Absolute Villain

Abandoned Child - (sad)

I stood up and rubbed my eyes. Kush kush, I rubbed my eyes because perhaps I was just hallucinating.

But when I looked again, still… the crib could not be seen.

What the heck happened?! I screamed in my mind. I mean its a good thing that nothing bad happened to me, but how the hell did the crib disappear like that?!

Magic skill?

That would be awesome honestly, but I don think magic activates that way.

If you asked me why I think that. It is because… I remember when Mother Elena used her healing ability to heal me. Her hand at that time was surrounded by radiant greenish color. She didn even say a chant or a spell. I only saw her glowing hand touch me. A second after touching me, a mysterious comforting warmth transmitted into my body, and suddenly I felt better.

That was the real magic skill, I guess. Honestly, it looked simple and inarticulate to me. I still prefer magic that could be activated using chants and cool poses. It was more awesome that way. An absolute villain needed that to look more intimidating.

Regardless, in this situation, the crib disappeared without a trace. I didn notice any semblance of magic used either.

Uhm… I think theres no point thinking about it right now. I need to clear my mind first. I don want to become crazy before achieving my absolute dream.

Perhaps its better to look around, I think. I walked away and searched around the house for the lost crib.

Where am I going to sleep now if I can find it?, I asked myself as I was searching.

That is indeed a worrying matter. I don want to sleep on the floor because insects will come crawling on me and will eventually bite me.

Don get me wrong. I am not afraid of insects. An absolute villain fears no one, be it gods or demons. Its just… I am still not at the right age where I can protect myself all alone, especially in my sleep time, I am very unguarded in those moments.

The house wasn big, so after a couple of minutes of searching around it, I gave up. It seemed the crib had disappeared completely.

Well, lets have the adults worry about it for me.

I will just use the innocence that a child has to play innocent when Mother Elena comes back.

I grinned.


Truly, a childs innocence is the most brilliant trump in the world!

Right. The book!

I suddenly remembered my initial plan.

In my day by day of observation at Mother Elena, I was able to memorize the time she would return home every day, so I know I still have enough time to read that book.

I decided to go and take it.

Regarding the crib, theres nothing I can do about it so lets just forget its disappearance for now.

I immediately got the book by stepping on a table and a chair. I have to do that because my height is not enough to reach the book where it is placed, which is above an old wooden dresser.

Kudos to my day-by-day physical training regime. It bears great results. My strength so far was enough to push them.


While on top of the table, I gently opened the book to read its contents. The musty odor invaded my nose without a warning right after opening it.

I did not expect the book to be this old, honestly. I expected it to be a new one. I disregarded the thought immediately and checked its content directly.

The first thing that greeted my eyes after opening it was a picture. Its like a picture of a kingdom with a beautiful landscape.

Staring at it, I could not help but compare it to a staircase cake. It really looks like a layered cake. There are at least a total of seven layers I could see in the picture. On the highest platform, is where a castle standing.

I looked below to read what was written below it.

However, to my dismay… I found out… I couldn read what was written.

Holy maggots! Why didn I expect it to be written like this in the first place? Of course, since Im in another world now its also possible that not only their speech is different from my old world, but also their letters, no?


I let a sigh escape my mouth. Well, I expected less that it would be like this because Mother Elena could speak the same language I know. I expect perhaps books in this place might also be written in English letters somehow.

Anyhow, that is what it is.

Wait. I suddenly realized something. It can also mean that Mother Elena is the Elena I know, right?

But on second thought, I guess it is still not enough to prove that because theres a high chance that this world also has many different kinds of languages like on earth.

Maybe one of those languages is English. Thats maybe the reason why Mother Elena could speak it.


I stretch out my hands in the air to loosen up my numbing shoulders. After that, I flipped to the other pages. But as expected, everything written there was letters I could not read. I saw some interesting pictures though. They were pictures of some kinds of beasts.

After placing back the table and chairs, I returned to my training regime.

My training regime was just two kinds. They are Physical Training and Prana Sensing. I did well in physical training, but in Prana Sensing, I still have no good results.

That day, when Elena came back home, she found the baby sleeping on the pallet.

”Eh? Baby Sed, why are you there? ” She asked in a worried voice. ”…and wait… where is the crib? ”

Elena looked puzzled as to why the child was on the pallet. She also wondered where the crib was.

Her kind eyes suddenly turned sharp, sharper than a blade. She hastily ran outside and looked around. The expression on her face was serious.

After glancing around and could not find what she was searching, Elena whistled using her fingers.


A high-pitched noise reverberated in the forest. Then a few seconds after that, a loud flapping sound could be heard.

A big jet-black raven landed right in front of her.

”Yes? Whats the matter? ” The raven asked her.

Elena wasn even surprised that the raven could talk. She looked straight into the ravens eyes.

”Did you not sense anyone around here aside from me? ” She asked.

”I didn . Is there a problem? Hows the child? ”

Elena frowned.

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