The next day, Sierra wakes up and turns her head towards the clock, it says 10 am. She must have slept through the alarms. She gets up and goes on to check on Jenny, and she is also in her room, sleeping. Then she checks on Jolene who is sitting in living room; watching morning shows while slurping on her coffee. Jolene noticed Sierra and offered her to sit with her but Sierra declined and went onto make herself breakfast.

And later joined her mom on the couch with the breakfast

”I don understand, how did we grew so apart? ” Jolene asks while looking at Sierra with a little hurt in her eyes

”I guess I am always busy, thats why. But we do catch up on the weekends though ” Sierra responds while thinking ”only if you cared enough ”

”I don know a single thing about whats going on in your life ”

”There are alot of things, so we will have a long talk on the weekend ” Sierra smiled even though she knew she would never reveal any detail of her life to Jolene. Sierra cleaned up after finishing her breakfast then went on to catch up the work she left incomplete.

It was finally 7 pm and she started getting ready for work. Once again the feeling of guilt hit her when she remembered how that guy was killed Infront of her eyes, then she hoped that there won be another victim today that will get murdered Infront of her eyes. She reaches there and once again Daniel approaches her.

”Wow, someones looking a bit worn off today. Was it too much to handle? ” Daniel asked her in a mocking fashion

”I mean, it was the first time seeing a murder to say the least ” Sierra replied hoping there won be a similar task today

”Thats why I thought we will do something different today, so the guy I will bring, as yesterday will be sitting beside me and you will hand us both a bottle of beer in between your dance, then just go back on stage and continue it ”

”Thats… It? ”

”Yes, the bottles will be handed out to you by one of the choreographer and make sure to wear gloves ”

And once again he leaves the conversation after making a point. This seemed to be his style, always to the point and never distracted by any other thing around him. Which Sierra considered odd, she liked the long talks and friendly behavior at work but once again, he wasn quite the person she would want to be associated with. So she tried to be be on the point too in their conversation.

She fulfilled the task as per Daniels instructions, she wore the high fashion, leather gloves that went with her all-black outfit then the choreographer handed her two bottles of beer which she handed Daniel after walking off the stage, disrupting her dance. Then went back on stage and continued. Few moments later, it looks like the guy got hungover and blacked out, so Daniel told his driver to drop him off at his house. And just like that, another soul gone. Another victim murdered by Sierra, or thats what her guilt told her.

After finishing up, she sits on the chair while Adrien is serving the drinks. He comes up to her

”Why did you skip school today? ” Adrien asked

”I slept through my alarms this morning and woke up at 10 ”

”Oh, sir Richard was asking for you, then he handed me the practice sheets to give them to you ”

”Do you have them with you? ” Sierra asked as she remembered what he said about those extra credits

”Not right now, do you want them now? ”

”No, hand them tomorrow ”

”Ok ” Adrien said then he noticed Sierra picking her bag up to leave and he says

”Hey, would you mind giving me your number? I noticed the sheets are a little too difficult. I could help you? ” Adrien asked her nervously

”Uh yeah sure, I appreciate the offer. Thanks alot ”

He handed her the phone and she saved her number.

”Thanks ” Adrien said and Sierra responded with ”no problem ” as she makes her way out of the bar, Sierra wasn quite aware that Adrien was starting to like her, and he thought of her as a struggler like himself. Who was troubled at a young age. He wanted to know her and her problems unaware of the hate Sierra carries for love.

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