It had been a long time since her shoes fell to the floor due to his act of thrusting into her relentlessly as if he was going to put his scrotum into her narrow passage too.
The thin underwear hanging from her ankles frantically swept across the floor as if fluttering in the wind.

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As he scraped her walls away, he thrusted hard again as it crossed her uterus.
The convulsive walls contracted one after the other, and squeezed against his manhood.
The Grand Duke’s wet breath filled her back.

She was caught in the Grand Duke’s hand, who was doing her so frighteningly that she missed the string of reason she had barely endured, and tears flowed out.
Intoxicated by the terrifyingly boiling excitement, Anne groaned again, surrendering her body to the pleasure.

“Hahk, haa.
Haa-ahng .

His large hands clasped her breasts as they pointed down to the floor.
Then, as if trying to fix her breasts, which were constantly shaking by the movements, he rubbed them hard.
The flesh playing on the Grand Duke’s fingertips swayed.

Every time the pale buttocks were squashed, there was a loud squeaking sound.
It was so loud that a wet gurgling sound from the joint rang in her ears, Anne couldn’t stand the bursting sound.

And at the same time as her voice cracked, hot liquid seeped through her heated walls.

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* * *

A single dim candle lit only the outlines of the faces of the two lying in bed.

The Grand Duke’s sharp jawline rested on Anne’s shoulder, who was lying on her back, breathing even breaths.
As his pointy chin poked her soft flesh, Anne shrugged her narrowed shoulders further.
Her trembling hands grabbed the pillowcase.

She had to be patient.

It was helpless and humiliating.
She didn’t know that the beauty of conceiving life would be so painful.
It was only dark before her eyes thinking how long she had to be held so harshly like this.

In the end, the Grand Duke lightly lifted Anne with one hand and carried her to the bed.
He had driven her wildly like a beast a little while ago, but now he has calmed down as if the typhoon had stopped for a moment.

But that didn’t mean his hand was pulled away.
The Grand Duke’s large hand gripped her trembling breast.
Perhaps he liked the soft feeling, this time without much force, rubbing it and tapping her nipples that had become hard with excitement.

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Before you leave, you just have to do what you are supposed to do as the Grand Duchess.

Anne curled her lips and bit them, reminding herself of her firm promise.
This was nothing compared to the vain rules that she had been asked of all her life.
There was pain, but it wasn’t as much as her mother’s long rod that she lifted without hesitation.

At least after the initial pain, indescribable pleasure came rushing in, and there was no heartache like that of her family.
And the women in the capital were not granted the right to deny their husband’s request for intercourse in the first place.

Fortunately, at this rate, her belly would be full in less than a month.
Once she had a child, what will stretch out in front of her will be freedom like a bird flying freely in the sky.

“Why are you crying?”

“I don’t want to be hurt.”

Even though it was just bodily tears, Anne brought out another word.
She didn’t have any remorse in her heart anyway, because she wasn’t lying.

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“You didn’t like when your bottom was soaked?”

What’s so funny? As if unexpectedly, there was a faint smile accompanying the Grand Duke’s words.

“My wife’s pussy sucks my dick well.
You bit me so hard, I thought you would cut mine off.”

Putting his lips to Anne’s ear, the Grand Duke whispered in a strange way.
His hot breath whirled all the way into the eardrum.
All holes called holes seem to be the Grand Duke’s favorite.

“And all my cum that’s dripping here.”

He patted the flesh of Anne’s thigh, which had traces of dried up milky liquid.
The woman who groaned hotly at the pleasure he had given her forcibly, yet refused to admit it, was amusing.
If it had been so terrible, she wouldn’t have spilled such sweet lewd water.

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That .

Anne’s cheeks were dyed to match the color of the Grand Duke’s eyes.
It was only natural for her face to be flushed, as a significant amount of the liquid that soaked the floor had spilled from her body.
No matter how much she wiped it off, the sticky liquid that dripped down was not only the Grand Duke’s climax but also hers.

The more he overlapped her body, the more the pain at the beginning disappeared and she accepted the Grand Duke with ease.
Although she had been trying to avoid it, she couldn’t help but admit that the tingling sensation that climbed up her back was pleasure.
When it was over, she was exhausted, but her chest felt like it was going to explode.
Her whole body seemed to crumble to dust, but it felt like the dust contained her soul and floated in the air.

So, to her dismay, Anne had nothing to say in response to the Grand Duke’s words.


His fingers brushed her ribs and caressed the curves of her supple mounds.
Anne quickly grabbed the Grand Duke’s wrist, and a cold voice rang out.

“Put your hands away.”

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