The next day, Sierra took a day off from restaurant and arrived at the bar at sharp 5pm. Daniel was having a conversation with someone over phone and when he noticed Sierra, he gestured her to come over and led her into the room. He hung up the phone and asked for the information which she handed out to him.

”So, Sierra. I had a conversation with the boss and we figured something with bigger money for you, are you willing to do that? ”

”Uhm yeah, what is it ” Sierra asked hesitantly, wishing he wouldn ask her for nasty work.

Daniel pauses for a moment, then continues

”Look, theres something you should know about us, which is that we have a hand in mafia and that our boss is actually my grandad. Now your task is to lead the men we bring, into the room and the rest is in our hands ”

”Wait, what will happen after I lead them into the room? ”

”Theyll turn into a corpse ”

”How? ”

”Thats not your business, well handle it. I offer you 7k instead of 5. The question is, are you in or not? ”

Sierras mind was processing too much information, theres alot of risk. ”What if he is not fast enough to kill the guys and they start doing the stuff they aren supposed to? What if someone from neighborhood comes here and recognizes me? I am helping to kill somebody, that makes me a sinner, I don want to be burned in hell! ”

”9k ” Daniel interrupts her anxious thoughts

”9K!? ” Sierra looks at him with surprise

”Look I can go further than that and besides, this is not an everyday task. Youll have to do this once or maybe twice a week, rest of the days you will dance and go home. Now tell me, are you in or out? ”

”I am in ” Sierra finally takes a decision.

Daniel smiles at her then hands her a contract which stated that she will keep her mouth shut about this business, she will be her 7 days of the week (only vacations are Christmas and thanksgiving), she cannot drink before going on the stage, and she cannot quit this job before a year. If caught breaking any of these rules, her salary will be deducted. She read the contract briefly then signed the papers, before leaving the room she asked

”When do I join? ”

”Oh, tomorrows 1st august, be here at 8pm ”

Sierra exits the room and as she is walking through the lobby, she notices Adrien setting up the bar. Adrien is one of her classmates so that would be the last person she would expect there. Surprised by this, she decides to approach him.

”Hey Adrien. Didn expect you to be here ”

”I could say the same about you ” Adrien replies in a surprised tone

”I was just passing by and saw you here, what are you doing ”

”Oh, I was just about to change into a mini skirt and seduce some guys up on that stage ” Adrien replies sarcastically with an aggressive undertone.

”Well, theyll be thrown off by that attitude ” Sierra smiles and starts to walk towards the door when Adrien calls her name

”Sierra! ”

She looks over her shoulder

”Please don tell this to anyone ” Adrien requests

”I will start working here tomorrow, now you have my secret too ”

Adrien smiles with relief as she goes out the door.

Sierra then hops on the bus and thinks to herself ”whatever happened today was so unexpected, me given out such a weird job, seeing Adrien work there, and then 9k salary just for leading guys into the room and keeping my mouth shut? I wonder what surprise destiny has for me next ”

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