”Im going to die. ”

Alex thought, lying in a clearing in the middle of a dark forest.

His teammates were missing, most of his equipment was missing from the monster ambush, communication with the Academy was lost, and he was deep in hostile territory with no clue of where he was, meaning he had no available escape routes.

Not to mention several C-rank monsters are hidden behind in the foliage of the forest, ready to finish him off and turn him into their snack.

”Why did this happen? ”

Barely two weeks into attending St. James Assassin Academy and getting one step closer to his past, he is currently lying in the mud, his new school uniform torn and having bleeding wounds all over his body and potentially a few broken ribs after the E-rank monster Demon Boar rammed into him, sending him flying into the current clearing he is in now.

Alex attempted to get up on his legs but fell after catching his breath. He tried again and was successful the second time.

Now on his feet, Alex drank a medium-grade health potion he kept inside his white-rank reinforced vest for emergencies and looked around for any working equipment or usable weapon.

There was a modern Glock 18 lying 4ft away and a modified M1903 Springfield rifle that lay a bit further that used mana to operate.

Even though the Springfield had more range and had firepower capable of killing F to lower E-rank monsters, he didn have mana to spare to charge its shots due to his mana being completely dry from creating a condensed shield to mitigate the damage caused to him by the Demon Boar.

Just as Alex went to grab the Glock 18, he heard a high-pitched crackling noise to his right. Making him spooked and scramble for the pistol.

He grabbed the gun and aimed it at the woods, ready to make a last stand with whatever monster came charging in.

The crackling noise he heard slowly became a worried screaming voice, ”The coms! ” After the crackling cleared, he heard a male voice screaming into the comms near his right ear.

”F-712 DO YOU COPY!?! ”

”F-712 DO YOU COPY!?! ”

Alex winced at the volume of the voice before yelling,

”I can hear you just fine, Richard! Stop yelling in my ear! Do you want to attract a monster to eat me with your siren of a voice!?! ”


”Ugh! Fine! Im sorry! Listen, I am in a tight pinch right now and need you to guide me to where the surviving members are to continue the mission hostiles may have gotten the jump on us, but once we regroup, we might still have a chance to complete the mission. ”

”Forget about the mission! Head to the nearest designated evacuation zone. We will try to send a team to get you out of there as soon as possible! ”

Alex was confused. Despite Richard being a stickler for protocol and can be a prick at times. He had always known Richard to be a calm and rational man. What happened during the ambush that could have set him off like this?

”Richard, what happened during the ambush? ”

Richard was silent over the coms for a few moments, and the answer he gave Alex shocked him.

”A Middle-Class Devil was among the monsters that ambushed your squad, from the last moments recorded on the other squad members mics and videos. They were all massacred. From the information gathered on the fight, the demon is probably a recently promoted Lieutenant-level demon.

Under normal circumstances, a regular squad of students from our school would have at least three to four D-class agents armed with green to lower blue-tier equipment and should have the power to eliminate it.

Unfortunately, your squad mostly has F and E-rank agents, and the sole D-rank in your team just happened to be the first to go down in the ambush. Even if the demon attacked you by itself, you would still have lost due to the difference in ranks and your shoddy white and lower green-tier equipment. ”

”An evac team is coming to pick you up ten miles south of your current location. The team will arrive in 2 hours. If you don make it to the evac team fifteen minutes after 2 hours, they will pull out due to the threat of the Lieutenant-level demon. ”

As soon as Richard told Alex where the evac was going to pick him up, he holstered the Glock 18 on his right and ran south to where the evac team would arrive. He also picked up the modified M1903 mana-charge Springfield since his mana had regenerated a bit and also wanted it as a backup in case his Glock 18 ran out of ammo.

”Thank you for the update, Richard! I am heading to the evac zone. Over and out! ”

”Ugh, when will the bastard learn to call others by their designations or codenames during missions. ”

Richard grumbled back at the Academy Operation Center.

”Still, why would a demon appear on school grounds and in that forest? Its just a useless piece of land that spawns lots of monsters for recruits to have experience with. ”

”Ah well, Ill leave it to the investigators. ”

Richard sat down on an office swivel chair and updated the mission report on the Lieutenant-level demons appearance. Despite his harsh words toward Alex. He sincerely hoped Alex escaped in one piece. After all, there are not many people he could trust in this den of spies and assassins.

After Alex had left the clearing, a tall reddish-skinned humanoid silhouette with goat horns on its head moved among the trees in pursuit of his prey.

The thing moved with uncanny speed despite its large frame and muscular physique. Its eyes glowed a sinister bright orange when it got to where the clearing Alex was moments ago. It gave a nasty sharp-toothed grin that could make the blood run cold.

