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The holiday villa is surrounded by mountains and rivers, and it's also facing the horse farm manor of the Yu family.
After getting up for breakfast in the morning, Song Tang suggested that they should go horse riding on the racecourse.
Jiang Bailu, a commoner, since he was walking behind the group of noblemen, he also got a VIP membership card from the club.

When the group entered the manor, someone came and led them to change their outfits to the ones they are going to ride the horses with.
The VIP members have a private changing room in the club, while Jiang Bailu was sitting on the sofa waiting for his clothes to be delivered, he saw Song Tang entering the changing room next to Ceng Ge.
Not long after, the manager personally brought him brand new riding clothes.
Jiang Bailu went into the dressing room with the clothes in his arms and changed, coincidentally, he went inside at the time that Song Tang came out of his dressing room. (Note: this is how the clubs/ farms are in China for the rich people as you can see it's completely different from what we see normally)

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Ceng Ge was undressing with his back to the locker room door, and when Song Tang came in gingerly, he saw Ceng Ge's strong, broad back.
He licked his lips, put his hands on the other's shoulders, and pressed his warm chest against Ceng Ge's bare back.

Ceng Ge was so annoyed , just as Jiang Bailu (Note: because he thought it was Jiang) didn't give up, pinching the other's thin wrist with his backhand, and dragging it forward.
But then he saw that it was Song Tang who was wearing a flimsy white shirt, without a buttoning the button on his shirt leaving his chest showing, looking at him with a pair of charming peach eyes.

He said with a sullen face immediately, “Get out.”

The Song family's power is equal to that of the Ceng family, so Song Tang is never afraid to provoke Cen Ge.
Hearing the other party's words, not only he didn't obediently withdraw, but took advantage of the situation to use Ceng Ge's thigh and make him sit down to.

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The disgust in Ceng Ge's heart became even more acute, he was about to raise his hand to throw Song Tang to the ground, when he caught a glimpse of Song Tang's unclothed legs under his shorts.
He turned his eyes away carelessly, but Jiang Bailu's long, beautiful, straight legs came to his mind instead.

Almost at the same moment, as if finally catching the man's handle, Song Tong proudly raised his chin, and leaned into Ceng Ge's ear  and exclaimed, “Ceng Ge, are you still going to say that you don't like men? Are you going to saw that you don't have feelings for me ? The stuff in your crotch has betrayed you.”

Ceng Ge's eyes were icy cold, he got up and pushed Song Tong away.

Jiang Bailu was sitting in the lobby and talking to Qin Xingyi .
Everyone had changed their clothes, but Cen Ge and Song Tang had not come out for a long time.
Yu Junlin was about to ask someone to call them, when everyone saw that Ceng Ge and Song Tang came out one after the other.

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The same door was opened.
The former was wearing a black riding outfit, with a pair of high riding boots, walking with a natural aura.
The latter, however, was wearing a light shirt and breeches, with a messy collar wide open and a pleasant look on his face.

Song Tong liking Ceng Ge is a well-known thing in the circle, Ceng Ge not sleeping with men is also news that is spread around the circle.
Song Tong has done a lot of seductive behavior like today, but it was only today that he didn't show a gnashing of teeth expression.

Everyone looked as usual, but there was an uproar in their hearts.

Jiang Bailu saw Song Tang's expression in his eyes.
When the group headed in the direction of the racecourse, he went fell to Ceng Ge's side and asked, “What did you do in the locker room just now?”

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Ceng Ge sneered, “What else can I do besides changing clothes?”

Jiang Bailu answered quickly, “Besides changing clothes, there are a lot of things you can do.”

“What does it have to do with you?” The man lowered his eyes expressionlessly, but was slightly stunned when he saw the hurt-like emotions passing through his eyes, and then raised his arm over his shoulders, sneered and hooked the corners of his lips, “Jiang Bailu, you just want to climb on my bed, so you don't have to deliberately show it to me with an affectionate appearance.”
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