We drove in slowly into ”Arcadia High ” which somewhat looked like a tunnel, like a literal tunnel, it was regtangular in shape with lots vines hanging, dangling and cralling all over the tunnel walls making it look like the walls were made of vined.

The tunnel was illuminated, but I couldnt tell where the light was coming from, it seemed like the light was seeping at of the vines but that isn possibly. If this was the so called paradise then people really must be living under a rock. Like even if, on what planet would this be seen as a paradise to me it seemed like a horrid place. So creepy.

Suddenly, we staarted to picked up the pace, and smoke just started seaping into the car, and I freaked.

”What Is Going On ”

”Calm Down You
e Fine ”

”Yeah For Once Listen To Luke ”

”I don like this ”

I grabbed Lukes hand and closed my eyes

”Its okay you can open your eyes now ” Claire said

I opened my eyes slightly and I was astonished, we were driving into a vast park, on my left were some kids walking about, there were about the ages 12 to 16, if I was to guess. They were looking miserable which is what I couldn understand.

This place seemed like a paradise why would anyone look miserable in this place.

”Um… you can let go of my hand now ” Luke said, he was covering his face with his hand

I couldn believe I was still holding Lukes hand, I quikly let go.

”Sorry, reflexes ” I muttered

”So it is automatic of you to grab Lukes hand, when your in distress, because thats what reflexes is, an involuntary or automatic, action that your body does in response to something without you even having to think about it. ” Claire giggled

”No, it could have been anyones hand I held ”

”Why not mine, why does it have to be his ? Does that mean that this isn the first time this is happening, or have you held hands before in secret, so its normal ” she teased

”No that has never happened, And theres nothing between us ” I gushed, my face feeling red from embarasment

”I never said there was anything between you two, I just said that you could have held hands before like as friends but this proves my suspicion, so tell me are you dating ”

”No ”

I turned to Luke to say something snarky and back me up, but he just sat there staring out the window, and if I was not mistaken he was as red as rose and that made me blush more.

Claire kept laughing and I was so annoyed

”Claire just stop ” Luke grumbled, still looking red

”Fine, but I still can believe you have a girlfriend you thorn in my side, you even said that she is annoying when he received the mission to kidnapp her ” she mocked

”He said what ”

”Thanks Claire ”

”So Im the annoying one you kidnapped me, taunted me and dissed me at the party

”I had more important things to do ”

”Really ”

”Wait so you two went to a party together ”

”It was more of an event ”

”Shut Up Luke ”

”See you are annoying ”

”Claire, can we switch seats ”

”Why, don you want to seat next to your boyfriend ”

”No, hes not my boyfriend I just want to sit by the window, shut up ”

”Fine, couples drama ”

”Were not a couple,you hard head ” Luke screammed

”Well, we can agree on one thing ”

Claire and I switched seats, and we all sat in silence then Claire began talking to Luke, she even made him laugh, although his smile was cute, I noticed that he was blushing at Claire and just kept staring at her and I felt so annoyed so I decided to ignore them and turn to look out my window.

On my left at a distance was the only thing looking out of place in this ”paradise ”, a forest, it was looking all creepy, and I noticed everyone was keeping thier distance from the forest except a few who were literally crying.

Some people turned to looked at the van then continued to do what they where doing.

We kept driving then made a right turn at a burnt down looking fountain, and that was when I noticed something amazing.

We were driving straight toward a giant glass dome all around it were other smaller domes, five in number, surrounding the bigger one.

We drove up to the dome door, it was circular in shape, and then we just stopped in front of the dome

”Are you ready ” Claire asked

”Ready For What, I still don get how any of this Arcadia High stuff has to do with me ”

”Youll see ”

”Im not talking to you Luke, and by the way the question was adressed to Claire, not you ”

”What your problem ”

”Im still angry about you kidnapping me then having the guts to call me annoying ”

”Your are annoying, A perfect example of you being annoying is right now. ”

”ANNOYING!!, Im annoying, so complainig about being kidnapped is annoying ”

”No, complaning over and over again about being kidnapped is annoying, having to kidnap you is annoying and being nere you is even more annoying ”

”Really ”I could feel my blood fuming

”Couple Drama ”

”Shut Up ” I fumed

”Okay Calm Down, Jeez ”

”Are You Two Done ”

”Yes we are ” Claire answered

”No were not ”

”Well, too bad, we dont have time for this, you can beat her up later, also you have anger issues ”

I wanted to beat him to plump but he was right I had very small anger issue Bree usually kept me in check, so I don do something I reget an action I made when I was throwing a fit.

Oh No, I totally forgot about Bree what what is the time, what day is this, I don even know how long I was out.

I could feel the anxiety building up, I didn even think through my situation through, though they are children they are still my kidnappers I should be acessing my situation not acting irasional.

Claire, Luke and I got out of the car. We walked into the car and entered the dome, and we sat on a waiting seat in the dome, it was comletly empty with a door at the other side of the empty room

I kept pondering on what I was to do now, that was until I noticed Luke was staring at me as if he trying to solve a complecated puzzle, at that time Claire was fast asleep.

”Is there a problem, Luke ”

”No, I just didn think you could get any weirder ”

”WHAT! ” I fumed

He started laughing

”And I thought youd changed ” he gigled

I stared at him with utter confusion, just then a lady walked in, from where you may ask, answer I don have a slight clue and that really shock me to the core, but Luke seemed unnerved.

”Welcome, Luke it seems youre mission has been quit a sucess ” she then turned to me, and I noticed something about I knew her she is, well was the pasron that acted Rose Hunter in my favorite movie and series ”Spy. Maybe, Maybe Not ”

At that time Claire decide to finally leave dream world and enter reality. She looked so embarassed

The woman motioned us to follow her and we did.

As we made our way to the door at the other side of the room, my suspicion grew. Why would they have an empty dome ?, Are they pychos ? Why Is Luke Involved With Them ?, he may be a jerk but kidnapping, empty large domes, creepy entrances, nothing made sense.

Lukes the sun of a billioniare, he doesn need money so whats his motive. Claire seems lovely and harmless and Madam Isabela Hart aka Rose Hunter had a luxurious life and if she wanted to get back in buisness there would be no stopping her so whats their motive.

Halfway towards the door I felt a warpy feeling, per se my body felt dizzy I tipped and almost fell thankfully Claire caught me.

”Thank You ”

”No worries we should have given you a heads up ”

”Heads Up about w….. OMG ”


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