Ascension of God

The Heavens Smiled

It was summer in the Starry Peaks Mountain Range.

At the base of one of the Cordillera Mountains you could see a city, hundreds of people on the streets talking, discussing and buying all sorts of things.

In the northern part of the city was located the Le Clan, which was one of the two clans that ruled the city.

The whole place was lively and there were several servants pacing.

Within a month the Purple Flame Sect would come to Huang Di City to take the entrance exam.

All the young people of Le Clan were extremely excited, to enter the Sect was to guarantee glory and prestige for the Clan and for himself.

”Do you think Le Chang will have the courage to show up in the competition? ”

”Hmpf… Hed be such an idiot to embarrass our whole family, is it not enough to be rubbish, does he still have to cause trouble for all of us? ”

”Tsk… And think that our financial situation is in chaos because the Patriarch has spent fortunes on Pills to try to restore your sons broken Qi Channels and Meridians. ”

”Be quiet and if anyone hears you? ”

Several conversations permeated the Clan Le mansion.

Le Chang was the son of the present Patriarch and was born with the Qi Channels and the broken Meridians, meaning his path in Dao Martial was doomed to failure since his birth.

His parents never gave up on him and did everything they could to cure their son, but even after spending a fortune on pills nothing had changed.

Around the Le Clan mansion was a large, dense forest.

By noon it was possible to hear noises from branches and tree trunks being punched.


In a clearing, you could see a boy with long black hair, honey-colored eyes, a slender body, and fair skin slapping against a tree trunk.

Each of his punches chipped the tree.

With sweat dripping and blood streaming from his hands, Le Chang fell to his knees on the floor, exhausted.

”I need… some more and Ill get it. ” His eyes almost closing with exhaustion and heat.

He was fifteen years old, but still stuck in the 3rd Grade of the Integration Dao and no matter how hard he tried to attack the 4th Grade, it seemed that the bottleneck was insurmountable.

But with his insane willpower, Le Chang trained every day to exhaustion.

”I need… my parents need me… ” He was babbling on his knees on the floor.

”Hey Le Tai, where are we going? ” One girl asked,

”Le Tai is forbidden to go into the woods too much in this area. ”

”Be quiet I think I saw that Le Chang junk coming here, we need to take care of him urgently or he and his foolish father will cause the Guild to lose face again. ”


Reaching the clearing they saw Le Chang on his knees with the floor. sweat and dust on your body.

”Was he training? ” The girl was a little surprised.

”From what good, with his condition, he could train centuries and never reach the 4th Degree of the Dao of Integration, ” said Le Tai.

”Oh! Le Chang, what a joy to meet you here. ”Le Tai sneered.

”Le Tai, what do you want? ”

”Well, I came to ask you something … I wish you wouldn go to the Sect exam and if possible I would like you to commit suicide. ”

”Bloody hell, you are… ” Before Le Chang finished the sentence a powerful kick approached his face, but instinctively he raised his arm to shield his head.

The impact knocked him against the trunk of a tree and made him spit a lot of blood.

Rising he raised his guard, it was a miracle he was conscious after having trained so much, to stand was to challenge the concept of the impossible.

”Tsk… boy just accept his death, damn trash, his father spent the Clans savings trying to cure him, because of this our clan is losing business to the Du Clan, die. ” -Le Tai.

Le Tai Quickly charged against Le Chang and gave him another powerful kick in the chest.

Le Chang crossed his arms in front of him in an x shape to protect himself, but the difference was insane.

Le Tai was someone from the 5th Grade of the Dao of Integration, meaning his cultivation was larger than Le Changs by two degrees.

He was simply playing with Le Chang. The bones of Le Changs arm had cracked with the first kick, but now they were completely broken.

The pain numbed Le Changs senses and another powerful kick came against his body.

The first three Degrees of the Kingdom of Integration consists of tempering the body, but to advance to the Fourth Degree one has to absorb Natures Qi, which with Le Changs Broken Qi Channels and Meridians would be impossible.

In 4th Degree you will accumulate a great deal of Qi, but in 5th Degree, this is where you begin to use Martial Techniques, where you learn to expel Qi from your body outward, which is the basis for all. the Martial Techniques.

Because the kick hit him hard against Le Changs body, he fainted, he knew his Clans people hated him, because his father had spent fortunes trying to cure him, but it was all in vain.

Because of this, Clan Du began attacking Clan Les core businesses in Huang Di City.

”Le Tai, he is Patriarchs son this will put us in serious trouble. ” The young woman looked worried.

”Don be ridiculous, we
e doing the clan a favor by getting rid of this trash. It will make us lose face in front of every city and our situation will get even worse, besides, this world doesn need garbage. ”Le Tai spoke with a vicious look on his face.

”Besides, well only be in trouble if we get discovered. ” He spoke with an ominous look as he gripped the hilt of his sword.

”But they won find out, will they? ” Le Tai gave a murderous look at the girl and the boy who accompanied him.

”N… no. ” They both responded quickly.

”Come on, lets take him to the Pit of Doom. ” Le Tai said as he dragged the fainted Le Chang.

Entering a few hundred meters into the forest they came to a large clearing, in the middle of it was a huge hole in the ground. It was impossible to see the bottom and anyone who fell there would face certain death.

”Disappear rubbish, ” Le Tai said, kicking Le Changs half-dead body into the darkness.

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