Ch3 – “…Ji Ning”

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Due to the damage caused by the earthquake, in just a few seconds the interior of the old mansion had become unrecognisable.
But the earthquake came and went quickly, by the time several actors had fled to the door, the shaking had stopped.

“Huh, huh…” 

A few people were still in shock.
They staggered out of the door and stood in the open air, panting heavily.
It was only at this point that they realised there were two people missing.
Ji Ning and Gu Chen hadn’t come out yet.

What happened to them?



A few people nervously turned their heads to look inside the door, just to see Gu Chen supporting a blood-stained Ji Ning stagger out.
Shocked, someone stammered, “Senior, you, you are…”

“Senior was injured by a chandelier in order to save me.” 

Gu Chen pursed his lips, his handsome face covered in dark clouds.
Clearly blaming himself, he lowered his eyes and apologised to Ji Ning, “I’m sorry, I’ve caused you trouble.”


“It’s just a scratch, don’t look at me as if I’m about to die.”

Ji Ning clutched his bleeding forearm, his expression indifferent and his tone calm.
In fact, he wanted to cry out in pain, but for the sake of his character, he had to grit his teeth and bear it.

There is a close relationship between maintaining a character and the completion of the mission.
A trivial out of character moment could cause the mission to fail and Ji Ning could not allow such a situation to occur.


Naturally, because of his mission, Ji Ning would have to do things that didn’t occur in the original book.
For example, he never rescued Gu Chen in the original ‘Rebirth of the Interstellar Actor,’ but that is a controllable variable.
He will soon make his actions appear logical and the resulting changes will be beneficial to him.

But it still really hurts…

Ji Ning’s hand covering his forearm tightened slightly.
Thinking of the recent earthquake, his mood became a little heavier.


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There was no earthquake in the original book.
Originally, Gu Chen successfully completed the filming without any major twists or turns, so Ji Ning was suspicious that the earthquake was caused by the appearance of Huo Wuling. 

Fortunately he had responded in time and pushed Gu Chen away.
Although he had been injured, by placing himself into a situation of ‘sacrificing his life to save others’, Gu Chen’s affection for him should definitely increase.

He didn’t have to worry about the act of saving Gu Chen being out of character.
Although young master Ji in the original book was indifferent and arrogant, his nature was not bad and he was not someone who would abandon someone to death.

“Is it really just a scratch?”

Hearing Ji Ning’s description, several actors looked at the blood covering his body with pale faces.
It was hard to believe his injuries weren’t serious, but his indifferent expression didn’t appear fake. 

“It is for now, but it will only get worse if I continue to stay here.”

Ji Ning glanced at them and said coldly, “I’m going back to the crew to deal with the wound, if you want to stay in this dangerous area feel free to do so, I won’t accompany you.”

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He raised his uninjured hand and tapped Gu Chen, saying unceremoniously, “Help me back.”

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The crew quickly dispatched an aircraft to pick them up.
Seeing that Ji Ning was injured and bleeding so much, the crew were flustered.
While dealing with the injury they repeatedly apologised – it was due to their negligence in preparations, therefore they had to take responsibility.
As an earthquake had occurred on set, filming had naturally been suspended for the day.

The director contacted a doctor.
Once she arrived, in order to treat the injury she carefully cut open Ji Ning’s blood-stained sleeve, revealing a long and hideous bloody opening. 


Seeing the bloody wound, everyone’s scalp felt a little numb as their arms also seemed to hurt.

In contrast, Ji Ning himself looked as if the wound had nothing to do with him and said lightly, “Please help me recover as soon as possible, thank you.”

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“Please rest assured.” 

Medicines in the interstellar era were all efficient and convenient – Ji Ning was given several injections and afterwards a spray was misted across his sterilised arm, forming a medical film and the wound visibly began to heal.

“This should be sprayed every hour for the next three hours, discounting the one just now.” Said the doctor, sternly.

“Fortunately, nothing major was injured.
Take a nights rest and you’ll be healed by tomorrow.” The doctor finished.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief at her words. 

“We will arrive at the hotel in twenty minutes,” a staff member checked their terminal, before asking Ji Ning, “Mr Ji Ning, do you need assistance with your medicine later?”

“If possible, I hope I can help,” said Gu Chen, “Senior was injured because he saved me.
I haven’t had time to express my apologies and gratitude to Senior.
I hope you could give me the chance.”

If it were someone else, Ji Ning would have simply said he could manage himself, it was only spraying, but when Gu Chen offered himself, he had no reason not to agree, so he just gave him a sideways glance before speaking indifferently, “If you wish.”

“Thank you.” 

Although Ji Ning’s attitude was cold, Gu Chen didn’t take it to heart.
Instead, a smile appeared on the corner of his lips and his handsome eyes softened.

Regardless of the fact that Ji Ning had saved his life, he couldn’t possibly hate Ji Ning.
He had already seen that Ji Ning had a good temperament, it was just that his words never matched his heart.

After being reborn, the body he had acquired was completely isolated by others.
Although he didn’t particularly care about other people’s opinions, the fact Ji Ning took the initiative to talk to him earlier made him feel a little biased towards him.

Then Ji Ning saved him.
It wasn’t until he had seen the blood on Ji Ning’s body that Gu Chen realised what had happened, his heart clenching. 

