Alan ran away from 13-year-old Justin as fast as he could because they were being chased by Justins uncle Emanuels men. Alan assigned Markus personal assistant Lawrence Justins father to protect Justin. Justin is the eldest son and candidate for President Director at De Groot Company, an international-scale company that has been established since the Dutch colonial era in Indonesia.

Justin tripped over a rock, and


Justin fell on the grass. Alan also fell, because Alan took Justins hand. Alan quickly stood up and helped Justin up.

”Young Master are you all right? ” Alan was worried about Justin, especially Justin was out of breath.

”Uncle, ” Justin didn answer Alans question, ”How long are we running like this? Wasn my mother and I hidden by Uncle Markus in Tumanggu Village, Uncle Markuss hometown? How can Uncle Emanuels people know about me and Mother in Tumanggu Village? ” Alan looked at him.

Alan sighed. Tumanggu Village is a safe place for Justin and Caroline to hide from the pursuit of Emanuel and Beatrice, Lawrences two sibling who managed to take the De Groot Company by killing Lawrence. However, Villena, Lawrences third wife, leaked where Markus took Justin and Caroline away, due to anger at Lawrence who didn tell Markus to take her and Brian to run away when Emanuel and Beatrice managed to take the De Groot Company and immediately slaughtered their family.

As a result, Beatrice arrests Villena and Brian, exiled in a remote village on the coast of the South Coast. Even there, Villena was tortured by Beatrice, so she could tell where Markus had taken Justin and Caroline to hide. Villena besides being hurt, can stand Beatrices torture. Especially when Brian saw all that.

”Uncle. ” Justin shook Alans arm slightly, ”Did anyone tell Uncle Emanuel? Who is he, Uncle? ” he had a feeling that someone had told Emanuel where Caroline and Justin were hiding. ”Then where are Mrs. Villena and Brian? Did they survive, or were they killed by Uncle Emanuel and Aunt Beatrice? ” he also asked about Villena and Brian.

Justins relationship with Villena and Brian is quite good, although Villenas ambition is to become the big lady in the De Groot family by getting rid of Marlene and Caroline, both of Lawrences old wives. But her efforts turned bitter because Lawrence only saved Marlene, Caroline, and Justin. Marlene was brought by Adrians representative Mark to Taiwan. Lawrence is hurt by Villenas ambitions, allowing Beatrice to capture Villena and Brian.

Alan sighed again, grabbed Justins hand, and was about to speak, but his ears heard the sound of running footsteps from several people, which were heading towards them. He quickly brought Justin back running as fast as he could.


From behind, a lead bullet flew fast and hit Alans back.


Alan fell, and Justin fell too.

Justin quickly lifted his face, his hand lifted Alans face. Alans face was pale, and the mans lips were red.

”Uncle! ” Justin screamed frantically, ”Uncle can be dead. ” He patted Alans cheek lightly.

Alan with a shaky breath gently caressed Justins face.

”Hurry up, Young Master, ” he ordered, ”The village of Tumanggu is up ahead, and Mr. Markus is waiting for you. Run quickly, young master. You must stay alive for your father mandate to reclaim the De Groot Company and all the De Groot family property from Mr. Emanuel and Mrs. Beatrice. ”

”I can leave Uncle here. ” Justin refuses to follow Alans orders.

Before Alan could speak, someone from behind handed back some lead bullets to Alans body.


”Ahhh! ” Justin screamed because Alans body bounced with lead bullets. ”Uncle! ” he screamed again as Alan fell lifeless in the grass. ”Ah! ” he screamed once more as he saw several men wearing black clothes from behind Alan slowly approaching him. Where they wield pistols, daggers, and other sharp weapons.

He quickly stood up, back and forth, looking at the men in horror.


From behind Justin shot a few pebbles, and they all hit the mens heads. Only one man remains. Those who were hit by the pebbles fell onto the grass.

Justin glared at this, and quickly turned back, wanting to know where the pebbles had come from. He saw a girl his age holding a slingshot ready to release the pebbles. The girl bravely went to Justins side and kept the catapult. On his body was a small sling bag filled with pebbles.

”Who are you? ” Justin asked the girl.

”Ill answer later, ” said the girl, ”Hey you! ” she rebuked the man, ”Why to kill that man? ” Alan pointed, ”Then why to want to kill him? ” continued pointing at Justin.

The man was surprised to hear all that, then looked amazed at the girl.

”Hey, you! ” exclaimed the girl, ”I asked, why is not answered? ” she rebuked the man.

”Who am I, it doesn matter, little miss, ” the man laughed amusedly, and at the same time applauded the girls courage, ”Youd better go, don interfere. Regarding you hurting my friends, I don count on you and your parents. ” told the girl to leave.

”Can not! ” said the girl firmly, ”Im going, you must kill him. ” Justin pointed out who also looked amazed at him.

”Thats none of your business, little miss. ” The man chuckled, ”Go away quickly, or Ill have to kill you too. ”

”I am not afraid of your threats! ” rebuked the girl, immediately aiming her slingshot at the man, ”You go, or my slingshot will kill you! ” the man threatened boldly.

”Who are you, little miss? ” The man was even more amazed, ”Your guts are so big, not afraid in the slightest. Even if you are an expert at playing the Slingshot. Are you from Tumanggu Village? ”

”Hais, who I am is not important! ” the girl pursed her lips hearing the ramblings of the man who was curious about who he was, ”You don want to introduce your name anyway, so why should I introduce mine. ” the man insinuated who did not reveal his identity to him.

The man smiled amused at the girls words, wanted to speak, but suddenly flinched twice, then,


Falling on the ground, lifeless. Then a boy of Justins age looked at the dagger decorated with red ink that had stabbed the man.

”Mas Aryo! ” cried the girl relieved and recognizing the boy. She lowered her slingshot, then put the pebbles into her bag, then grabbed Justins hand, rushing towards Aryo. ”Thank God you came quickly, ” she said cheerfully looking at Aryo.

”Don talk here anymore, ” Aryo sighed, grabbing the girls other hand, ”Lets get out of here quickly. I feel like there are people like this again. ” Then immediately took the girl and Justin away.


Justin sat next to Rasti, the little girl who was good at playing the catapult, then on the other side, Rasti sat Aryo. The three kids sat on the steps of the terrace of Danus grandfather Rastis house. Aryo took the three of them back to Danus house in Karang Dewa Village, neighboring Tumanggu Village. They looked up at the sky which looked beautiful with the light of the Full Moon.

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