It was excited by what look of despair the human will give it. Shame that the weaklings companions were broken too quickly before it could savour their looks and feelings of despair. This time it will make sure to take its time toying with the human before consuming its flesh.

The Lieutenant-level demon spread the leathery bat wings on his back and took flight, about to finish off the hunt it had started.

Alex moved at a quick rhythmic run. Sprinting would be a huge mistake, as one should conserve as much energy as possible, as there is always a chance they needed to get into a quick fight with a monster.

He was confident he could kill a regular F-rank monster like a slime just by bashing it with the stock of his M1903 Springfield.

The problem would be the area he was currently in had higher ranking monsters like kobolds and goblins that tended to work in groups or golems that have high resistance to physical attacks and projectiles.

As well as D-rank monsters demon boar with thick skin that repelled most regular gunfire, which would deplete his already limited ammunition and mana reserves, leaving him with only the Springfield to use as a club.

Fortunately, luck was on his side, as most of the monsters appeared to be drawn towards the area where Alexs team had been ambushed and most likely were enjoying a feast of human flesh.

Roughly an hour and a half had passed, and judging by the pace he was currently at, he still had at least two miles to cover before he reached the evac team.

Fifteen minutes pass, and Alex is within a mile of the evac zone.

Remembering Richards words, he decided to slow down to a jog since he will still have to wait five to ten minutes for the evac team to arrive.

”Im going to make it! ”

With everything that happened during this simple patrol mission, he thought that he was done for, but now that escape was possible the first thing he was going to do is switch to the Logistics or Intelligence sector of the Academy, he was done with these dangerous field missions.

Suddenly, a shiver went down his spine, it was the feeling one would get when being watched by a hunter stalking its prey, waiting for the moment they showed an opening.

Alex drew out his Glock and turned around prepared to shoot whatever was stalking him.

Usually one would run as fast as they could in a desperate attempt to escape this unknown hostile.

However, Alex felt that if he ran away right now, he would have no chance of making it out alive, he looked around to see if he could catch signs of where the enemy was.

Nothing, not even a broken twig or the sound of rustling leaves. Could he have been mistaken?

Just as he was going to resume his jog to the evac, a large shadow covered Alex and the surrounding area. He looked up and saw the thing that was stalking him.

”My God. ”

The Lieutenant-level demon sneered at Alex who was utterly in fear of the monster standing before him—standing at 7 ft tall with bulging muscles, reddish-skinned, long goat horns on its forehead, with a distorted human-like face that had snake-like nostrils and a mouth full of dagger sharp teeth.

The demon wore a loincloth and had a great sword strapped on its back and slowly walked towards him, as though mocking him for his helplessness of being unable to do anything.

The moment the demon began its taunting walk. Alex immediately unloaded the Glock 18s entire ammo clip into the approaching demon.

The demon ignored the bullet rounds that hit his body as though they were nothing more than raindrops and continued walking toward him.

Alex threw away his pistol and aimed his M1903 Springfield, charging the five rounds inside the rifle with as much mana as he could before shooting the demon.

The mana-charged rifle rounds seemed to have more effect on the demon than the Glock did. Unfortunately, the damage did not amount to much at all as the demon simply raised its hand to block the shots that were aimed at its head.

Once the shots were all emptied out, the demon spoke to Alex.

{How pitifully weak.}

{The ones I played with earlier made me exercise more than you did.}

The demon charged toward Alex and punched him in the chest sending him flying several meters into a tree.

Alex fell to the ground and coughed up blood after crashing into the trees trunk.

At this point, anyone would fall into despair in his situation. He had no weapons, he was in hostile territory, he was facing an opponent whose power was leagues above his own and there was no one would arrive in time to help him. Yet he was thinking.

(Damn it!!!)

(I will not die here! I refuse)



(Whatever it takes to achieve my goal, I will do it!)

(Even if I am doomed to eternal death or hell!)

Just as Alex finished his thoughts where he lay broken.

He heard a peculiar noise.


[Administrator has heard your plea.]

[Administrator is interested in you.]

[Administrator will give you a chance.]

[Do you accept?]


At this point, Alex was willing to do anything to survive, even if it were slim and without another thought he said,

”Yes. ”

[Beginning System installation, please wait.]

The demon sensed a change in Alex, despite him lying half-dead on the ground with just a light punch. It felt that if it didn finish things here right now, it wouldn leave this place unscathed at the very least. It flew to where he is and drew its great sword. Preparing to finish Alex off before could pull out any dangerous tricks.

While the demon was charging up his sword for an attack. Alex was still lying on the ground waiting for this System to finish the installation.

(Come on! Hurry up and f

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