”You! ”

”You! ” We both said with venom.

”Do you guys know each other? ” Christian asked.

”I wish not. ” I spat, glaring at her.

”I am also not dying to meet you. I came for her. ” She hissed.

”You are the one that loves following me. ” I said rudely.

”And you, who follows my trails like a dog. ” She mocked. I don know whether I should be angry or laugh hearing it.

I turned to Christian who was looking at me with a smirk and with such amusement, I glared at him to warn him to keep his mouth shut as I growled, ”Christian, she is that ill mannered girl I told you about. ”

”Sophie, he is that rude guy who thinks he can do anything with money. ” If I could, I would have shown you your place.

”Oh, and you, who can even work properly. ” I said.

”Well I would rather be jobless than to serve someone like you. ” She hissed. I narrowed my eyes on her, controlling my anger and not saying anything that I will regret later.

”I don even want you to serve me, woman. ” I said nonchalantly, belittling her words and not paying attention to it .

”I have a name, Richie Rich. ”

”I also have a name. ”

We continued to bicker but then we heard the sound of Sophies laugh upon seeing us so we stopped and turned to her.

”Get well soon. ” Candice smiled at her. ”good to see your smile, Sister. ” I said sincerely.

”Candice why didn you tell me you lost your job, you also- ” She cut Sophie off,

”Oh, don;t worry about it girl. I may have lost my job due to a certain someone but I am working somewhere else now. ” Thank you before and now.

”I have no regrets about getting that woman fired. ” I said in a low tone, turning to Christian.

”Like you can die under the weight of regret. ” She muttered.

”Okay, I think its enough. ” Christian said, looking at me. I scoffed and didn say anything and ignored that womans presence.

”How do you feel? ” Christian asked teasingly.

”She needs to be tamed. ” I said, monotonously.

”Come on Tyler, you are the one- ”

”We will talk about it later, Dude. See you. ” I said and left for my work not wanting to think about it.

Its been a few days and I don think I can bear it anymore. The passion inside me is getting stronger and I cannot pull myself away from it, its attracting me and theres no turning back from it. Its started and I cannot turn back now, I have to move forward.

I grit my teeth, not being able to focus on the file in my hand. I emit a deep breath and call Christian, ”Hey, Dude.. I need a favor. ”

”Yeah sure, Tell me. ” He said.

”I want to end this. I cannot take it anymore, create a situation and end this. ” I said.

”Gotcha, you just do what Kathrine told you and leave the rest to me. Come to dinner tonight at my place. ” He said. I smirked and replied, ”Thanks.. ” I cut the call and went to have a survey over the shipment to pass my time.

”Who came to Officer James place? ” I asked, taking a look around.

”Sir, Someone named William Cray. ” I hummed and asked, ”So, hows he? ”

”Not like those you have bribed, Mr Moretti. ” a voice came from behind. I turned and spoke of the devil and seemed like its him.

”Well, Hello Mr Moretti. Nice to meet you. ” He offered me his hand. I shook hands and didn say anything.

”Survey? ” He asked, looking around. ”Yeah, want to join? ” I offered. George looked at me in horror, looking away.

”Yeah, sure. ” We began to take a troll around with George following from behind knowing my intentions all too well.

”Took you long enough to meet me, Officer. ” I asked, lighting up a cigarette.

”Just gathering some information about you. ” He said.

”From Austin? ” I asked, referring to the man whom I told to give information about me to the new officer. He stopped in his tracks and was stunned. I turned to him and smirked, ”What? Didn Austin tell you about the price for the information? ” I asked him to walk close to him. A look of terror formed over his face as he moved back. My smirk grew dark, I walked close and said in a low tone, ”Life. ”

”Y-You c-can be s-serious. ” He said. He was about to take out his gun but the people around me pointed their guns at him. I walked close and told him in a faint warning tone, ”Listen Officer, you are in my territory and here, if the thought of hurting me crosses your mind and people here will take your life. Keep it in your mind. ” I moved away. He was breathless, looking here and there frantically with sweating rolling down from his forehead.

”Don be afraid, Officer. It all depends on you what you want. ” He looked around knowing his no will cost him his life and he had to reach the officer station before it.

”I will t-think about it. ” He said, taking a step back. I put my hand in the air and everyone put their guns down and began to work.

He turned to leave as I asked George, ”How many people does he has in his family? ”

”No one, Sir. ” He said. I nodded in understanding and took the gun from George and shot him, ”Good, then no one give a ** about his existence. ” I said and gave him the gun back. ”Take care of his body. If he came here on duty then he never came here but if he came here just to say hi then we just gave him a warm welcome. You know what to do. ” I said to George. He nodded, ”Yes, Sir. ”

I then went home and looked at my hand devoid of any emotions, how easy it is to take a life but how difficult it is to save one. What I am about to do… Is that right? After losing trust, how can I let it happen again? When everything is shattered then why am I desperately trying to build it over and over again. This pain worth it?

What if the same thing that happened to Lydia happened again but ten a voice from inside me tells me to let go and not think about it. I want to grasp this ray of light before me and never let it go.

I have done so many things and theres no use in talking because I have gone too far and now, only the path ahead exists. Theres no turning back, All these years are not in vain.

In my journey, the path forward exists, my destination is not clear but I am sure it will lead me to something beautiful and worth remembering.

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