself as soon as she saw the bloody sight.

The ruler returns to say: Gods informed us of her will, and in the name of the king, Michael Galadriel, the bearer of the first bearer of his name, is not the one who killed the king.

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