It has been a week since my mom designed her piece of art on my body, since then she hasn touched me and I am grateful for that. ”Laura come here please. ” That is the first

”I am coming, mom. ” Taking myself to the living room, I saw her and Sandra watching TV, she gave me a charming smile, something she has never done before.

”Why are you sitting in your room all by yourself? Come and join us, we are watching a romantic movie. ” What is going on? Is mom OK? Whatever is going on, I like it. Making myself comfortable on the couch next to mom, I joined them. Sandra didn spare me a glance but I don mind.

”What will you love to eat today Laura? ” Oh my if this is a dream I don want to wake up.

”Mom anything will be fine, as long as we eat as a family. ” She smiled at me, something which has never happened before.

”This is one of the reasons why I love you, I wonder why your sister can be like you. ” She turned to look at Sandra who glared at me because of what mom said.

I didn comment.

After the movie, mom surprised me by joining me in the kitchen to cook todays meal, my life is going created and I hope it never changes. ”Focus darling, I don want you hurting yourself with the knife. ” Moms worried voice interrupted my thoughts.

”Yes, mom Ill be careful. ” Paying attention to the tomatoes I was chopping. We are cooking rice, tomato sauce, fried fish and meat. Mom decided we cook this even though we don have much. She said she wants me to eat something nice, I opposed it but she insisted and I had no but to accept it.

”Honey step back, the oil might hurt you. ” She is being too nice, what if she is only doing it to make me bring down my guard? Mom won hurt me, right? I am overthinking things. Maybe she has genuinely changed and she has come to love me as her own. After cooking, we sat down as a family to eat our meal, it has been a long. The food tasted divine, ”Laura dear I was thinking what if you and Sandra go shopping tomorrow. Ive noticed that your dresses are worn out. ” My eyes sting because of the tears which were threatening to fall but I blinked them away not letting them fall.

”Are you ok? ” Mom asked. I nod my head not able to open my mouth, I fear my voice will crack betraying me. It has been a long I felt this way, to be loved and taken care of. As mom said, Sandra and I went shopping the next day. Sandra looked like she was forced to go shopping with me, I wonder why she hates me.

I walk into the shopping mall with this chick I picked up yesterday, I am going to make her believe I love her, spoil her with gifts, when she has given her heart to me, I screw her six days to Sunday then break her decayed heart. Stupid, acting all coy in front of me. After picking some clothes for the slut, I saw the one girl who has been haunting my dreams and has taking control of my thoughts. Her dull eyes suddenly have light in them, the light in her eyes is too bright I want to turn it off and make it dull again.

I can wait to have her under me, screaming and asking me to stop. Only the thoughts about her under me are making my little member twitch, the girl walking next to her looks like she doesn belong here. Maybe if I get to talk to her my night will be peaceful. Walking to where she is standing with her sister or friend ”hello ladies ” the smile on my face can make a girl drip for me.

”Hello. ” The person I was trying to gain her attention to didn spare me a glance, she ignored me and went on selecting her clothes. ”That was rude. ” I don like being ignored, if not for the fact that I want to screw her, they would have found her corpse somewhere in a ditch because she ignored me. ”Let me introduce myself. I am Alexander Quinn. ” The girl who accepted my greetings, her eyes grew wide at the mention of my name. Did I mention I am popular and that no one messes with me and goes court free?. To my greatest surprise, she still didn turn to acknowledge my presence, she is going to pay for this.

The girl whom I am supposed to be here with was fuming with rage, she should be happy that I am trying to win her heart. ”Darling you should go try on the clothes youve picked. ” With no word of refusal, she left, heading to the changing room. ”So ladies as you can see I am busy with her, take whatever you want, it is on me. But before going can I know your names? ” I already their names, my informant informed me.

”I am Sandra and she is Laura. ” Beamed the girl called Sandra.

”Did I offend your sister? She seems to hate me. ” She finally turned to look at me but still didn say anything. She has this innocent look in her eyes and I want to soil her innocence.

”Don mind Laura, she is not used to being in places like this. She is used to working in the kitchen and mopping the floor. ” Came the proud voice of Sandra, she looks like someone who has been dolled up and spoiled by her parents which is true. Based on the information from my man she lives the life of a princess though they are poor and Laura is the maid should I say is been treated as a maid? This is like the story of Cinderella only that they are not rich…..

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