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Jiang Bailu was awakened by the heavy smell of smoke.

     In the gap of the thick dark curtains, a faint string of sunlight penetrated in.  He turned over with the blanket on his back, lifted his eyelids, and looked for the source of the smoke, lazily looking for Ceng Ge.  Ceng Ge leaned on the bedside, flipping through the documents he received on the phone, half a cigarette between his fingertips,  the light from the screen of the phone hit his face, which for no apparent reason brought out a hint of unfeeling coldness in his features.

     They were on the same bed, but the two are separated by a hundred thousand miles.

     Looking at the complexion and action of Jiang Bailu's body, he has always determined everything by his mood.  For example, at this moment, he didn't even think about the other's face, he got out of the quilt and climbed to Ceng Ge's side.  He curled up his bare legs and lay down on the quilt while resting on Ceng Ge's thigh.

     Ceng Ge exited the document and lowered his eyes.
What caught his eyes was Jiang Bailu's head with his hair lying softly on the back of the pillow.
He removed the soft and thick black short hair, but all he could see was his hair swirling.  He doesn't know why, but he felt that it was ridiculously adorable.

     Ceng ge's fingertips (thumb) were pressed at the back of his head,  the cigarettes sandwiched between his fingertips were emptied hovering on the back of his neck, and the strong smell of smoke went around his chin and penetrated his nose.  Jiang Bailu sighed secretly, reaching out and pushing away Ceng Ge's thumb.

     Cen Ge returned to his senses, and while moving his arms, he arched the two legs under the quilt, showing a bad face, “Get up, find another place to sleep.”

     Following the arc of his thigh, Jiang Bailu rolled to his lower abdomen, stretched out his hand to encircle his waist, and tilted his face up to stare at the tip of Ceng Ge's chin with a light stubble stare. (T/N: figuring out their posture right now is like trying to understand a chemistry lesson )

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     Noting his fiery gaze, Cen Ge frowned and wanted to look down.  Jiang Bailu stretched out a finger at the right time and gently pressed his chin, “Don't lower your head, you will have a double chin.”

     Ceng Ge reached out and squeezed his wrist, and warned in a deep voice: “Jiang Bailu, you shouldn't get ahead of yourself.”

     The answer he got – was a warm, soft touch on the tip of his chin.

     Ceng Ge froze, his Adam's apple rolled gently from top to bottom.  After a few moments, he pulled him up from his body with a stern face, his eyes were dark, and he said word by word: “Jiang Bailu, you didn't brush your teeth.”

     Jiang Bailu looked at him contentedly and opened his lips slightly, seeming to want to explain.

     Cen Ge's anger increased again, “What the fuck do you want to explain? I've been sitting on the bed, and you still should dare to do such a thing?”

     The tip of Jiang Bailu's nose shrugged, his eyebrows knitted gently, his lips opened in a wider arc – and he sneezed muffledly at Ceng Ge's face.

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     Ceng Ge: “…”

     He picked up the air-conditioning remote control and the quilt and then threw them into Jiang Bailu's arms.
Jiang Bailu rolled up the blanket and sat on the bed, turned on the air conditioning in the room, and suddenly remembered something and asked, “Last night, you deliberately left the door unlocked, right?”

     Cen Ge raised his eyebrows and asked, “Which door are you referring to?”

     Jiang Bailu propped his hands on the bed, leaned over, and replied clearly: “I'm talking about all the doors (bathroom).”

     Cen Ge snorted and regarded it as nonsense.

     “Ceng Ge.” He pulled up the corners of his lips, his voice sounded deliberately full of meaning, but Innocently in every way, “Didn't you say that you were straight?”

     Cen Ge's face was slightly condensed, and a pair of bottomless amber pupils were cast abruptly looking at him, Jiang Bailu didn't try to evade his sight and looked back at him.  After a while, Ceng Ge sneered, “Jiang Bailu, you shut your mouth, don't let me turn you into a mute.”

     He curled his lips and smiled loosely, but his eyes were not smiling at all.  The question that Jiang Bailu asked, even he himself couldn't answer.  If his memory is correct, he has lived for twenty-six years, and he has indeed never had sex with the same sex.

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     If there is nothing wrong with his existing memory- no Ceng Ge is sure that there is nothing wrong with his memory.

     He put out his cigarette, hooked Jiang Bailu's chin, and asked carelessly, “Jiang Bailu, why do you want to sleep with me?”

     Jiang Bailu blinked, “I only sleep with people I like.”

     “Are you trying to say that you like me?” Ceng Ge sneered, “The first time you showed your intentions, we had only known each other for less than two days.”

     Jiang Bail smiled, his eyes curved as if his heart was written on his face without reservation, “This gentleman.” He replied in  American English, his voice soft and sympathetic, “Don't you know that in China we have an idiom that says  'love at first sight?”

     Like a child with a pure gaze, his words are clear: “You are the best-looking man I have ever met.”

     For a moment, Ceng Ge was almost fooled by him.
The man looked at him with a cold expression, and after a moment, he said in a deep voice, “Give me your cell phone.”

     Jiang Bailu was stunned for a second, then turned around and took out his mobile phone from the bedside, and subconsciously gave it to him, but felt a little uneasy for no reason.  Finally, at the moment when Ceng Ge turned on the phone's screen, he remembered something not so good and quickly stretched out his hand to snatch the phone back from Ceng Ge's hand.

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     He turned his back to Ceng Ge, replaced the one-person photo on the lock screen, deleted the album software in the gallery, and returned the phone to Ceng Ge without blinking his eyes and said: “I guess you don't know how to unlock the password.”

     Cen Ge said, sarcastically with interest: “What kind of phone is this, that made you use the password as an excuse to change the lock screen wallpaper? What do you have that you can't let me see?”

     “It's not something that I can't show you.” Jiang Bailu slowly said, “It's just a picture of my ex-boyfriend.
If you are really interested in my ex-boyfriend, I can show you how he looks.”

     “A moment ago, you were saying that you fell in love with me at first sight, and the next moment  I find out that the lock screen wallpaper on your phone is your ex-boyfriend.” Ceng Ge mocked him, “Jiang Bailu, should I say that you're sentimental, or just big-hearted?”

     Jiang Baiyun wanted to say something but stopped.

     The crisp keyboard sound fluctuated, and two minutes later, the phone was handed to him by Ceng Ge.  Jiang Bailu raised his eyelids, the screen was still glowing with light, and there was a new number on his contact list, but the place where the name was filled in was still empty.

     Ceng Ge bent over, rubbing his lips against his earlobes, his eyes sinking deeper in color, “Return my coat to me next week.”

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