The moment I stepped into the palace, I couldn believe what I was seeing. Raymond was talking to the chief guard of the alpha of alphas. I tried to understand why he would be in their midst. When he brought me here, he told me that he was a Repentant Rogue. That he was just childhood friends with the Beta of his pack. So he was a nobody just like me in my pack.

I stared longer at them, as I tried to make sense of what was happening but all of it was as confusing as a war scene. Suddenly I saw something. The chief guard bowed to him. He literally took his head down right in front of Raymond.

Raymond, a freaking Repentant Rogue who was trying to make it up to his pack. To know if he would be forgiven and trusted. Maybe all of it was a lie. Maybe Raymond lied to me.

I felt cheated and played. What did he take me for? A fool? The bag containing the medicines I had made for him, dropped to the ground, the moment I looked and I locked eyes with him. He said something to the people with him and with that he took giant strides towards me but I ran off.

I ran and he ran after me.

”Where are you going?! ” I heard him shout in that Baritone that I have grown to love. I didn answer him as I increased my pace.

”Liar! Stay away from me! ” I shrieked as I ran. Tears began to spill from my eyes but I wiped it off immediately. I dare not let him know how, he affected me.

I thought I was far from him as I didn get to hear him again. Just as I was about to turn, huge hands grabbed me and picked me up. I turned to find out that it was him.

”Let me go! ” I kicked and screamed but all my efforts were so feeble as it didn get me out of his arms. I was no match for his physique. As he carried me, I suddenly was reminded of how I struggled to get him into my house, the first Time.

”Where are going to?! ” If you leave here, you would be as good as dead ” he warned.

”Where I go is none of your business ” I said in clenched teeth.

”Get it into your head that where you go is absolutely my business, no matter how you try to shy away from it ” he said with a look that suggested anger.

He gazed into my eyes. If looks could burn, I would definitely be on fire. His eyes made me so aware of myself. Suddenly I looked away. I couldn take the intensity of his stares. He chuckled. He knew I was still shy. Yes I have been shy, since I can remember. I actually think that I would need therapy to be to look into someones face. I alw

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