Bought by a mafia

Yeah, I like what is in between her legs

With my ink-black hair tied into a ponytail, I made my way to the grocery store. So I need to buy fish, shrimp, crabs, etc I took a cart and went to the seafood section, making sure I have everything which is needed in my cart, next was vegetables, I push the slightly heavy cart to the vegetable section. Broccoli, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cabbage. Some with the shopping, I push the heavy cart to the desk where I am to pay for the groceries, the lady calculated my bills and I paid.

I left the grocery store holding six grocery bags and the sad part of this is my mom made sure everything on the list was equal to the money she gave me which means there is no change for me to take a cab back home. I walk under the scorching sun holding six grocery bags which made my hands hurt, to the house. I walk for a few minutes when a car stopped in front of me, for a moment there I thought I was going to be kidnapped due to the speed at which the car drove past me only to stop in front of me. ”Need some help? ” Ask the person whom I believe is the owner of the car.

”No thank you, ” I said and continue to walk only for him to grab my hand. When did he leave the car? I ask myself. ”I insist, I don want a pretty lady like yourself walking under this sun and why are you carrying six bags all by yourself? ” He asked I need to get home fast, if am late then mom is going to design another piece of art on my body today and I don want that. ”Sir I am in a hurry, I don have time to stand here and talk to you, so please if you will let go of my hand… ” I trailed, instead of letting go, he took some of my bags and place them in the car ”lets go? ” He asked. To avoid trouble and unnecessary drama, I got in the car with him.

There was someone in the back seat but I couldn see his face, I wonder who it is but I didn ask, I have learned to mind my business and not go poking into other peoples business. I gave him directions to my house, and we got there with no difficulties. I pray mom doesn see me coming out of this car else Ill be a dead being. I thank the man and took my bags ”should I help you with that? ” He asked, I shook my head immediately denying the offer. ”Thank you, I can manage. ” and with that, I left not wanting the neighbors or worst my mom and sister seeing standing with a man who owns a car.

If only dad was here, we used to be so much better, we had our cars but when dad died, mom took over the company which grumbled to dust in the space of a few months, she gambled with the money earned from the company and in even went as far as to place the house and cars on a bet which she lost and now we are leaving in a small house with me as a maid. I still don get how dad died, he was a healthy person always on diet and suddenly a heart attack killed him?

I use my chin to open the door since my hands were occupied, luckily it wasn locked, I turn to see if the car was still standing there but luckily it wasn . I got in, and push the door with my leg to close it ”mom I am back. ” I took the bags to the kitchen. I was stocking the fridge with the items I bought when something cold was poured on my body, I turn to find my mom holding a bucket, she looks angry. This is not good, I said to myself looking at the door which is the only exit and she is blocking it. ”Mom good afternoon, ” I greeted her

”Who was that man who dropped you off just now? ” Oh God, she saw.

”Mom he is no one, I don know him I swear, he opted to help me when he saw me struggling with the bags in my hand but refused but he instead so I had no choice but to go with him, ” I explained believing it will help but who am kidding? It never does.

”What do you take me for? A fool? ” She asked, she took a step forward and I took two back, ”no mom, I swear I don know him. ” I shivered when a cold wind blew past me due to the water which was poured on me. ”Daughter of a witch ” she insulted ”so youve started bringing men to my house? You whore, what will want to expect from a daughter of a bitch. ” She cursed before I could think she bounced on me, hitting me, I don know where the whip came from but what I know is that it is been used to design my body.

Blood ooze out from the wounds I got from the whip, I am tired of begging so I silently cry while she continues with her flogging, ”clean this place up and make sure I don see a spot of blood on this floor when next I come here ” she said when she was satisfied. Still, on the floor, I cried my body ached, I am tired of all this maltreatment, I am twenty-one, I am an adult, it is time I stand up for myself and let them know I also have a mouth to talk to. I thought to myself, this is what I always say but guess what, I never get the balls to say it, I still let them have their way with me every time.

She called me a whore but look past her daughters immoral act, Sandra goes clubbing, she smokes but yet no one says anything, but me I stay indoors work and because I man dropped me off today, I have been classified as a whore.

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