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His first reaction he thought that it was Song Tang, so Ceng Ge frowned in boredom.  When he turned around, he noticed that the boss's hand was still resting on that person's waist, so then he rejected the idea that the other party was Song Tang.  Song Tang was so proud and arrogant, he will not let people take advantage of him for nothing.

     His gaze flicked over the red wine stain on the man's face, and finally settled on the other's lips.  In fact, in the bed affair with Jiang Bailu a few days ago, he doesn't know  if Song Tang's medicine had a problem with it, or if it was his memory abilities that had a problem, because even Ceng Ge himself was a little unconscious and he couldn't remember anything.

     When he woke up the next morning, he only vaguely remembered the number of times he shot (came), but couldn't remember the details and process of both of them making love.  However, his memory before going to bed was very clear.  Especially, the scene where the other party sticks out his soft tongue and licked the sweat on his lips.

     Ceng Ge put his hand around the waist of the young escort, and put the person back on his lap.  He lifted his other hand up, with his thumb he pressed the edge of his chin, roughly and perfunctorily wiped away the wine stains on his lips, and then smiled looking up at the old boss.

     The boss was stunned, and wittily let go of his hand and returned.

     Ceng Ge slapped the young man on the back of his waist, and said in a deep voice, “Get up.” (T/N: I bet you guys already figured out who this is)

     The young man stood up without saying a word, and Ceng Ge stood up with him, looking like he couldn't wait.
He greeted the boss hastily, and ordered the young man sitting next to the boss to keep all the expenses of tonight on his account.
He put his arms around the waist of the young man and walked in the direction of the elevator.

     When passing by the dumbfounded boy, Ceng Ge took the room card and inserted it into the chest pocket of the young man accompaniment, then opened the wallet, drew out a few red yuan and handed it to the other party.

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     The young escort  in his arms lowered his eyes and silently landed on the wristwatch in his left hand.

     Two minutes later, the elevator door slowly opened on the fifth floor, Ceng Ge stepped out of the elevator with his forefoot, and the accompaniment guy quietly followed behind him.  Ceng Ge reached for the room card in his chest pocket, only to find it was empty.  He raised his eyebrows, “Where's the room card?”

     The young master of the escort gently bit his lip, and from the bottom up, smiled without saying a word as he unbuttoned two buttons, revealing his white waist and the trousers of low-rise jeans, and—

     The room card that was stuck to his lower abdomen and inserted between the waistband of his pants.

     Ceng Ge didn't get angry but smiled, but his face and eyes didn't even have the slightest smile, “Jiang Bailu, your fuxking skin itches for a beating , isn't it?”

     Jiang Bailu took off his mask and laughed, “You know it's me.”

     “Besides you, who else has the guts to do that?” Ceng Ge snorted coldly, pulled out the room card he had stuck in the waistband of his pants and turned around to walk deeper into the corridor, “You can go now.”

     Jiang Bailu, as if he had not heard, lifted his foot and followed the man's shadow.
But he was a step behind, watching the door slam solidly shut in front of his eyes.
He waited for a moment with bated breath, but he didn't hear  the sound of the lock closing.
He immediately relieved his heart and straightly held the door handle to open the door.

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     Ceng Ge stood by the sofa and took off his clothes.
The black suit coat came off and was thrown on the armrest, and his eyes went down to solve the silver watch worn on his left hand.
Jiang Belu closed the door and walked over to help him hang up his suit coat in a natural way.

     The man paused in his hand, raised his head and glanced at him, but didn't say anything, he expressionlessly put the watch on the desk, and then went to get disposable bathroom slippers.
When he came back, he saw Jiang Bailu holding his watch and looking at it carefully in the light with his head down.

     In fact, he just thought it was strange.
This watch should be several years old, but the dial glass and metal body still glowed in the light with a new luster.
The three hands in the center of the dial, however, had stopped at a point in time forever, no longer showing signs of movement –

     This is a broken watch, but Ceng Ge still wears it.

        Jiang Belu bent down to put the watch back to its original place, but heard the man's unpleasant voice falling from overhead: “Who told you to touch my watch?”

     “I'm sorry.” Jiang Bailu calmly raised his head and apologized.  After a while, he couldn't help but ask him, “Why didn't I see you wearing a watch last time at Qin Xingyi resort?”

     “You still wear a watch in a hot spring?” Ceng Ge bent down and picked up the watch.
His face obviously showed some impatience, “Jiang Bailu, you are a little too lenient.”

     “Since it's a broken watch, it doesn't matter if it's in the water or not.” He shrugged unconcernedly, but when he raised his eyebrows, he saw that Ceng Ge had used his white cuff to wipe the dial and strap he had touched.

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     Jiang Bailu was taken aback for a moment, and muttered softly, “So precious, your old lover gave it to you?”

        At that, Ceng Ge raised his eyelids, and his amber eyes stared at him sharply and coldly.

        Jiang Bailu immediately shut his mouth in a sensible manner.

     The man went into the bathroom to take a shower, Jiang Bailu listened to the sound of water coming out of the bathroom for a moment in the living room, and finally walked over silently.
He reached out and took hold of the door handle and gently pushed it inside.
Surprisingly, the bathroom door was not locked from the inside.
The clear sound of water came through the doorway, and the hot steam poured out.

     Jiang Bailu narrowed his eyes thoughtfully.
This is the second time tonight that Ceng Ge has left the door unlocked.
If he really wants to prevent him, after the experience of him breaking into the room once, Ceng Ge would never make the same mistake again.

     He didn't hesitate to push the door and go in.
The bathroom was warmly lit, and Ceng Ge was naked, standing in the curtain of water under the nozzle, his eyes looking at him through the steaming mist of water, unable to detect the slightest depth.

     Jiang Bailu couldn't figure out what the other party meant, and stood still and didn't move.

     Ceng Ge turned his head to close the shower, stepped over, stopped in front of him, put a hand over his face, and closed the bathroom door behind him.  The white mist and water vapor covering his eyes gradually dissipated.
Jiang Bailu noticed that Ceng Ge was still wearing underwear.

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     “You knew I would come in?” Jiang Bailu raised his lips and smiled, “When you were still sitting downstairs, I had already made you burn like fire.”(Note: he has an erection)

     The answer to his question was the sunken eyes of Ceng Ge, and the hands that were not in his clothes, as well as the words of the other party gritting his teeth: “Jiang Bailu, you have a lot of guts.”

     The two were a set of fire behind the bathroom door, Ceng Ge took advantage of the situation to wash Jiang Bailu from head to toe, and then carried Jiang Bailu into the bedroom.  He threw Jiang Bailu into the big bed, then turned and walked to the living room.

     Two minutes later, Ceng Ge entered the bedroom with an extra watch on his empty wrist.

     “So It's really precious …
You can't get away from it for a moment…” Jiang Bailu muttered to himself, but he didn't show much dissatisfaction.

     Ceng Ge came near him , and the cold metal strap on his wrist rubbed the ribs under his chest, causing Jiang Bailu to tremble slightly.
After all, he couldn't hold it back anymore.
Uncharacteristically, he hooked his arms around Ceng Ge's neck and raised his face to kiss the other's lips.

     Ceng Ge stretched out his hand a little dissatisfiedly to poke him away, warning him in a hoarse voice: “I never kiss people in bed.”

     He said this as a matter of course, apparently forgetting all about that night.
Also in the second half of the night when he was doing it in the dark, he was totally unaware that he had kissed Jiang BaiLu again. (T/N: oh so they did it again)

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