Ji Ning had pretended to cover the wound nonchalantly, but Gu Chen was keenly aware that his fingertips were trembling.
Maybe it was due to pain, maybe it was because of shock, but no matter the reason, Gu Chen had understood that Ji Ning was not as indifferent as he appeared on the surface but instead hid his inner emotions deeply.

Even telling the actors he wouldn’t take care of them was a veiled reminder towards the dangers of staying where they were.


Thinking of this, Gu Chen shook his head slightly.
He was used to seeing people with opposing words and actions, but all of them were the type to display a delicate face, while swords hid in their smiles.
Ji Ning, who deliberately showed a cold face and hid his kindness was a rare type.

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It was a really cute personality, but if he said it, Ji Ning would definitely be angry. 

Thinking of Ji Ning’s indifferent expression, the corners of Gu Chen’s lips threatened to rise again.
Seeing that he didn’t seem to want to be disturbed any further, Gu Chen and the others went to another lounge in the aircraft, leaving Ji Ning to rest quietly.

He wasn’t in a rush to repay Ji Ning’s kindness.
They were in Japan for a long time and this might give him an opportunity.
He wanted to develop a deeper relationship with Ji Ning, to the point of becoming friends.
It was the first time since his rebirth that he wanted to open up and get to know someone.

Once his lounge became quiet, Ji Ning leaned back into the soft sofa and closed his eyes.
He appeared to be resting, but in fact he had connected to the system in his consciousness, to report the problem of Huo Wuling.

【Hello, Ji Ning, what do you need this time?】 

A cold, male voice with a slight metallic echo spoke.
This was Ji Ning’s exclusive system called ‘Future’ who was responsible for assisting Ji Ning in completing his tasks in various worlds.
Unless Ji Ning called him, he wouldn’t normally take the initiative to appear.

「Huo Wuling appeared just now.
He came to find me, I really could be killed by him!」Said Ji Ning.

「He was the protagonist from a previous novel, so he shouldn’t be here.
Is there an error in your organisation? If so, please fix this error immediately and return my abilities for this time period, so I have the ability to protect myself.」

I will report to a superior and have a specialist check the situation to solve this abnormality as soon as possible.】Said Future,【But the current situation is delicate and does not warrant breaking your power seal, as it would likely impact the way this world operates.】 

Hasn’t this world already been impacted when Huo Wuling appeared, otherwise how could an earthquake occur?!

Ji Ning thought, but asked patiently,「How long will it take them to sort it?」

【The time is uncertain but initial estimates suggest it will take a week.】

「A week! No, that’s too long!」 

Ji Ning opened his eyes when he heard it – a week? After that time, he was afraid even his corpse would be cold, and that was only in a situation where Huo Wuling would leave a corpse.

【…】Future was silent for a few seconds, then said,【I will apply for permission to break your power seal, but the probability of being approved is near zero because there is no evidence to prove this is our problem.】

Ji Ning understood that the power seal was not even worth mentioning in the future, but he still felt a little unwilling and asked,「But if this was your mistake, wouldn’t it be wrong for me to die at the hands of Huo Wuling?」

【His appearance is an unexpected variable.
If you are killed by him, I have the right to apply to a superior to resurrect you.】Future said,【Please be careful, Ji Ning.】 

…Resurrection after death? Resurrection where? Wouldn’t he be resurrected directly underneath Huo Wuling’s nose and continue to die over and over again?

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Hearing what Future said, Ji Ning felt helpless, but knew he didn’t have any other options.
He cut off the connection with Future.


Now his only hope was that the system operator could solve the problem as soon as possible, or that he got permission to break the power seal, otherwise his life might really be threatened…

At this time there was a knock on the door, Gu Chen had personally come over to inform Ji Ning they had arrived at the hotel the production team was staying at.
He also helped Ji Ning off the aircraft and took him over to his room. 

“I’ll come back to help with your medicine in a while, so you can rest first.”

Gu Chen smiled gently at Ji Ning, and then left the room.

Ji Ning stood in the room and tugged at his blood-stained clothes.
He was considering changing but was interrupted by a creaking noise, as the automatic sunroof started opening all by itself.

Could it be that Huo Wuling had come back so soon? 

Ji Ming’s expression changed as he watched a small bat fly through the window, flapping its wings towards him.

This little bat gave Ji Ning a familiar feeling, but the instant a guess had formed in his head, the bat had already flown in front of him.


A breeze blew towards him and the bat vanished in mid-air, replaced by a dark figure.
A black gloved hand stretched out from beneath a long cloak and lightly grasped Ji Ming’s fingers. 

It was a young man.
His long dark hair fell to his shoulders as he lowered his head, curls tumbling off one another, and Ji Ning felt cold lips press against the back of his hand.

When the man raised his head again, he revealed an extremely handsome face, with dark red pupils that glittered like gems.
His eyes showed pain and sadness but his voice trembled with intense joy as he whispered,

“…Ji Ning.”

The name of the system is: 未来 which I’ve translated to ‘Future’.
Other novels have such cute names for systems and we’re stuck with ‘Future’ -_- 

I forgot how mean NovelUpdates is – I’ve only put out two chapters, give me a chance ╥﹏╥

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