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Within two days, Jiang Bailu's father came back from abroad, Jiang Bailu packed up his things and went home.  When President Jiang went on a business trip, he sent the aunt that works at home to go on vacation.  The refrigerator was empty, neither father nor son can cook, so they can only order takeaways.

     When waiting for the takeaway, Mr.
Jiang sat boldly in the living room and asked him: “Why do you suddenly want to come back to China? Where is your boyfriend? He didn't come back with you?”

     Jiang Bailu froze for a second.
When he graduated from college, he was still looking all over the world for his boyfriend, who was like a human steamer, for two whole years.
He did not tell his father the truth, but only lied that he wanted to stay in the United States for two more years.

     He waved his hand indifferently, “broke up.”

     “Broke up?” President Jiang glanced at him suspiciously, “When did you guys break up? A few years ago, you were still doing good? When I called you at the end of each year, you don't come, saying that no one will accompany your boyfriend to celebrate the New Year.”

     Jiang Bailu: “…”

     Jiang Bailu: “It's all the old things that have been in the past many years ago, we broke up be fore I returned to to China.”

     President Jiang nodded, “good you should have broken up earlier .
The foreigners are open-minded and don't love anything else, but love to mess around with men and women.
Looking back, if you came back with him having his disease, you will have to cry when the time comes.”

        Jiang Bailu: “……”

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     Jiang Baiyun smelled a hint of something unusual in his words, and his eyes narrowed slightly: “Mr.
Jiang, that's not what you said a few years ago.
You have been asking me about his family background at that time, and even asked me to send you photos.”

     The president coughed lightly and said with a thick voice: “It's about Old Liang, I recently learned that you are coming back, so I always inquired about you.” (Note: Lao Liang is a guy from a rich family that his father I think wants him to go out with)

     Jiang Bailu said, “Why are they asking about me? They don't have a girl at home.”

     President Jiang: “they don't have a girl but they have a son.”

     Jiang Bailu: “…”

     “Your father I, let me speak first.
old Liang entrusted me to ask you about this.
Whether you agree or not, I will not interfere with your decision.” Mr.
Jiang said straightforwardly.

     “Master Liang's  son, came out of the closet to Master Liang  a year ago, but they have been looking for someone.
So Old Liang wondered, instead of asking his son to go outside and find himself a boyfriend who is incomprehensible, he might as well ask you.
Especially since in the past two years, our company has cooperated more and more with Master Liang's family.
If we can form a family, we support each other better when the time comes.”

     Jiang Bailu made an oh sound, he didn't say it yes, but he also didn't say no.
He just said ambiguously: “Then, I will see him first.”

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     The news of Jiang Bailu's returning to China soon spread among the high school group, and his friends from high school asked him out to meet him.  Jiang Bailu happily went to the appointment and had dinner in a hot pot restaurant with a few friends he had not seen for many years.  The teenagers who laughed and cursed in the classroom, passed answers to each other, and covered each other, now sit in front of each other with dignity and calmness, which is embarrassing.

     After the dinner, the young single men went back to the bar to renew their stall.  When Jiang Bailu was in high school, he liked to hang out with the class's hanger-on.

     Most of them are students from well-off families who came in through the back door.
Now most of them have inherited the family business and are doing well in the circle.  Those high-end gold caves in the City are all clearly visible.  Without saying anything, he drove them to the Spring Festival for a moment.

     The “Spring Festival” is the name of the bar.
The guests who enter are all rich or noble.
Black diamond membership cards are hard to find.  When the group of people arrived at the bar, it happened that there was a masquerade ball in the bar, so Jiang Bailu picked out a mask and put it on his face, and followed them inside.

     The dim and ambiguous colored lights intertwined , passing over the people like dragonflies, and the heavily colored face masks on their faces are flamboyantly falling into the pupils.
The sexy and husky singing came from all directions, penetrating into the ears and heart, and into the pores on the surface of the skin, paralyzing and compelling the minds and consciousness of the customers.
The air is filled with the strong smell of alcohol and the scent of ecstasy.

