gested that the name Alkebulan is not in relation to the name Africa.

These scholars claim that the said name Alkebulan isn of an Arabic origin neither is the meaning. The word Alkebulan in Arabic, Al is a prefix leaving just kebulan as a word, and so far the word is non-existent in Arabic,

They claim.this is the kind of explanation you can get from Google about Africa,

Furthermore, Africa has been in existence since the world began and they have lived among themselves around their countries,

Physically and naturally speaking, no white man birthed any black man,the same God that created the white man also created the black man and the same rights He gave to the whites is also the same rights He gave to the blacks

The devil just possessed the white people into thinking and feeling superior to the black people, that is why they see black people as animals or donkeys for caring loads,that is why they enslaved us and robbed us of our pride and dignity.

They treated us like animals,they called us animals publicly, they called us gorillas and monkeys just because they think they
e better than us meanwhile they are just being possessed by the devil,no one is better than anyone,we are all human beings

Africa belongs to no one but to God alone, Africa does not belong to the white man that colonized it, Africa is not a slave to the white man that enslaved her!

Why they couldn colonize Ethiopia was because Ethiopia on their own had multitude of soldiers and weapons,even though they still tried but they couldn and they handed over,

White people did not create Africa, they have no right to rule over Africa,they have no right to colonize Africa,it is criminality and injustice,it is against the law to take something that does not belong to you, the people that colonized Africa has no right to do such thing to Africa because they didn create Africa,we don belong to them and we are not slaves to any continent!

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