Chapter Four

Alpha Isaacs POV

”Greetings, Alpha. ”

It was Peter, the Warrior Lord and the message he bore must have been so important. It just had to be or he was going to get it from me. He was going to get it from me anyway.

”What brings you here? ” I asked, squeezing my face as hard as I could. I didn need to do that to pass my message but I did it just in case. I didn want him to have the excuse of not knowing that a lot depended on the answer he gave.

Peter only became the warrior lord, not so long ago. He was given that honour after the passing of Mario, whom I loved so much. Mario was a fearless wolf who never took any instruction given to him by me for granted. I loved the way he did his work; simple and efficient.

I recalled the day that he died. What a brave wolf he was. He fought ever so valiantly beside me and I was really glad to have such a wolf by my side. Ultimately, he died in the best way possible. He died in battle, trying to protect me from a silver arrow which was directed toward me by a certain coward as I fought someone else. He died to save his alpha. He died for his Pack

We won the war and the people sang praises in my name, just like they should, but it was Mario who saved us all. No one knew that except me. No one was permitted to know that.

Peter was selected as his replacement due to his huge figure and very intimidating stature. He was a giant of 7 ”5 inches and was so huge that he could barely put on any clothes except his war gear which was personally crafted for him, unlike the others. He was also a very skilled fighter as I trained him myself because he was close to Mario. When he was selected, no one dared argue it.

”We caught a man, Alpha. We found him trespassing. He claimed it was a mistake but we don believe him. Hes at the Pack square with the warriors who caught him. What do we do with him? ”

He knew how much I disliked people having little regard for Pack boundaries. I detested it a lot. It showed a lack of respect for the Pack and an invitation to war. I wasn going to have that. It didn matter which Pack he came from. I needed to send a resounding message.

”That wolf has to be executed today, before every member of the Pack and Ill do it myself! ” I screamed. I felt something strong, coursing through my veins. It was my blood, and it was boiling. ”Send a message to the warriors. Every member of the pack has to be present. Yet, the low-ranked wolves must be kept at a distance. I don need them seeing my face before the full moon festival. Only the alphas, the betas, the gammas and the Pack warriors should be close to the podium where Ill be expecting my judgement. ”

”Yes, Lord Alpha, ” he said, turning around to leave.

”And you, ” I called out to him. ”You didn think youd leave here unpunished, did you? How dare you walk into my chambers uninvited? ”

”Im sorry, Lord Alpha. I felt it was a piece of information that you wouldve loved to hear very urgently. ”

”You thought well. Yet, it doesn free you from the consequences of your actions. The validity of your reasons only helped in reducing the severity of your punishment. By sundown, youll appear before me in this palace. Ill have Martin lash you for a complete hour. Is that clear? ”

”Yes, Lord Alpha. Thank you for showing me mercy. ” He answered

”You may leave. ”

As he walked out of the room, I couldn help but admire the muscles on his back. He was an absolute beast of a wolf!

”Have you arranged a meeting with the other alphas? ” I asked Martins. ”You said they had a few concerns. ”

”I tried to do that, but they all said they were okay with everything as soon as I mentioned the meeting with you. ”

”Then, they
e alright, ” I responded and sat back down. I thought about all that Peter had to say to me. If the wolf had stepped into our lands without knowing, then he didn deserve what he was going to get. It was just so unfortunate. He must have failed to say his prayers to the goddess before leaving his house. Hopefully, hell learn that in the grave. Territories were there for a reason.

After dwelling in my thoughts for a few minutes, I pointed to the door and Martin quickly opened it. We headed out of the room, to the Pack square where I was certain the wolves were waiting. I saw a line of sweat on Martins forehead and I knew he wasn okay with what was about to happen.

”You won be the one to slay the wolf. I won put his blood on you. You can relax now. Ill be executing him, myself. ” I said to him, patting him thrice on the back.

I watched him closely and noticed a change in his demeanour. He looked a bit relieved. I was happy about that. As much as I was always hard on everyone, it was because I loved them. Nothing else.

As we got to the square, there were countless legs everywhere. The noise I heard as I arrived quickly died down and all that could be heard were my footsteps and that of my Beta. I climbed up to the podium and raised my hands to signal for the culprit to be brought before me. Martin nodded and went out to pass the message across, with the rest of the people waiting.

I was tempted to address the people at that time but I had to wait a bit. I didn want to say a word until I had seen the offender. I had to exercise some patience.

Martin walked back in, together with Peter, as they dragged the wolf to the podium. He looked out of strength, suggesting that they must have beaten him up. I didn like that. That wasn the way to welcome a guest.

As they brought him to my feet, I raised my left hand and they dropped him there. I didn want to waste any time either. I had to get done with it very quickly.

”What are you called, youngling? ” I asked, seeing he was quite young; probably less than 25 years old.

”Justice, Sir. ” He answered.

”Don call me Sir. You can call me alpha. ” I held his head and turned to the crowd who watched expectantly to see what I had to say.

”This man here has broken one of our most sacred rules. He stepped his feet in our territory, without due permission. What do we do to such people? ”

”Away with them! ” They all chorused. Yet, it was clear that they didn want him dead. I could see it in their eyes. I didn need Lana with me to confirm it. It was written all over them.

”Im sorry, alpha. I didn mean to trespass. It was a mistake. I.. I– Please, don kill me, ” he begged. He kept speaking words incoherently in a bid to save his life. I did wish that it was possible. I could have spared him but it wasn possible. He had to die. There was no other way for me to send the message across to others who might have thought about crossing our territory.

”Hell be executed for this act of disrespect to our noble Pack to send a message to everyone else who might harbour such thoughts! ” I said, turning to Justice. ”Just like your name, youll be served with justice today. I hope youll do better in your next life! ”

I lifted him with my left hand and was met with a few grunts from the members of the Pack. I was the Alpha of alphas, not them. It was I, who should tell them what was right and not the other way around. I wasn going to be weak. I was going to show them what strength meant.

”Please, ” the young lad whispered, one last time, with tears rolling down his cheeks. I was really surprised he didn try to fight back. He was probably a good lad. So, I decided to make his death very quick as he didn deserve to suffer.

I kissed him on the forehead and snapped his neck, letting his body fall from the air with a thud. It was all over. The deed had been done.

”You can go back home to children, my people. With what has happened today before your very eyes, you can be assured of your safety and protection in the Pack. We cannot afford to show any form of weakness before the enemy or else, theyll take advantage of it. This is Airpack and no one would be able to challenge us and go scot-free! No one! ”

I turned around and headed back home. I hoped I had been able to convince the people that I did what was best for them.

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