     The well dressed men picked up a cocktail from the tray, and when they looked back and asked, they could no longer find Jiang Bailu in the crowd.

     Ceng Ge came to an appointment with a business partner, and his boss booked a private room in advance, but when he heard that there was a masquerade party today, he temporarily decided to replace the private room with a deck.  The bar manager sent people over to accompany the wine, and the young men wearing white rabbit masks were all lined up.

     The greasy, rich boss said politely, “After you, Master.”

     In the past, in front of those business partners, Ceng Ge always put his arms around the beautiful boys and acted on the scene.  He leaned lazily on the sofa and withdrew his gaze carelessly, “Let's go with the first one.”

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        The boy who was chosen came over with a feminine posture, Ceng Ge cocked one leg indifferently, and the other party's movements paused slightly, so he could only retreat and sit beside him.

     The boss (Note: the business guy he has a meeting with) on the other side asked the young men to take off their masks, and only after carefully looking at their faces did he choose the look he liked.  Aster the accompany guy sat down, the boss reached out his hand and hugged the person into his arms, touched the delicate skin that pinched the other party, before raising his head to indicate the person beside Ceng Ge, “you still didn't pour wine for Mr.

     The young guy with a mask on his face poured the wine obediently, then picked up the glass again, and puts it to Ceng Ge's lips, hoarsely saying: “Mister, can I feed you a drink?”

     Ceng Ge didn't take the glass of wine, and instead stretched out two slender fingers, hooked up his chin, and chuckled softly, “Go and book a suite upstairs for me.”

     The accompany wine guy was overjoyed, and quickly put down the wine glass in his hand, got up and left.

     The boss who fought fiercely with the young man in his arms was ambiguous: “Mr Ceng, you didn't even lift his mask.
Is that what you want?”

     Ceng Ge put down his legs without changing his face, “Some things can be touched without seeing them.”

     As soon as his voice fell, the little guy had finished his business and returned.  He was also wearing a black shirt and a white rabbit mask on his face.  After coming over, he leaned over and sat down on Cenge's thigh, and put his arms around Cong's neck obediently.

     The boss from the opposite side shot his gaze over, looked at the person on Ceng Ge's leg from head to toe, and finally landed on the upturned bottom of the little guy with a deep smile, “Ceng has a good eye.”

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     Ceng Ge took the opportunity to stretch his hand around the waist of the escort little guy, and his other hand sank under the other party's shirt, pinching the other party's thin waist, and gently kneading it.
While rubbing, he hummed and said, “his waist is quite soft.”

     Hearing this, the escort guy let go of his hands, bent over and held up the glass of wine at the table, slightly lifted the mask on his face, moved his lips to the edge of the glass, and lifted his head to take a sip of the wine.  Then he put down the glass of wine, slightly opened his lips to Ceng Ge's lips, and wanted to give Ceng Ge the wine.

     Cen Ge frowned unhappily, and stretched out his hand to pinch the opponent's cheek, “Have you washed it? Your mouth.”

     The wine guy was pinched by him so that he could not move.
The red wine in his mouth overflowed from the corners of his lips, dripping down his white skin, flowing past his tight jaw and beautiful collarbone, and finally sinking into his shirt.

     The boss's gaze also followed from the corner of his lips to the collar of his shirt, and finally became confused and intoxicated, “does Mr.Ceng not like him? Since you don't like him, why don't you give him to me ?”

     Ceng Ge released his hand, put his other hand from the waist of the little guy accompaniment, and then put it on the back of the sofa.

     The boss pushed away the person in his arms, his eyes narrowed into a thin slit, and he got up and took the wrist of the accompany little guy, dragging the person towards him rather impatiently.

     Ceng Ge looked away indifferently.
When he saw a person a few steps away, his amber pupils were slightly stagnant.

     The little boy who accompanies the drink in a black shirt and a white rabbit mask, stood there blankly, holding a room card for the suite room in his hand.

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