Africa without colonialism!


g that was meant to be used to nourish and sparkle our lives every day and night, something that was given to us by the great creator, something that was given to us by our loving God to make our lives better sweet and very easy with the natural resources in Africa,I bet you,Africa will make the greatest nation ever without colonialism, which can be easily achieved at these point in our lives that we have learned lots of things,at these point that weve had mass developments,we are exposed in technologies,we have discovered lots of talents and more,we lack nothing now, we
e complete! we can do better than our fathers did,lets make them proud and prove to them that they didn birth infidels,lets prove our legendary fathers that they did give birth to legends,lions births lions,goats birth goats,if truly we
e the lions lets act like one,and stop acting like goats when we are lions,lets act like who we are, we
e stronger,we have many resources more than we can ever need, so why are we still clinging unto them,what are we getting from them that we can get without them now, lets break this unwanted and unbearable bound now or we can risk the futures of our unborn generations, colonialism is a bondage,we can afford to leave this kind of Africa behind for our unborn children, visualize what Africa will look like in the next 50 to 150 years in front if we are still under these spell of colonization speaking from the way Africa is going I can boldly tell you that we
e receding instead of proceeding,I don see anything like colonialism, its not right to me,it sounds more like collecting someone elses properties by force,it sounds more like seizing someone elses lives privileges to satisfy yourself alone not even to satisfy the person,it sounds more like theft or deceptive mechanism, to me its just a spoken word that the European,the Portuguese the Germans and the rest of them uses to entrap the wealths and the beautys of the African race,come to think of it, they did not create those natural resources that they are taking big shares of it,we did not call them to come and help us develop our lands,we did not call them to come and teach us,we were living our peaceful and sweet lives and they came and saw how aboundantly and magnificently endowed we are, they couldn help but wonder why we are so blessed yet we don know what we have, they saw that Africa is blessed but they don know, they thought in their minds what a great misfortune,they thought in their minds what an undeserving privilege, unwanted benevolence,they believed that we don deserve what we were given naturally by our creator,they believed that we didn merit to be placed in such greatness,in such wonderful lands,its a lie,we deserve better, we deserve More, well have more for our unborn generations,yes we can,yes we will just with time and just in no distant time

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