Ming Zhu planned to go to Jiangnan, which was her mother ’s hometown. She would run a small business and live there quietly.

Who knew that before she could voice out that wish, an old maidservant would be bringing a pot of wine before her, ”Miss, this is the crown prince ’s intention. ”

Ming Zhu looked at the cup of wine and couldn ’t believe it, ”What intention ? ”

”The crown princess can ’t tolerate you so the crown prince sent me, this old slave, over to deal with things here. ”

Ming Zhu refused to drink, the corners of her eyes full of tears, ”I want to see him. ”

The old maidservant sneered: ”The prince knew you would pester him, that ’s why he asked this old slave to come over. ”

Ming Zhu ’s heart seemed to have been torn in half and thrown into a frying pan. Her face was pale, her lips trembled slightly. She opened her mouth but lost the ability to make a sound.

When the old maidservants saw that she did not comply, they held her arms, roughly broke apart her jaw, fed the wine into her mouth and forced her to swallow.

”You ’re only a bed-warmer, a toy, you really take yourself seriously? Don ’t be ungrateful, this is an order from the crown prince himself, you are embarrassing the future crown princess by living, do you think you are important or the crown princess ’ dignity is important? What a joke. ”

Ming Zhu was sitting on her knees on the ground, crying and coughing. Not long after, the medicine took effect and dark blood slowly flowed from the corners of her mouth. Her stomach was in severe pain, as if it was being stirred.

It hurt.

It hurt too much.

He said so gently that he loved her, but it turned out to be a lie.

Her abdomen felt like someone had used a knife to stab in and out, as if knives stuck her all over on her body. Blood flowed all over the floor.

This pain was engraved in her bones, as if someone ripped her heart out with bare hands. Until now, Ming Zhu still didn ’t want to be reminded of it.

Before she died, Ming Zhu didn ’t expect heaven to give her a chance to live again.

The only unfortunate thing was the timing, for at this time, she had already entered the crown prince ’s residence for almost a year now.

Ming Zhu felt that she was really stupid in her last life, she foolishly fell in love with him and thought that Zhao Zhi also liked her.

But in reality? She was just a toy that Zhao Zhi kept in his backyard to relieve his desires.

Ming Zhu quietly returned to her senses. Remembering those things in her heart was still particularly painful.

She asked the maid to bring her lunch and lowered her head to eat two mouthfuls of porridge.

Ming Zhu had her lunch and was not in good spirits, so she laid down on the soft couch by the window to take a rest.

Biying suddenly came in from outside to report the news, with a happy expression, ”Miss Ming Zhu, the crown prince had someone bring word that he will rest at Wangyue Pavilion tonight. ”


Zhao Zhi was busy with official business in the court and wasn ’t a very lustful person, so he actually didn ’t come very often to Wangyue Pavilion, only a few days each month.

Ming Zhu frowned slightly, ”Alright, I know. ”

Biying was even happier than she was, the master she served was favored, and they, her personal maids, also had a bright face, ”Miss, let me help you dress up. ”

Ming Zhu was naturally beautiful, her face was white with tinges of red even without powder, appearing as radiant as a peach blossom. She pursed her lips and whispered, ”No need. ”

Biying was stunned and didn ’t dare to say anything, ”Alright. ”

Ming Zhu could see the astonishment in the maidservant ’s eyes, and she was not surprised.

In the past, every time Zhao Zhi came, Ming Zhu acted very nervous. In reality, she didn ’t have any deep feelings for her fiancé with whom she had had a marriage engagement. Although at first she was forced into the crown prince ’s residence and wasn ’t very willing, but later she was gradually moved by Zhao Zhi ’s tenderness and attentiveness. This man, other than being rough and savage in bed unlike he usually was, he would usually treat her very well.

The young girl was very gullible, he gave her some sweets and she fell for it.

At first, she wasn ’t willing to dress herself up, but after some time, every time he came over, Ming Zhu would always, very carefully, draw a beautiful face of makeup and put on a transparent and thin dress, always picking the style he liked.

She was shy and bashful by nature and her face would turn red very easily. She was actually not very open about the matters of the bedroom, but in order to please him, she would always be very obedient and would let him do whatever he wanted to.

It was noon, the sun was just right.

Outside the window, the bent branches of the begonia tree were covered with a heavy layer of snow, and its branches seemed to be overwhelmed.

Ming Zhu ordered someone to open the door of the room to let in the breeze and the winter breeze blew into the room, with a light and cool plum fragrance. She sat on the soft couch by the window, drinking tea, while she turned two pages of one of the few folk novels laid out on the low table. The story was about a scholar and a fox demon and she was reading it with great interest.

After half a stick of incense had burned, Biying came in with the new clothes from the clothes factory, ”Miss, just now the manager of the clothes factory personally sent over the newly made clothes, would you like to try them on now? ”  

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