Adriens friends. But then she brushed them off thinking it might be in her head. She walks into her class and gets seated. After 5 minutes or so, Adrien approaches her with some sheets in his hand ”ugh yes ” she thinks to herself ”those God damn extra credits, why do I keep forgetting about those? ”

”These are the sheets mr Richard gave you ” Adrien said while handing them out

”Thanks ”

”And I solved two of them for you ”

”Really, but you didn have to ” Sierra said to him with a thankful gesture

”Oh no, its not a problem, I thought you would get tired after all the work you do. So I solved the two I thought were the hardest ”

”Thank you so much Adrien, I owe you for that one ”

”Alright then, remember your words ” they both chuckle then he gets back to his seat.

Just like that, the school day is over and everyone heads back to their homes. Sierra gets back at hers and she sees Jolene once again making something ”special ” for them. But this time Sierra sat down and ate quietly without spitting a word and neither did Jolene tried to make a conversation. After the lunch, as Sierra stood up to clean after, Jolene told her ”don bother ” then Sierra left it as it was and went into her room. There was nothing special today, even at the bar she wasn given out any task so she danced on the stage then afterwards went on to sit on the counter table. It was now becoming her usual routine, having a little talk with Adrien before she left.

”Hey, got no guys today? ” Adrien teases her

”No, I declined them today ” she responded sarcastically

”Well, then I am willing to volunteer ”

”Oh shutup ” this comment seemed to turn off Sierra, she hated when guys slipped up those flirty remarks in a professional or a friendly conversation making things awkward.

After a minute or two, Adrien again initiated a conversation asking

”Did you solved the rest of the worksheets? ”

”Only one is left ”

”Let me know if you need any help ”

”I appreciate it ” Sierra said dryly, then left.

Adrien realized that she wasn the type of girl who would be flattered by these little flirty conversations, she had a huge fence built around her which wouldn be down soon. And he was even more curious as why was she so guarded about her life.

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