”Wake up you whore ” Laura heard a voice, she didn know when she fell asleep, her head feels heavy.

”Why didn you eat the food? Do you think wasting my money will do you well here? don make me do something I don want. ” she threatened.

”Florence, bring her food and make sure she eats, she has to be healthy for tonight. ” after passing the order, she left and shut the door with a bang.

The door was opened again, and Florence came in with the food, she was the same girl who had brought her food last night.

Laura does not want to be pushed so she willingly ate the food with no resistance. ”Good, it is nice youve come to your senses. ” she took the tray and plates and left the room.

Later in the evening, Poppy ordered Laura to be cleaned by some girls who work in the brothel. Florence supervised the work, Laura was given a warm bath, and after bathing, she was dolled up with heavy makeup.

Her blonde hair was held high supported by pins ”Help her wear these clothes. ” Laura looked at the clothes, they were not what she imagined herself in.

”I can wear that please, I don want to ” she begged.

”Don make me hit you little bitch, I will advise you to comply with everything. ” Florence threatened, and she was forced into the clothes.

It was a see-through skirt that ends at her mid-thigh and a red lacey bra.

”I can go out like this ” Lady poppy entered the room hearing this, and she frowned.

”It is either you go out wearing this or you go out wearing nothing. ” her voice threatened.

Laura quietly sat down letting them dress her up.

She was given red heels to put on matching the bra.

Later in the evening, she was sent to a room where she saw three girls quietly sitting, one wore underwear with nothing on the top, and the other wore a see-through gown with no undergarments, the other was dressed in black.

At the far end of the room were two boys dressing in nothing but briefs and a tie on their neck.

Poppy came in with a black feathery mask in her hand, she handed it to Laura ”wear that, everyone moves out and stand behind the curtain, Laura I will send someone to get you when it is time. ” they left locking her inside the room.

Lady poopy dressed in a posh gown mount the stage, the room was packed with men and a few women, and the smell of alcohol filled the place.

”Good evening ladies and gentlemen, how are you all doing? hope you are all enjoying your time in this place. ” she grinned.

”Going straight to why we are all here, I have a new batch and I want to showcase them. Girls! ” she yelled. First to join her on stage was the girl dressed in a see-through gown.

”This Sophie, she is fresh, beautiful, and good in bed, she can take everything. ” she stopped to gauge their expression and attention.

”Can I hear a hundred? ” she asked beginning the bidding.

”three hundred ” someone yelled

”five hundred ” another shouted.

”Eight hundred ” the bidding continued till two million, a man with a pot belly and a hairy face went backstage to pay for the girl he just bought.

The auction continued until it was time to auction

the boys. They all lined up in front of Poppy, her eyes scanned their body, and she hummed in approval

”Ladies and men ” she laughed at the end ”meet honey and sugar, they are as sweet as their names, I can testify ” she chuckled.

”Can I hear a two hundred and fifty? ” she began

In the bidding, the boys were bought at a high price. Poppy smiled from ear to ear, she has earned a lot this evening and she is still to bring out the main cake.

”ok it is time to bring out the surprise, this one is a little shy, she is untouched if you know what I mean, ” she smirked.

Laura was brought to the stage, her face covered with a mask, and her brown eyes scanned the room. She stared at the people with disgust and resentment.

”Should I unveil this beauty? ” Poppy asked, and the crowd cheered ”how much are you willing to pay to see what is behind? ” she asked and the crowd cheered.

The bidding started, and a man won with one million just to see the face behind the mask. Laura was shocked, rich people will be willing to spend one million to see someones face, why not just donate the money to a Charity center?

Poppy took off the mask, and there was a loud whistling sound that emanated from the crowd, Laura lowered her head in shame, and Poppy lift her head with her index finger.

”Isn she beautiful? ” poppy asked the crowd which caused them to cheer in approval.

”Can I get one million? ” she asked and the bidding began, it went on until twenty million. A woman in a posh red gown was willing to pay twenty million for the beauty in front of her.

”Twenty-five million ones, twenty-five million twice? sold- ” a loud and cold voice interrupted her

”Thirty-five million. ” the noise in the hall quiets down, Laura was shocked at the price. She raised her head to see the man who bought her for thirty-five million but before she could, lady poppy sent her backstage.

Everyone knows not to mess with the man who just spoke, Poppy didn want to continue the bidding so she sent her backstage.

Alexander came back late in the evening the next day but fortunately, he came on time for the auction sale. He didn take a bath just so he doesn lose her to someone else. Even if he did, he would have taken her back.

He emanated a dangerous aura, only his presence in the room made men shiver like chickens…

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