“Your .

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“Are you naive? Stupid? Where did the idea of only

doing it once come from?”

While she paused at the eerie voice from behind, her face was slammed into the bed sheet with a crushed back, and her buttocks were lifted into the air.
Long hair on the duvet was ruffled like the sheet that had just been pulled out.

“Heuk .
That’s enough already.
Moreover, like this .

“Show your resolve.
You said you wanted to become the Grand Duchess, so you should be able to fulfill this duty properly first.”

He clasped her blemish-free buttocks, and grabbed both sides with all his might so that the hole could be seen clearly.
When her red flesh was revealed, he forced himself in without hesitation and poked it hard enough to crush her.

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“Huuh .

A broken sound leaked from Anne’s teeth in the sense of volume that was struck quickly.
The pain decreased considerably, probably because of the sticky love fluid and climax that remained entangled, but it was still heavy.

“Huuuuh .

As Anne twisted her pelvis to get away from him, a clap of friction overshadowed the sound of her moan.
Even in such a short moment, the clear pain that remained was evident.

He slapped her white butt with his big hand again.
The Grand Duke curled his lips into a smile, as though he was quite pleased with the sight of the vivid red marks on her pale skin.

“If you move carelessly, the Grand Duchess’ body will be hurt.
As you can see, I have a hard time controlling my power.”

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It sounded like an adult speaking to a little child, but to her it sounded like a threat.
Seeing Anne’s silence, the Grand Duke slammed his length back in.

“Hah .

With her face pressed against the bed, Anne grabbed the crumpled sheet with a tearing force.
Unlike the first time, which started with pain, the second time, a strange feeling came more quickly.
Her eyes were dizzy at the sensation of the pounding against her vagina.

With her forehead all but pinned to the bed, Anne let out a rough breath.
The back of her hand, which had become as white as snow, trembled.
Her tears wet the sheet.

Suddenly, the Grand Duke grabbed Anne’s hair and swung her had towards him.
Her crouched upper body stood, her chin raised, and her neck swung back.
A cold hand stretched out from behind her and grabbed the nape of her neck.

“I have no choice but to admit it.
The wife’s hole is quite useful.
I like this a lot more than the compensation money.”

The man took her breath, savoring the sweet scent.
His rough exhalations and inhalations alternately tickled the back of her neck, and his sharp nose bridge squeezed through her hair and penetrated to her scalp.
Anne tried to shake her head, but as if to tighten her breath, The Grand Duke gripped her neck tightly, making her unable to move in his hand.

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As soon as her hastily closed lips opened, a tooth lodged in Anne’s pure white nape.
The man gripped her thin body tightly, pulled her slender neckline, and locked her inside him, leaving a tooth mark.

“Huh .
huu .

The Grand Duke, who had bitten Anne’s round shoulder and pinched her raised nipples with his opposite hand, penetrated her insides more fiercely.
Each time the bundle of genitals were pulled out of her opening, a sticky, murky fluid splattered onto the sheet.
Soon after, her bulging clitoris was crushed, and her body trembled.

Her voluptuous breasts swayed up and down against the Grand Duke’s forearm.
The feeling of the bouncy breasts being pressed against his forearm gave him quite a bit of excitement.

As the cool thumbs traced her labia and rubbed the bump, her body, which had only trembled, jumped for an instant.
At the same time, the moist inner wall contracted and tightened around his genitals.

“Haah .
! Hah! St .
stop .

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Anne was about to faint from the violent movement.
Her golden hair, which spread clutteredly over her pure white naked body, shook terribly, and her head was in ever more chaos.
Her vision was blurred in the simmering heat as the flesh rubbed against each other.

Her light body shivered every time her soft buttocks were crushed by the man’s groin.
The Grand Duke crushed his penis that had been thrust into the most intimate spot and spewed out a lot of sticky liquid.

After that, Anne fell under the Grand Duke and groaned.
He hadn’t taken it out of her since the first time, but only pushed it into her uterus once again.

As the Grand Duke, who revealed his true nature, pushed her to the limit, Anne shed tears all night long, drenched in a sensation she did not know to be pleasure.
And he finally drew his soaken pillar completely out in the late morning sunrise in the North.

“Haa .
haa .

Anne, who watched with disbelief as the thick liquid dripped endlessly along her thighs, knocked her exhausted body down.
Her back felt uncomfortable touching the damp sheets, but her body soaked in cold sweat and man’s saliva was not.
Perhaps it was because of the hot heat and her sticky body, she felt like she wanted to breathe in the terrifyingly cold air.

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