Book of Paths

Chapter 6: Power






Jeffrey and Jennifer could hear all kinds of sounds after seeing the giant eight-winged bird and the giant flying lizard. Earth shattering sounds and roars could be heard all around them. All the animals below the mountain and the birds from the tall trees could be seen running away from those two beings.

All Jeffrey and Jennifer could do was to hold on to a protruded rock on the mountain so as to not fall off the mountain due to the intense wind generated from the two beings.

Where in the world are we now, are we going to die here Jeffery had this thought as so many things had happened so recently that it felt like they were in a movie or something. Monsters in their home world, a space crack in his room, the dark liquid place, this world that has trees as tall as a gigantic mountain and animals theyve never seen before, a giant flying lizard and a giant eight-winged bird also. Most people would be overwhelmed by all this events happening without prior information and Jeffrey was almost getting overwhelmed.

Seriously, I hope we don die. I at least want to know whats happening before I die cause everythings shit right now

After what felt like hours to them, they didn feel the intense wind or hear any sounds around them anymore and looked around but didn see any animals around the mountain, they were afraid to look up but they had to be sure the two entities were no longer there but when they did they were given a fright, they saw the giant eight-winged bird hovering in the sky staring at them.

They didn know the reason they could see the bird nor did they care, all they could feel was fear while looking at the bird. A few seconds which felt like hours to them, they saw the giant bird transform to a human, it looked human from head to toe except that she was too perfect from head to toe, she was stunningly beautiful, she was too stunning that Jeffrey and Jennifer gulped unknowingly.

”Who are you and how did you get here? ” the transformed bird asked bringing them out of their stunned state.

” We don know how we got here, we were forcibly pulled into a crack in the air and ended up here ” Jeffrey answered quickly not trying to play smart or lie to a being so powerful they could not even look at her when she fought though he was feeling aggrieved when he remembered him being pulled into the crack in the air.

”Hmm, explain further. Give detailed explanation about everything ” the woman said while making a set of clothes to appear from thin air with a wave of her hands and took her time to wear it.

What she did right now didn even shock Jeffrey and Jennifer due to all theyve experienced lately. Jeffrey also didn dare to have any thoughts about her nakedness as she could kill him and hell probably not know how he died. Jeffrey told her about what happened on their planet, the crack in the air and the dark space after entering the crack to them entering here.

Hmmm, so thats why I could sense the void from him, I wonder how they survived there. But how could they come here, this place is a sealed land and nothing can go out or in of this place and they are mortals so its impossible for them to come here. Ive also checked the space around here but its still sealed

” Uhmm, I have a question? ” Jennifer asks seeing the woman lost in her thoughts for a few seconds.

” Speak ”

” How can you speak our language and how do we address you ”

”Huh ” the woman was somewhat shocked because that was their first question and it was a smart question. With that question, some other questions could be answered from the answer to the first question. If she says its everyones language, thatll mean their planet is nearby or there are people from their planet nearby but if she says she just learned it, thatll infer that she can read their minds because she was the first one to speak when they met or shes lying.

” When youve lived for a long time and go to different places, one of the most frustrating things is communication problem. Its a skill I have that allows me to know the language the other party knows and if its possible to copy. ” The woman said with a smile towards Jennifer

” You can call me Pheona by the way. Follow me ”

” Can you please tell us where we are ” Jeffrey decided to ask the most important question while following Pheona.

” You
e in a sealed land, the Primordial Forest and this mountain is my home ” Pheona smiled while walking towards the center of the mountain.

”What luck, we entered a crack and entered up in a strong persons home and she called this place a sealed land. Shit ” Jeffrey muttered while thinking once again who he offended in his life.

” You should be considered lucky, if you ended up in that disgusting lizards home. Youll be dead at first sight or youll become his play thing to vent his frustration, especially you girl ” Pheona laughed after hearing Jeffreys words while bringing out a device and placing it in the center of the mountain which opened a path downwards

” The **? ”

” Frustration? ”

” Hehh, yes girl hes frustrated. He told me we should have children so that one of our children might be more talented than us and might eventually have the power to free us, what a joke, he just wants to have sex with me so that he can absorb my energy since Im the strongest here and kill me so that hell be at the top. Ill kill that piece of shit one day ” Pheona scoffed and cursed as she walked down the stairs in the mountain.

” Is that beast actually a lizard, I mean lizards don fly? ” Jeffrey asked while looking at the silver colored stairs and the mountain made entirely out of a material that is definitely not stone.

” Hes a dragon, one of the ancients ” Pheona answered.

” What about you, uhm what… race are you and are you also an ancient? ” Jeffrey tried to pick the right words as carefully as he could because one of the few lessons hes learnt in life, saying the wrong words can lead to misinterpretation which can lead to a misunderstanding and in his case can lead to their death.

” Im a Phoenix, a void phoenix, the first void phoenix and Im not an ancient, Im a Primordial. ”

One could hear how much pride Pheona had when she introduced herself and Jeffrey and Jennifer were almost affected by the aura that radiated from her when she spoke, it was unexplainable to the two young mortals and they would have knelt if not for Pheona controlling her aura.

” A Void Phoenix, Ive never heard of that before but it sounds cool, whats void by the way ” Jennifer asked in confusion as to her, void means nothing.

” It literally means power of Space and Time. Thats the summary but it also has other abilities ” Pheona answered while opening a gate.

” In our world, there are many myths and stories about phoenixes, some say dragons and phoenixes are equal in status and strength, while some say dragons are stronger than phoenixes and are masters of magic, they never say phoenixes are stronger than dragons but you
e stronger than the dragon here, is it that you
e exceptionally strong? ” Jeffrey asked while looking carefully at Pheonas reaction and secretly hoping she doesn take offense to what he just said.

” Thats bullshit. In your mortal world, are eagles not the preys of snakes and lizards are they not the predators. When snakes and lizards evolve to become dragons and gain high defense and physical power, do you think we phoenixes won evolve also. ” Pheonas mocking answer stunned Jeffrey and Jennifer because what she said was very true. They had no way to refute her words.

” Also Im stronger than that lizard because of a difference in our cultivation level and other factors mixed in. Im a Primordial, hes an ancient ”

Jeffrey and Jennifer didn understand what cultivation levels, Primordials and ancients were but they guessed that it was very important.

” Alright, welcome to my home. Lets enter and well talk more ” Pheona spoke as she opened a large black gate.

Jeffrey and Jennifer were astounded, when they saw what was behind the gate Pheona was trying to open. A mansion, a very big mansion was what they could see. The style of the mansion was something theyve never seen before, it was weird but beautiful. They knew they were under the mountain, but they could still see trees around the mountain and there was a lake from afar, there were few animals moving around, all in all it was beautiful to them.

” Its beautiful ” Jeffrey and Jennifer said simultaneously while still appreciating the surroundings.

” Thank you, I know ” Pheona smiled hearing the comment from Jeffrey and Jennifer and walked towards the door while the animals around greeted her respectfully.

When Jeffrey and Jennifer got to the door, they saw a plaque on top of the door with writings on it, HOUSE OF THE VOID PHOENIX.

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