Its a Monday morning, Sierra gets up at 7 am and prepares herself and Jenny up for school while Jolene is sleeping under the influence of heavy medicine. They both hop on the bus and on the way to school, Sierra completes her homework. She drops Jenny off at her building, then starts walking towards hers.halfay through, she meets Nalene

”Hey, how was your interview? Did you see a green signal? ” Nalene asked curiously

”I did, they told me to start working from tomorrow, which means today ” Sierra told her joyously

”I am so happy for you, finally you can be at peace now ”

”Yeah, right ”

”But Sierra, be careful. I don want you to get in trouble ”

”Oh trust me, there won be any ”

Sierra reassures her, but in her heart, she was worried too. Regardless, she kept satisfying herself with the end result, which was money.

The last period is going peacefully until Mr Richard, the maths teacher interrupts their lesson to call Sierra into the staff room. She goes their to see sir Richard.

”Uh, yeah Sierra. Come in. I wanted to talk about your assignment ”

”Yes, sir ”

”Your steps are all wrong, and answers are all right. What is this? ”

Sierra kept looking down without saying a word

”Look, I am giving you passing marks on this assignment but that won help in the finals. If you don earn the extra credits, you cannot pass this subject and hence, you can get through this grade. So are you willing to earn those extra credits? ”

”Well, I really don think I have much of a choice. I am willing ”

”Ok then, Ill print out some sheets tomorrow and I want them back by friday. If they are correct you will get enough marks to pass this subject ”

”Ok, sir. I will try my best ” Sierra responds and then leaves the staff room. ”Ugh, I guess Mr Richard isn old enough, yet ” she thinks as she is making her way to the classroom.

The school day is over and she gets home where she sees Jolene cooking. Which was very rare because all Jolene dis was sleep, either under the influence of medicines or drugs.

”Wow, you really are getting better ” Sierra says out of surprise

”Oh hi, I felt really good today. So I thought why not make something special for you guys ” Jolene replies

”She is making tacos for us ” Jenny tells Sierra excitingly

Then Sierra suddenly gets flashbacks to her childhood, whenever she got upset, Jolene made tacos for her. That was her specialty, her tacos were famous among all family members and friends. Then she remembered how good and vibrant of a person Jolene was, how can that person turn into a such terrible mess? Sierra gets teary eyed but immediately wipes it up before anyone could see it. They all ate lunch and Sierra cleaned up afterwards. She went into her room and started doing her homework but was constantly distracted by the thought of working at that bar. ”Was I wrong for accepting such Job? I still have time, should I reject the offer, but I have signed the contract. Am I a sinner for helping them kill someone? ” After being constantly distracted, she gave up on the homework deciding to complete it on the way to school.

She starts getting ready at 7:00 pm and heads towards the bar around 7:45. She arrives there when Daniel immediately calls her over.

”Wow, you are quite on time ” Daniel says

”Yeah, Jade told- ”

”Ok, first things first ” Daniel interrupts her ”theres a guy coming over, you will see him with me. You just have to lead him in the room and the rest is in my hands ”

”Already ” Sierra asks in a stressed tone

”Oh come on, don act like I just told you ” Daniel replies in irritation.

”Ok, so the only sign is he will be with you? ”

”Yes, he will be with me and as a sign, I will have my arm put around him so don mess up, ok? ”

Before Sierra could reply he leaves, then Jade comes over and leads her into the dressing room and gets her ready for the stage.

Sierra starts dancing to the song and is also keeping an eye on the guy Daniel has with him. Then at the end of the song she walks towards the guy and leads him into the room and pretends to lock the room. That guy is coming closer, puts his arm around her neck and before he could kiss her, he stops, suddenly the blood starts to gush from his head and starts sinking into his white shirt and he drops dead. She looks over to the door and Daniel is standing there, with a small pistol

”Told you, the rest is in my hands ” he said with a sly grin.

She took a deep breath with relief but also felt a little regret. After that she changed into her clothes and as she is about to leave, someone calls her from behind

”Ayo ” it was Adrien, she looked at him, then went over.

”Want a drink? ” Adrien asked

”No, I don drink ” Sierra replied

”Oh, you don drink, but you get into the room with guys. Got it ” Adrien teases her

”Shut up ”

Sierra says kiddingly then leaves. On her way to home, she could not stop recreating the image of that guy, just paused before his soul leaves the body, and that blood gushing from his head. She couldn help but feel guilt and regret taking over her mind and body.

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