Ch17 – The kiss was not enthusiastic enough, please try again

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He had actually entered the game…

Seeing the cursive text in front of his eyes and the room that had suddenly changed its appearance, Ji Ning’s heart skipped a beat.
He didn’t want to continue playing the game but now he had been pulled inside the holographic projection and even the terminal on his wrist had disappeared.
Unless the game finished on its own, he wouldn’t be able to quit it. 

According to his previous experience, if he wanted the game to end, he had to complete the chapter.

Ji Ning stood in silence for a moment, before finally moving with a sigh.
Although he knew there was something deeply wrong with the game, there was nothing he could do about it.



Directly in front of him was a simple house.
It had stone walls and odd pieces of decaying furniture.
Most of the windows were broken and the starry night sky could be seen from the inside, as the roof had mostly caved in.

He was wearing a black robe with intricate swirling patterns woven into the fabric. He held a gnarled staff in his hand and a half-completed rune circle lay beneath his feet. 

He was the infamous Necromancer, Eidolon.


【In the previous chapter, you chose to create events in order to attract Lai Senger to Pidi town to investigate.
Soon, he and his companions will enter this house.
Please complete the teleportation array before they enter.】

These instructions flashed in front of Ji Ning without telling him how to draw the teleportation array.
But he already knew what he was supposed to do, because back in the Western fantasy world, he had once drawn the exact same magical array.

Back then, in order to secure the protagonist Lai Senger as a disciple, he had copied Eidolon’s actions from the original plot.
He pretended to be a ghost inside the town by using the dead to cause supernatural events, so he could trick the Temple of Light into sending Lai to investigate.


Lai and his companions had patrolled around the town before finally tracing the source of the incidents to this house.
When they entered, they activated the teleportation array and were transported to Ji Ning’s residence.

Although it had been a long time since these events, Ji Ning was able to use Future as a powerful data reserve.
He quickly retrieved information regarding the runic circle and completed the array, injecting his magical power into it, until it lit up with energy.

The feeling of power reassured Ji Ning, and he couldn’t help thinking that if he still had magic outside of the game, he wouldn’t have to worry about Huo Wuling so much.


But just as he thought this, he reminded himself this was only an illusion of power, given to him by the game.
None of this was real.
He returned to his Necromancer’s tower through the teleportation array and used a crystal to monitor the situation inside and outside of the bungalow. 

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Two hours later, several people appeared on the other side of the road.
Their leader was a young knight with a handsome face and calm expression.
His cropped blond hair was haloed by the moonlight and he had the kind of face that would make people feel good just by looking at them.

Behind him were two young men who were also wearing knight armour, and a girl dressed as a nun.
Ji Ning, who had already experienced this once, vaguely recalled that they were Lai Senger’s companions, but they weren’t particularly important.

Although Ji Ning had caused some incidents, he had simply let the undead come and go through the town, which wasn’t a serious problem, so the temple didn’t pay much attention to it.
Instead, they sent an inexperienced group of teens, who immediately fell into the trap of the Necromancer.

When they finally pushed open the door, Ji Ning waited at the other end of the teleportation array for them to appear. 

A dark light filled the room and the four of them were transported to Ji Ning’s Necromancers tower.
Instantly, they were imprisoned inside a rune circle, unable to move a single step.

After they teleported, they looked around in confusion as they found the house they had been in had suddenly changed into a gloomy tower.

The candlelight in the tower was dim, vaguely illuminating the room’s sombre decorations and towering bookshelves crammed with books and loose papers.

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In front of them sat a mage in a dark robe.
His hood almost completely covered his face, revealing only a sharp jaw that showed he was young and male. 

“Lf’r j Rfmgbwjcmfg!”

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“Xbbv fnfclcu fnfgsbcf, sbe mjc mjii wf Slvbibc.”

The Necromancer took off his hood and introduced himself. 

When he revealed his true face, despite knowing he was a ruthless Necromancer, everyone felt an involuntary attraction towards him.

His face was pale and unworldly, but very beautiful, with dark glossy hair and cold eyes.
His irises were milky pale, as if inlaid with glass stones.
He looked like an elegantly crafted porcelain doll and carried a bewitching aura.

Hearing him call himself ‘Eidolon’, the minds of the teenagers went blank.

Everyone knew that the name Eidolon followed slaughter and bloodshed.
To fall into his hands was worse than hell itself, as when you anger a Necromancer, even death becomes an extravagant hope. 

“Don’t worry,” said the Necromancer lightly, “I have no interest in torturing you.
As long as you are obedient, I will send you back in a few days.”

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“May I ask what you want from us, Mr Eidolon?”

Lai was the calmest of the four.
He didn’t appear frightened of the mage as he looked directly into his eyes and asked, “What do we have to do so you’ll let us go back?”

The mage curled the corners of his lips into a faint smile, but his gloomy aura remained.
He lightly cleared his throat and two beautiful girls in traditional clothing walked out of a small door and removed his cloak.
Once they finished serving him, he said slowly. 

“What I want is for you to become my disciple, Lai Senger.”

Hearing the mage’s request, Lai didn’t speak but the others exploded in humiliation and anger, “Impossible, Necromancers have committed sins against the God of Light!”

