The bitch I was banging moaned but her moan didn sound well in my ears, it was irritating but I have to deal with it. I continue banging her until she came but I was far from cumming, ”Alexander slow down. ” She said but I did the direct opposite of what she said, I only increased the speed, I am paying for it anyway. Though I was banging this bitch whose moan sounds like that of a dying cow, my head and mind were on one person and it was the girl my men has been tailing, she looks pure and untouched and that is what I want now, pure and untouched. I continue my ministration, the bitchs body gave up, she passed out but I didn stop, I continue until I finally hit my orgasm. I pull out and release her belly.

I wore my clothes and called my guards ”send this bitch out and dump her body in the street oh and don forget to leave the cash so when she wakes up she will see it. Now move! ” I instructed, that they carry her body which was rapped with a bedsheet out of my house. I took a stick out in my mouth and lit it, taking a long drag of it before blowing it out. ”How do I get her? ” I ask myself, I must have her one way or the other. I took another drag from my cigarette, I took out my phone to call my trusted man Dexter. ”Yeah, where is she now? ” I asked Dexter who has been keeping tabs on her.

”Boss she hasn left the house, oh wait, she is leaving now. ” He said, I took another drag and blow out the smoke. ”Make sure she doesn leave your site and keep her away from prying eyes. ” I instructed, ”boss you must show do love this girl for you to be keeping a close eye on her. ” He joked

”Yeah I like what is in between her legs and I must have it. ” He chuckled ”of course, that is what I expected. ” I have him more instructions before disconnecting the calls. There was a knock on the door ”come in. ” One of my men walked in. ”What is it spider? ” I tap the end of my cigarette in the saucer next to me ”boss we have him, he is in the underground dungeon. ” Spider said and I smiled ”go and keep him company, I am on my way. ” I crush the cigarette on the saucer, change my clothes, and went down to my underground dungeon.

The man who is being held there is one of my workers who tried stealing from me, the man sure had a death wish and I am going to make sure he gets it. I smell of rusted iron and blood filled the air and I love it, what is better than banging a bitch or inhaling the sweet scent of blood?. I finally reached the room, I could hear him screaming, asking to be spared, begging for his life. He knows better than to steal from me and boy I love it when they scream and beg especially when they know there is no forgiveness.

”Boss please, I am sorry ” he begged the moment he saw me. ”I thought I said you should keep him company, what is this? ” I asked. When I said keep him company I mean, I mean to torture him to and extend where he wishes for death. ”Sorry boss, Ill do better. ” He took the iron rod on the table and drove it into his thigh, the fool screamed and I laughed ”much better, you never size to satisfy me Spider. ” I praise.

”Now you, ” I turn to the man who is crying like a dog ”what gave you the idea to steal from me? ” Instead of answering my question, he cried. ”Answer my damn question, ” I yell, and he flinched. ”Boss and sorry, my daughter needed the money for her medicine and I didn have money. ” I chuckled a dry chuckle. ”Did you ask? ” He shook his head. ”I have told you and everyone else that if you need anything, come to me but what did you do? You decided to steal from me. You know, the one thing I hate in life is theft, I hate thieves and betrayal and for this reason, I am sorry but I cannot forgive you. ” I said, I pick up the gun and pointed it at him ”no please boss I.. ” I pulled the trigger sending the bullet into his skull.

Blood covers my face and dress and I love it ”spider, go to his house and kill that daughter of his, she is the reason for all this and she needs to pay for it. Bring the body here and we will bury them together like the perfect family they are. ” After giving him more instructions to follow, I left the dungeon and went to my room to take a cold and refreshing bath.

I need that girl under me screaming my name, she has taken control of my thoughts, her boobs, and slender waist, and her sweet soft voice will be pleasant in the ears when she moans and screams my name in ecstasy. Only my thoughts about her made my rod harden, I guess I am going to make use of Mr and Mrs.s right hand and left hand, I stroke my dick until I finally release.

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