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Jiang Bailu has finally came back from abroad after being away for years.

The lines showing the the country's temperature were turning sharply upward, and the spring flowers that wrapped around the iron fence outside Jiang's house had budded early, making the climate in the city as warm as spring.
Jiang Bailu was wrapped in a thick jacket, half of his face was reddened in the soft wool scarf.

Qin Xingyi was standing lazily behind the exit railing squinting at him.
When Jiang Bailu reached him, the other party straightened up and took the suitcase that was in his hand, “You finally came back.”

“I heard that you want to introduce me to a boyfriend,” Jiang Baiyun took off his scarf and jacket down and hugged it in the bend of his arm, pretending to tease him with interest, but the emotions in his eyes were not the same as what he said, “I was rushing so I stayed packing up all night and bought tickets to come back.”

Qin Xingyi led him to the underground parking lot, obviously not believing his nonsense, “Why do I feel that you actually still don't want to return to China yet ?”

Jiang Bailu retorted, “How come I don't want to go back to China? Originally, I planned to come back after I finish from college, but because of a temporary incident I had to stay in the United States for another two years.”

Both of them exactly knew what accident he was referring to.
Qin Xingyi also didn't want to bring up the old story, so they changed the subject and talked about something else, “Are you going home to get jet lagged, or to my place?”

Jiang Bailu didn't even want to talk about that: “I don't have a jet lag.
My father is on a business trip abroad right now.
So that means you have to take me in for a while.
But—” He frowned again, “If you are going to take me to meet my future boyfriend now, then forget it.
I spent the night on the plane, didn't wash my face, and my hair is a mess.”

“You're thinking big.” Qin Xingyi looked at him, “This time even if you are free, other people are not necessarily free.”

Jiang Bailu said, “Who are you talking about ?”

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Qin Xingyi stopped in front of a white Mercedes-Benz car, picked up the luggage and stuffed it into the trunk.
As he walked to the direction of the driver's seat, he said, “Do you remember Yu Junlin?”

Jiang Bailu opened the passenger door to sit in, and lowered his head to pull the seat belt over and fasten it, “Your college roommate with a deep background?”

Qin Xingyi slowly reversed the car and said, “It's him.
I opened a resort after graduating from college, and he brought all my clients here, and in the past two years I've gotten to know some powerful and wealthy kids.”

Jiang Bailu looked up in surprise, “So?”

“So.” Qin Xingyi took his (Jiang) words, “The person who introduced you to him is his friend.”

Hearing this, Jiang Bailu straightened his back and said jokingly: “Then I am going to become a black phoenix flying on a branch?”
(Note: the black phoneix)

Qin Xingyi sneered and helped him correct it, “It's a wild phoenix, not a black phoenix.
You've been abroad for six years and you haven't grown that much, but you've made yourself so good that you can't even speak Chinese?”

Jiang Bailu: “No, no, no, it's black phoenix.”

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Jiang Bailu: “Isn't it the black phoenix that came out of the coal pit?”

Qin Xingyi : “…”

Jiang Bailu's words are not wrong at all.
Although he grew up in more than one city , he lived in a small villa without worrying abo

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