ith a sigh ”can I bring Jenny here sometime? She would love this ”

”You don need to ask, you are welcome anytime ”

Adrien took a second to ponder then asked ”you really love your sister like a child, don you? ”

”Yes I do ” Sierra was now smiling at just the thought of Jenny laughing and playing

”You would want to see her successful, wouldn you? ”

Sierra took a long pause then added

”I would want to see her free ”

”Free? ” Adrien was a little surprised by her answer

”Yes, free from all the worries, free from all the relationships-even me. Because success can be bought at the expense of freedom but freedom can be bought at the expense of success, or anything to be honest ” Sierra was saying all this with a straight face while still gazing at the beautiful view and Adrien was falling for her more and more with each and every word that came out of her mouth. Even more so, he was he was curious about who taught her all these lessons? Or what event made her learn these the hard way? He didn knew the answers to these questions, but what he did know that he was falling harder and harder for her.

After spending about good forty minutes, Adrien dropped her off at her house and then they parted their ways. Sierra went home, took a shower then opened the music channel on tv while eating dinner in the living room. After a while, she heard the door unlocked, it was Jolene, she saw her and said

”Wow, good thing you are Early. I want you to meet someone. Come in babe ”

And there came, Daniel. He stood in the doorway, just as shocked as Sierra

”This is my boyfriend Daniel and Daniel, this is my daughter- ”

”Sierra ” Daniel interrupted her

”You know her? ” Jolene was startled by this

”Yeah, she is a dancer at my club. My favorite one ”

Jolene was now staring at Sierra with rage

”This is not the truth ” Jolene said

And Sierra did not even bothered to hide this

”It is, I don get it, why do you even care? ”

”I think I should go now ” Daniel slipped away to avoid the awkwardness.

”You work at a club? ” Jolene was furious

”Yes I do, whats the big deal? ” Sierra was all ready to fight

”Wow, you do something wrong and now you
e asking me whats the deal? ”

”Its not Halloween yet, remind me why are you acting like a saint, again? ”

”Yes I am not a saint but I am ready to change it, why are you walking on the wrong path? ”

”Maybe my time to change is far away. But you never cared enough to ask where did I bring money from when your health got worse, why all of a sudden you are acting like a present mom? ”

”Because you dance, entertain the old retarded men while you are seventeen. God damnit ”

”Look, I have plenty of darts to poke at you too. But I won because by the time I finish it, the sun will be greeting us. So its better for both of us to shut our mouths and just go our ways. Thank you ”

Sierra immediately left the conversation because whats the point of two sinners fighting on the same ground? Meanwhile Jenny was hearing all of this from her room and why Sierra hated their mother was still a mystery to be uncovered by her.

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