Chapter 3.

Up there, glimmering in its graceful splendour, the moon swam the night sky. Susan couldn recall the last time shed feasted her eyes on the full moon. Looking up at it gave her a certain sense of serenity and warmth. The night was still young, with the colourful lights illuminating the streets in different shades, cars tooting and flickering their lights as they drove by, and people gallivanting up and about like squirrels bustling about the bushes. Indeed, the streets of Bouganivelia never slept.

In the opposite side of the street, a couple walked by, laughing and chatting with enthusiasm while they were at it. Susan who was watching them the whole time frowned at their happiness. She wasn sure that they were really a couple, however, the mere sight of a man and woman having the time of their lives pissed her off. The apparent couple were walking away when some punk in a hooded sweater, forced his way between them and spanked the lady, after which he ran off. Blabbering and giggling excitedly as he did so.

”Hey! Fucking moron! ” The man glowered, turning to give chase. Well, Susan thought, this just got interesting.

”No baby, let him go. Im ok…please… ” The woman, held him back. They embraced in a classic fashion, then took their leave. Susan was displeased and so were the gathering people. The party had just started but the girl had thwart it already. Once in awhile, the crowds craved a good street brawl. It kept their blood boiling and they lavished in so but, the party was over and everyone began dispersing. So much for the night getting exciting, she sighed and walked along.

Four months had gone by, since she moved there. The great City of Bouganivelia, a City of opportunity, like most described it. Even so, since she moved there, she hadn landed a single job. God knew she needed the money. The move and settling down had dug deep dent in her savings. In addition to that, shed also spent most of it on her livelihood which in turn, placed her in a dire situation. She was running dry and her rent was due. Wearied down by the frustration, worry and stress, she found herself walking out into the night. At that point it useless being a worrywart, that she knew. The milk was already split. Maybe, next time she decided to move to another City, shed properly plan for the occasion. If ever.

A decent number of years had passed when she moved out of the house, let alone see her family. For the first time, Susan thought about them. Not that she was heartless or anything, it was just that she wasn the type of person to care about things that held no importance. The only option she was left with, was moving back home. The idea dreaded her however, seeing she had no other choice, it had to be done. Still pondering on how theyd react on her return, mindlessly, she took a turn and went inside the first door she met. Susan stood at the entrance for a while, when some brute, violently pushed her aside. Great! Shed dragged her feet inside a bar. Susan had never used drugs, which were just what she needed.

The man was large and muscular, and staggered as he walked. Beside him, was a damsel held underneath his large frame. Even underneath her makeup she looked wasted. The lady smiled at her as they made their way out. Checking out the place she noticed the dull lighting, and the soft melodies playing on the stereo at the farthest corner. She always thought of bars as noisy, dirty and crowded places however, that one was different. It was orderly, clean, mostly deserted and almost mum. Besides the bar attendant and a few others, there was a lad occupying the farthest table at the bar. She couldn lay a finger on it but, there was something strange about him. So strange that Susan felt compelled to join him. Years later, she looked back at that moment and smiled at how the mere decision, changed their lives forever .

Methodical with her steps, she approached the table. She sat on the opposite sit, and faced him directly. A few moments passed, and not once did the bloke face her. He kept his head down, fixated on the steaming mug.

Teasingly, ”This is no place for young boys like you. ”

”Im actually older than you may think, Ms, ” he whispered, his face still fixated on the mug.

”Aah! He talks. Am Susan by the way. Have a name boy? ”

”Please….stop….sto-op calling me boy, its embarrassing. ”

”The boy feels embarrassed, huh? ”

”My names Joe Bell, ” he rapidly replied.

”Excuse me? Did you say Joe Bell. Theee Joe Bell? ”

”Uhm….yes. That Joe Bell, ” he agreed and took a quick sip.

All that time, she was looking to intimidate him and have a good time while at it however, finding out who he was, bewildered her. What were the odds? She was facing one of the richest men in the world! Observing him, he just looked like any other normal lad beside the fact that, he was steaming hot. Susan had seen him a couple of times: on magazines, online and the like but, she never dreamt of meeting him in real life! It was true though, he was a young lad. Just like they said. In addition to that, he seemed shy. Susan enjoyed that part of him, it was adorable.

They carried on with their conversion, learning more about each other. All the while, Joes face kept turning crimson red and he avoided eye contact. Susan noticed him and teased every time. She was having so much fun that she forgot about the time. Itd become late and she excused herself to leave. However, before she did, Joe offered to ride her home. The ride was warm in the sleek Mercedes Benz. In no time, she was home. The night was over and she had, had fun. Susan felt down that it was possible shed never see him again. She bid him goodbye and was heading to the apartments, when she heard a voice behind her.

”Can we meet….meet again Ms? ” Joe blabbered.

Susan was so enthralled that she even forgot to convey how she felt. Joe was left hanging although, he was positive that wasn the last time hed see her.

It became a norm to the duo as every night, they kept meeting up at the bar. They became so accustomed to each other that, Joe looked at her when they spoke, though it wasn for long as time and time again, he shied away. It was at one of their meetings that Susan told him about her situation. Before she even knew it, Joe offered her a job as his secretary. And so their story together, began. For the longest time, Susan spent her life alone, unable to handle a mere conversation with anyone. To her, people were annoying creatures who didn know how to mind their business. At least that was the case until she met Joe Bell. Was his timid and shy personality, the one thing that made him easier to comprehend with, or were his good looks and ability to be considerate toward her, attract her? It was hard to say however, shed never met anyone that got her like he did.

She enjoyed every moment they were together, and felt tingly inside every time he was around. Was it love? Had she developed feelings for the young lad? Shed never felt so strongly for someone before. She began working at his company though, she never eased up with teasing him. Every now and then, she wore revealing cloth to tease him. His face always went red when he saw her, and he also shied away. Those moments pleased her. Everyday, Susan woke up and couldn wait to tease her Master.

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