Chapter 1.

”Sir, your refreshments are here, ” she chortled, sheepishly.

”Thank you Susan. Just place them on the desk over there, ” he managed to babble, his head bent in total concentration.

Certainly, at that time of day, work hours were over however she didn mind working overtime. If it meant shed spend more time around the young master, Susan Salone, couldn mind even giving her arm for a mere more second. She held him in high regard and admired him. Surely she felt so, however judging from how her feelings ran deep, one wouldve described her feeling as lust. And surely lust it was, as the truth was evident on how she acted while around him. Maybe he didn read that much into it or was just a good Boss? It was hard to tell as Master Bell, or Joe Bell to be precise; a young man in his early twenties, whose looks and vast wealth bewildered the crowds, never concerned himself on what she wore.


Bouganivelia was a one of the largest cities in the world. Garnished with most of the richest, and most influential people in world, it was a beehive of activity also known as the land of opportunity. Everyone that went there, was either looking for something or running from something. Susan happened to be the latter. Fired from her work place because of some alleged misconduct, really put her spirits down. She had no family and nothing to go back to. Thus, she decided to move and found herself in Bouganivelia City. Her recent job had done a number on her, so she decided to be cautious on what she chose to do next.

Having saved up some money over the years, Susan felt she owed it to herself to take it easy and have fun. For the first time, she decided to throw all caution to the wind and goof around. It had been years before she took some time for herself as work was the only thing she knew. After she was done with College, working in that accursed office was all she did. A small desk, an old and fat Boss; who eyed her with animal lust and some creepy colleagues, were all she spent her time with for the last three years. Her job was tiresome and everyone working alongside her was also annoying. Though she tried to avoid everyone and execute her roles to the best of her ability, her Bosss and colleagues inability to respect her personal space, put her off.

It wasn once, not even twice that they were all over her business. Always pestering her with their annoying questions and gossip. There was also that one time some colleague in the office, a certain Peter Milburn, had the audacity to inquire about the colour of the panties she was wearing. Was that even legal? Susan was pretty sure it was sexual harassment however, judging by how the Boss was also disgustingly perverted, she knew the case would go nowhere. She kept it to herself and avoided him ever since the encounter. As the days went by, Susan got more and more annoyed of the place and yearned to leave. She tried applying for jobs in other places but unfortunately, all her efforts were futile.

Every morning, when her alarm rang and she woke up, Susan wished for better days to come. Everyday she though about snoozing the alarm and leaving her job however, bills waited for no man and girls had to eat. She wouldve continued to wallow in that excuse of an employment if not for that one fateful day. It was one typical evening after a long, hectic day. The sun was setting in the horizon, some orange rays dappled against the large office windows. Susan stood up, and was walking toward the Old farts office when she glanced at the windows, and noticed the orange ball riding to its slumber. As always, staring at sunset and feeling the quiet serenity around her were the two things she liked about the office. Everyday, when the other workers left, she wrote a final report of the day and took it to the office.

Susan, never really fathomed why she had to write it when the others had left. In her opinion, writing it earlier made no difference as little to nothing happened before the office closed. Writing if the daily report had her thinking a lot, that she brought up the issue with the Old fart but as expected, he rejected her proposal because of unavoidable reasons, as he put it. Thus she was stuck everyday, with the Old perverted fart for company, writing the damn report. It was clear he had an ulterior motive for keeping her there however, for a long time, hed done nothing that alarmed her. Except for the nasty looks he gave her when she entered his office, nothing was out of the ordinary. Little did she know that one day, the Old fart would give her more than just a look.

”Susan, are you staring at the sunset again? Im not paying you overtime, you know? ”

Damn it! Again, shed been carried away by the sunset. Swiftly, she made her way to the office. With a brief knock, she opened door and let herself in. She hadn noticed it yet but, when she set her eyes behind the desk, the Old fart was nowhere to be seen. Before she even knew what was happening, the door shut behind her. Susan turned to look and that was when it dawned on her, the bloody geezer had hidden behind the door when she walked in. It was an old trick and it had got her good. She knew the geezer was perverted but not once, had the thought of him pulling that on her, crossed her mind. What was he thinking, what was going through that large head of his? It was heard to tell. Nevertheless, the situation amounting around her was getting dire by the minute.

****, that was definitely it as what else was he planning to do? A birthday surprise maybe? Not a chance, as that needed maybe a cake and people. And there was none of that plus, him locking the door and hiding the key inside his pants confirmed her fear. Mayhap, **** was on the menu after all. Oh no! She had to get the hell out of there, that she knew. Not in her wildest dreams, she dreamt it would come to that. Susan thought of her Boss as one of those perverted but timid kind of men, who only annoyed women with their preying glances. However as it turned out, the Old fart had it in him to attempt something as twisted as that.

Whichever way she looked at it, she wasn ready to get defiled by some Old fart. Her Boss was already onto her before she even planned to escape. Ruthlessly and with one arm, he pulled her by the hair and pinned her to the wall. The man was humongous and strong, Susans petite physique was nothing against his sexually excited body. She began punching and screaming but, that did nothing other than excite the brute more. The Old fart then placed

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