The alarm rings at 7:00 am, breaking the dream of Sierra. She gets up and prepares herself and Jenny for school then leaves for the bus stop. While waiting for the bus, Sierra was planning out the chores she had to complete throughout the day. She planned to pick Jolene up from the hospital straight after school, then after dropping off her mother , shed go to the restaurant, complete her shift then leave for the bar where Jade works at to ask if theres an empty place they could fit her in. The bus arrives, they both hop on it. On the way to school, Sierras anxiety starts to creep in ”what if they are not looking for other dancers? ” ”What if there bar is full? ” ”What will happen if they caught me with the fake Id? ” She kept repeating these scenarios in her head over and over and kept thinking the worst possible until she arrives to the school and sees Nalene. Its like she was the key to Sierras locked relief. Every little tension and stress seemed to fade away whenever she saw Nalene. They both exchange greetings and start walking towards the classroom.

”Hey Nalene, I wanted to talk to you ”

”Yeah, tell me ”

”I will start working at a bar but there seems to be alot of problems ”

”You will start working at a WHAT!? ”

”No, no, its a dance bar. Nothing more than that ”

”But you are seventeen thats underage right? ”

”I know, but finances are getting heavier and heavier. I can keep up with those minimum wage jobs, they are not helping at all ”

Nalene thinks for a moment then after a long pause holds Sierras hand and says

”I hope you get that job, but be careful. Things are not what they might seem ”

Then leaves.

Sierra was shocked by this statement, specially from Nalene because she always thought if her as a naive, country side girl. That was a weird moment, the bell rang that Sierra realize that she is getting late for her class.

The school day is over and she takes a bus to the hospital to pick Jolene up. After dropping Jolene off, she warms up the food and sets the table up for her mother and Jenny meanwhile she gets to the work without eating anything.

At work, she asked her coworker, Britney if she could help her get a fake ID for the bar. Britney grinned at her thinking she wanted to get illegally drunk but Sierra kept her unaware of her motives. Britney told Sierra to come home after finishing the shift and she will print that fake ID for her. Sierra went to her house, got it printed then headed towards the bar where Jade worked at. She got seated and saw Jade dancing on the stage. After waiting for a while, Jade finally finishes up her work and walks up to Sierra.

”Woah, thats unexpected. What are you doing here? ”

Jade asked in a surprised tone

”Nothing, I just wanted to ask if theres a need for another dancer… Maybe? ”

”Ooh, good girl gone bad. I see ”

Jade says teasingly

”Come on, let me get the manager ”

They walk over to the handsome man dressed in a white t-shirt and black denim jacket paired with black jeans and white sneakers. Jade introduced the two.

”Daniel, this is Sierra and Sierra this is Daniel. Our manager ”

They both shook hands then Sierra says

”I was wondering if you guys are looking for another dancer ”

”Are you willing to apply? ”

Daniel asks in an interrogative way

”Yes, actually, I am in need of a new job ”

”Hmm ” Daniel looks Sierra up and down as if he was hiring her for modelling.

”You can come over tomorrow with your ID and some other information at five, we will discuss everything then and there ”

”Ok, I will be there. Thank you ”

Daniel leaves the conversation and Sierra happily looks over to Jade and says

”This is all because of you, thank you so much ”

”Shut up and he sure to come over at five, they are quite punctual for a bar management ”

They both giggle then Sierra leaves for home. She couldn believe everything worked out perfectly fine. Now tomorrow will be a new day, everything will be easier from now.

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