“Don’t insult us like this, you might as well kill us!” the nun said fiercely.

“I won’t kill you.” Said the mage, “But you would become like them.” 

He touched one of the beautiful girls on the shoulder.
She giggled and peeled away the skin of her face to reveal the skeleton beneath.
He took the bloodied skull and handed it to the nun, making her scream.

“Is that all right?” Asked the Necromancer calmly.

The three teens were so frightened that they physically shook, faces pale.
They fell silent as the girl put the skin back on her head, looking towards the blond knight in a daze.

“Will you let my friends go as long as I become your disciple?” asked Lai. 

“I’ll keep them for a while, lest you run away before becoming a dark mage.” Said the Necromancer, “How long they stay depends on how quickly you learn.”

“Eidolon…you’re a monster!”


The dark haired mage didn’t react to the insults thrown at him, watching the knight intently.
Lai lowered his head for a while, thinking, then abruptly said, “Alright, I’ll promise.”

“Lai, you can’t promise him!” 

His companions were extremely distressed.
Abandoning your faith was a disgraceful sin, not to mention becoming a disciple of ‘Eidolon’ and devoting himself to dark magic.
He would be committing an unforgivable betrayal towards the Light God.
He would be persecuted by the temple and if they caught him, they would burn him at the stake.

But they had no way to stop Eidolon, they couldn’t even escape from his rune circle.

“Have you thought about it?” asked the Necromancer.

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Lai nodded, “Yes, I am willing to become your disciple.
Please don’t hurt my friends.” 

“Then let’s sign a contract.” As the Necromancer said this, a black light radiated from his hand, but abruptly, he froze, and didn’t move again for a long time.

“What happened to him?”

The people trapped in the rune circle looked at each other, but didn’t dare relax their guard.
Who knew what kind of tricks this dark mage was playing.


But Ji Ning truly wasn’t playing any games with them.
He really had frozen as a result of the two options that had appeared in front of his eyes.

【One: Exchange rings with Lai and sign a marriage contract, so that he will never betray you in this life.】

【Two: Passionately kiss Lai’s lips to form a master-disciple contract with him.】

…what is this? 

Ji Ning had guessed he would have to accept Lai as his disciple again, but suddenly he was struck with these two options.

He had felt a little guilty when he made his choice last time, but he hadn’t expected there would be such terrifying options waiting for him in the future.

He had successfully seduced Lai in that world but it was a step by step process.
As Lai’s former teacher, he knew that while Lai appeared to have an easygoing attitude, it was all an illusion.
In reality, Lai was very domineering and had quite an extreme personality.

Even though he agreed to be Ji Ning’s disciple, Lai still had his own schemes.
It took Ji Ning a long time to get Lai to accept him as a teacher, not to mention how long it took to get Lai to fall in love with him.
Lai was definitely one of the hardest protagonists he had to attack. 

Back then, they just signed a contract normally, even though Lai hadn’t accepted it in his heart.
If he kissed Lai now…he was worried Lai would fight him to the death on the spot.

【It is recommended to select the first option.】


He tried to create a magic contract, but every time he ignited a magical flame, it was extinguished by an invisible force.

【If the player does not choose within one minute, the game will automatically default to the first option.】 

Damn it!

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Ji Ning cursed inwardly and pointed at the blond boy inside the magic circle, then turned around and walked towards the door, “Follow me.”

“Lai, just leave us, you should run away first!”

Seeing that the Necromancer was no longer with them, the companions whispered anxiously to Lai. 

“It’s okay, trust me.” The blond boy smiled and reassured them.
With permission to exit the rune circle, he followed the black haired mage out through the small door and inside another room.

“Close your eyes.”

Facing the peaceful gaze of the boy, Ji Ning’s heart felt a little bitter.
He quickly added a clause in their teacher-disciple contract to say the disciple should not hurt the teacher in any way, in case Lai really wanted to fight him.

Lai closed his eyes and Ji Ning stepped forward and gently kissed Lai’s lips. 

【The kiss was not enthusiastic enough, the contract has not been established, please try again.】

When the words flashed up, Ji Ning’s chest cracked in anger.
Lai opened his eyes and touched his lips.
Unexpectedly, he didn’t lose his temper, just asked, “Mr Eidolon, what is this?”

“…It’s how a contract is formed.” Ji Ning took a few deep breaths before speaking, barely keeping his composure, “But it didn’t work, so…”

“Really? Then we should try again.” 

Lai didn’t seem to have any objections to this method of forming contracts and even took the initiative to kiss Ji Ning.
He was much more passionate than Ji Ning had been, kissing him deeply until Ji Ning’s knees buckled.

When the light that signified a contract had been established faded, the blond boy slowly moved away.
Seeing the blush that heated the Necromancer’s pale face, he smirked and bowed his head to Ji Ning, “Thank you very much, my teacher.”


What kind of rating was this game? The way it was heading… 

Ji Ning suddenly had a very bad premonition.

Favourite comment: I no longer want to watch a harem, I want to see Ji Ning recover his power and beat up this group of troublemakers.


Believe me when I say, Lai only gets more shameless as his game continues ψ(`∇´)ψ

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